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Dental tourism in San Jose

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Dental tourism in San Jose

Re: Hospital Biblica Clinica

Has anyone ever used a hospital rather than a clinic for dental work in Costa Rica? My thoughts are that the costs would be competitive, the safety factor equal if not superior, and in addition I am considering cosmetic surgery.

The hospital named above seems to cover the entire range of medical procedures, from cancer treatment to tummy tucks...

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1. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

I highly recommend NOVA dental in Escazu (outside San Jose) I had quite a bit of work done there in March of this year and could not have been more pleased nor impressed! These Professionals were consciencious with a spotless clinic. Hands on from the Dentists only, no "assistants" etc do more than assist. No waiting. Excellent correspondence before you ever go to CR. On the initial visit they perform xray, cleaning etc and give you options for *Gold Star everything to What one feels they can afford or desire. NO pressure to do more than you wish. Directly across the Highway from CIMA Hospital. Very nice Hospital Facility with every sort of medical procedure specialist you could desire in the adjacent Prof Buildings. I only had laser vein removal but they certainly had it all! Be sure to fully investigat cosmetic surgery options, referrals etc....I have heard some not so great experiences recounted.

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2. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

I can't speak directly to either their dental work or cosmetic surgery but I've used Clinica Biblica for assorted diagnostic procedures (okay, if you must know a colonoscopy and endoscopy) and found them to be very professional, thorough and safe. They even have a special english speaking patient coordinator for medical tourists like yourself who will help walk you through the whole process.

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3. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

Clinica Biblica is a great clinic...I have used them since I was a kid...and every time they were just great...also you can check...DENTAVAC...great Drs...and the clinic is as good as many USA or Canada clinis...and in many cases even better!

My dentist in Carmel California...Dr. Tony Riccardi was incredible surprise of the quality of my dental works by DENTAVAC!


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4. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

I can vouch for https://www.facebook.com/clinica.dentocare…

I don't really see why a hospital would be better - I would prefer not going to where people are really sick (like a hospital), if I just need a filling.

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5. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

I am researching dental tourism in San Jose Costa Rica. I have had quotes from 2 dentists who came out on the top of my list.

The first one I thought was pretty good & I e-mailed anyone who left thier e-mail in a review. Everything was positive so I started communicating via e-mail with the clinic. I have been treated very well by them and feel confident that thier work would be good.

I recieved a quote that looked very good to me compared to Canadian numbers.

The second dentist for some reason was not sending a quote or communicating, which surprised me as he seemed to have a good reputation.

I prompted for a quote. The quote arrived within 1 day and was significantly less than the first. The treatment plan was also quite different.

What to do.

My first dentist has an in-house liason who takes care of communications, transportation arrangements etc.

The second one uses a local travel agent who really gives me the creeps when I communicate with him. He speaks to me like I am an idiot and in my one phone call with him I found this to be a little offensive. This has put me in the position where I do not want to deal with him in any way. This is a shame because the dentist himself has a great local reputation, is well qualified and seems conscientious. I do not want this guy being anywhere near me while I am being treated if I select this dentist. How can I politely side-step this guy without offending the dentist for his choice in liason?

Both are willing and ready to do the work when I arrive so will have to make my final decision very soon.

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6. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

I had no need for a "liason". I chose Nova Dental Clinic. I sent them a "treatment plan" my Local Dentist had proposed and they gave me a quote based on that but also advised they would do a complete exam and x rays at no fee once I arrived to determine what they thought I should have done. Everything went very well and I was SO pleased they did not rely on what my Local Dentist proposed. They were willing and able to set up airport pick up, lodging, transportation etc. I had already made those arrangements on my own and Trip Advisor was a huge help.

If you have chosen a Dentist I would just be honest and let them know you prefer to communicate with them directly and not the "middle man". NOVA impressed me in that the Dentists themselves emailed me and were available via phone, not a Receptionist, Hygenist etc and certainly not a Travel Agent. They also have a very competent Office Manager. Nothing was too much trouble for the helpful staff and the price I paid was extremely reasonable for the work performed.

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7. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

Dr. Lucas Gil, 506.288.6060 in Escazu

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8. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

I recommend Dr. Alberto Coto, check out his page! http://bestpriceimplants.com

He offers very good prices...

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9. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

I would be careful about assuming that a dr or dentist affiliated with CIMA (or any hospital) would be safer or better than a private clinic. That would depend on the doctor/dentist you choose. The hospital rents office space to doctors and dentists. Some of the drs and dentists with offices at CIMA are excellent, and some are awful. Dr. Rodrigo Araya has an office there. Several of his plastic surgery patients have died and his privledges to operate at CIMA have been revoked and re-instated a couple of times. I remember a review one man posted, I think here on tripadvisor, who chose a dentist at CIMA because he figured if he was affiliated with the hospital the dentist would be excellent, but the man was very, very disappointed with his results. CIMA is a good hospital. My husband was an inpatient there for 3 days last Nov when he got sick while in the area for dental treatment. He was admitted to the emergency room, and the doctors and specialists that treated him were excellent, but for plastic surgery or dentistry, I would do (and did) my own research.

As for safety, I have experience with 2 dentists in CR, Dr. Eduardo Castro and Dr. Luis Obando. They are both outstanding. They both appear to uphold a high level of sanitation. I remember when I saw Dr. Castro I thought "Good grief is he doing a heart transplant?" because he was so "gowned up" with surgical hat and I believe he had the disposable covers on his shoes, but I'm not positive about that. I just remember the clinical areas of both dentists being ultra modern and immaculate.

Before choosing a plastic surgeon, I too, thought it would be safer to have surgery in the hospital, but after careful research, I came to the conclusion that I'd be better off choosing my surgeon carefully and not deciding on the basis of location of surgery. I had facial surgery and decided I didn't want general anesthesia as problems with anesthesia is usually blamed when I'd read about a ps death in the media. After learning that most US plastic surgeons do facial procedures using twilight sedation in an in-office operating room, I felt a little more comfortable. Another factor was that it doesn't look to me like CR uses nurse anesthetists, so regardless of where you have the surgery, you'd have 2 doctors working on you if anything were to go wrong. When my daughter had extensive dental work, she had twilight sedation and it was administered by an honest to goodness anesthesiologist in the dentist's office.. I had my plastic surgery at my surgeon's private clinic and the anesthesia was administered by an anesthesiologist. Also, I figured the people I have known of that have died following plastic surgery in CR had their surgery at CIMA. I have known of people who have gotten really bad infections who had surgery at CIMA (with one particular surgeon) and am aware of people who got post-op infections at one particular private clinic..

So, after exhaustive research, I came to the conclusion that the choice of surgeon is the most important factor, not the location of the surgery. Having ps in CIMA jacks the price up about $3000. You may want to join a plastic surgery forum (www.psjourneys.com) that has a wealth of great info on ps in CR and other countries.

Good luck in your search. There are outstanding dentists and plastic surgeons there, but some really lousy ones, too, so you have to be careful.

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10. Re: Dental tourism in San Jose

Dr Luis Obando referred to above is with NOVA Dental which I previously recommended. The Sanitation level was outstanding as was every aspect of his Clinic.