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Which Montezuma hotels are on sale?
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Asheville, North...
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Anybody have any experiences with the Hotel Jardin. Recomendations on other places.in Montezuma Tambor?

Most of the places do not have A/C Do you need it in Montezuma????

New England
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1. Re: Montezuma

My wife and I have stayed in Montezuma five times so far...and liked it so much we bought some property there! We've never stayed at the Hotel Jardin, but have been to Los Mangos and Amor de Mar. Hotel Los Mangos has a nice pool but I would have to give the edge to Amor de Mar (Los Mangos seems to have gone down hill a bit). Both are a bit of a walk from town (10 minutes?) but you can shorten that some by going right along the beach. Being away from town makes it much quieter at night. It does get hot there during the day but the hotels will have some kind of fans in the room. Once the sun goes down things cool off a bit and the fans are sufficient (you may find yourself turning them off during the night because it gets a bit damp/chilly). If you have a choice of rooms get one with an ocean view if you can (ocean view implies a nice sea breeze) and try for a room as high as possible (second floor is better - also for the breeze). Both Amor de Mar and Los Mangos have web sites with photos.

Asheville, North...
posts: 138
reviews: 10
2. Re: Montezuma

Thanks i checked into Los Mangos . Are you saying having A/C is not necessary in Montezuma. How long did you stay?

Thanks love to hear from you again>

New England
posts: 177
3. Re: Montezuma

We've been in Montezuma in Jan/Feb (dry season) and July/Aug (green season), for about a week at a time (five times). Dry season is aptly named. There is NO rain at all. Roadsides are covered in a layer of dust and everything that is not watered is fairly brown. This is also the time of year when many of the trees lose their leaves (similar to our fall...at least here in New England). Green season is more like what you are going to the tropics to see. Rain has never had much of an impact on our plans anywhere in the country. In Montezuma most of the rain seems to come in the late afternoon and early evening (often with some very intense thunder storms) and is gone by the next morning. As for the heat...it's very hot in the sun and moderately humid. As easy as it is to work up a sweat you can cure it by moving into the shade with a cold Imperial! August days in New England are much more oppressive. Once the sun goes down (about 6PM) the breeze picks up, the rain comes and things cool down nicely. We turn on the fans in the rooms at sunset and shower before bed and it's quite comfortable. I've not yet had a room with AC while there. Your car is another matter...if you are renting one make sure it has AC and it works. Concerning the hotels...I'm not sure I've read bad reviews about any of them (though I suspect there are some). They are divided into the basic/backpacker group (cheap, clean, shared bathrooms, cold water) and the more upscale ones (private bath, warm water, breakfast, etc). Warm water may not be a big deal to many but we can't do cold showers (no matter how hot it is). Most hotels use the infamous Toast-a-Rican electric shower heads. They take some getting used to but give a decent, though weak, warm shower. As to Los Mangos specifically...the rooms are nice (especially the second floor and bungalows) and it has a nice pool. The last time we stayed there, however, there were a lot of college age kids in residence and the noise went on til pretty late at night. We were traveling with young kids at the time so it was a bit of a nuisance. I believe the hotel is also up for sale and there was a slight, though perceptible, slip in the maintenance/service (we had been there before). Our next trip was to Amor de Mar and we'll be going back there again in August. I love Costa Rica and could talk about it all day (obviously) so if you need any more info just ask...

Asheville, North...
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4. Re: Montezuma

Thanks PhiloKVetch, Great Info . It seems Hotel Jardin Has ocean views , Pool and A/C $95/night incl. Taxes

Near town . Los Mangoes is $93/night no a/c Bungalows

We are spending two weeks in Costa Rica.

I thought one week in Manuel Antonio at the Villas Parque

Ever been to Manual Anonio???

and one week in Montezuma

We will rent a car small - Just the two of us.

I thought we would go to M/A first . Taking a red -eye and landing in San Jose at 7:30 Am. so the drive is not as long as Montezuma

We have a return flight at 3:30Pm so i guess it takes about 4 hours or so back to San Jose > Fiqured we could leave at 8AM and be safe for making the flight back

Love to hear more from you . where are you from in New England??

My family was originally from Conn.

New England
posts: 177
5. Re: Montezuma

We are also in Connecticut...Hamden, just north of New Haven.

If I understand you correctly, you will be going to MA, then Montezuma and back to San Jose? You may want to reconsider this. To go from Montezuma to San Jose you have to factor in the bad roads on the peninsula (bad...not terrible, but also not paved), the ferry from Paquera to Puntarenas (arriving in time to get a spot on the one you want) and the traffic on the highway between Puntarenas and San Jose (which can be very slow). This just adds to the stress of making your flight on time. The drive from MA to San Jose is much more "predictable". We spend our last night in Alajuela, near the airport, just to be sure to make our flight (and it leaves at 6PM the next day). You arrive early enough to make Montezuma well before dark if you think you are up to it. I would be tempted to do Montezuma first (despite the grueling first day of travel) or to spend the last night nearer the airport. Manuel Antonio, by the way, is beautiful! We stayed there at the Hotel Karaje and enjoyed it very much. On your way to (or back from) MA be sure to stop on the bridge over the Rio Tarcoles to see the crocodiles that hang out below. You won't miss it...cars and souvenir stands line both sides of the road. Just be sure not to leave your car unattended (take turns walking out to the bridge). Actually, that applies wherever you go if you have valuables in the car.

Asheville, North...
posts: 138
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6. Re: Montezuma

Hi Philokvetch, My thinking was I probally won't sleep for more than an hour or two on the Red-Eye. Then to drive 5-6 hours to Montezuma , with unfamilar roads (never been to CR)

would be CRAZY

If we left Montezuma at 7Am or 8am seems we would have plenty of time(although it would be a Saturday) to make a 3:15 Pm plane in San Jose. I guess we could spend the last night in san Jose

What is your thinking.

Also my family is from Rock Hill, outside of Hartford, I used to spend summers in Colchester and Danbury

. Modus River , still there. MISS THOSE GRINDERS

Enjoy your imputs. Keep them coming

Chicago, Illinois
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7. Re: Montezuma

Hey, Philoketch. You sound like the voice of experience. We booked the casita #1 at amor de mar and can't wait. What excursions have you done from Montezuma? Is there a good zipline/ canopy tour? Also wondering whether CAbo Blanco is worthwhile, or Curu Wildlife Refuge......

San Francisco...
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8. Re: Montezuma

It can be very hot and humid there and having a room with AC is a definate bonus!

I just got back from Montezuma and we stayed in the El Sano Banano hotel ($64/night with a 10% discount for cash) above the cafe with the same name. Most of the rooms face the rear of the hotel and dont have a view but we were able to get one that looked out over the main street. The rooms are amazingly quiet for being right in the middle of town. We had AC as well as satellite tv that included some english channels. Breakfast was included with the room but some of the food wasn't that great although the banana pancakes, fruit with granolla and yogurt were both good.

They show a movie on a projection screen downstairs in the restaurant every night and is free with dinner or if you buy a few drinks.

They also have a sister hotel, the Ylang-Ylang resort, located up the beach where you are able to use their beautiful pool. It's a bit of a hike to get there but worth it!

There is also an internet cafe located next door

Bend, OR
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9. Re: Montezuma

Wow! I can't believe how much prices have gone up in Montezuma in the last 6 years. We stayed at Los Mangos in November and loved the location and pool, but it wasn't much of a room even back then. I t was however only about $30 USD a night. Sorry for the tangent, but I thought it interesting. Sano Bannano is a great place for a movie, and you used to be able to bring in your own booze to add to one of their dreamy smoothie type drinks. Can you still do that? BTW, there is also a nice view of the ocean from the pool at Mangos, and how much time do you really expect to spend in your room?! The quiet is worth it, and I remember it only being about 5 min to town, but hey, I was just groovin on Tico time : )

I 2nd the stay in Aljuela (sp) on the way home the night before. SJ is an armpit and the aforementioned is considerably better. As for MA, I highly reccommend the Hotel Villa Nina. You can find it online by just searching for the name and adding CR. great deal and a lovely quiet place right on the way to the park and beach.

Asheville, North...
posts: 138
reviews: 10
10. Re: Montezuma

Thanks, snokel, still think El Jardin has alot to offer, although I tried to get into El Bano, not the one in town. and they are booked gor the time we are going in Feb 2006

El jardin has A/C/ ocean view and a pool

Hotel Amor de Mar has no A/C and no pool