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Typhoid Vaccinations?

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Washington, DC
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Typhoid Vaccinations?

We are traveling to Costa Rica next month and will be visiting the Manuel Antonio and Arenal areas. We have been advised by a travel doctor to get our kids vaccinated for Typhoid. We also have a family doctor who says "no" and that he's from that area and has never had his kids vaccinated when they go there. So what do you think? Have there been any outbreaks in those areas? Should we get the shots?

Costa Rica
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1. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

There is no typhoid in Costa Rica. Period. No need for typhoid vaccinations.

Atlanta, GA
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2. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

You can always check the CDC for current travelers health issues and recommendations with regard to vaccines and preventative issues for any international travel. www.cdc.gov

Costa Rica
posts: 21,769
reviews: 26
3. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

Well, yes, you could do that - but - there still is no typhoid in Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio
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for Manuel Antonio National Park
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4. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

Most people take no additional precautions when traveling to Costa Rica, no matter what websites or doctors say. I've lived here for half my life and never taken any particular precaution and I'm still kicking! Enjoy!

Greeley, CO
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5. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

Our family (2 adults, 13 yr old, 15 yr old) is following the CDC recommendations for Costa Rica. …cdc.gov/travel/destinations/costa-rica.htm

In addition to regular US vaccinations, we opted to get hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines because those diseases can be transmitted by water. Our health insurance covered them. Minimal to no side effects to the vaccines, and why not be safe rather than sorry? My husband and I also got a tetanus booster (kids' were still current). We did not get rabies, malaria, or yellow fever vaccinations (we are not traveling through a yellow fever area).

It's good to be informed and then make your own decision based on educated understanding of risks and benefits. Good luck and have fun!

Costa Rica
posts: 21,769
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6. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

steamboat: you can get a typhoid vaccination if you prefer to do that. It's your body and your family.

However, I can't really understand getting a typhoid vaccination for going to a country where there is no typhoid? You might as well go ahead and get that yellow fever vaccination because there's no yellow fever here either.

Websites or institutions or doctors who say: "Typhoid vaccination is recommended for all travel to Central America" don't distinguish between the water supply in Guatemala and the water supply in Costa Rica -- which are VERY DIFFERENT. So really, not helpful.

They would probably write "Get a typhoid vaccination if you are traveling to North America" since Mexico is part of North America.

Do what you want --- but if you do a little more research, you will find that there IS NO TYPHOID IN COSTA RICA and the water supply is safe and drinkable and those of us who live here drink it all the time -- unlike other Central American countries.

Costa Rica
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7. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

This is from the website of the World Health Organization about Typhoid:

"...Geographical distribution

There is a higher risk of typhoid fever in countries or areas with low standards of hygiene and water supply facilities.

Risk for travellers

The risk for travellers is generally low, except in parts of northern and western Africa, in southern Asia, in parts of Indonesia and in Peru. Elsewhere, travellers are usually at risk only when exposed to low standards of hygiene. Even vaccinated travellers should take care to avoid consumption of potentially contaminated food and water as the vaccine does not confer 100% protection......"

Costa Rica does not have "low standards of hygiene" as previous visitors can assure you.

If it makes you feel better, just drink bottled water - but it's a waste of money. The only caution I would give you is this: Don't drink river water.

San Jose, Costa Rica
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8. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

Thank you Hattie I´m 100% with you...why take any Typhoid vaccinations if we thanks God have no idea how even to spell the name...

Most USA Drs are not familiar at all with our country or almost any tropical disease..that means they have no idea what to said or recommend...of course some do know!


Maple Grove...
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9. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

Steamboat.. It is your body and your decision. Quite frankly the advisement of the CDC is much more knowledgable and credible than folks on a public website with no MD behind their name. Everyone has their opinion, but when it comes to medical I would listen to medical professionals, I dont get why folks here get so snippy with their opinions. Me personally, I have traveled a lot. I am not getting Typhoid vacaination, but I am up to date and have my tentnus current as well as Hep vacinations as required since I DID work in the healthcare field.

Costa Rica
posts: 21,769
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10. Re: Typhoid Vaccinations?

We are not "snippy," daisygirlmn. We are knowledgeable about the FACTS about typhoid in Costa Rica.

Just because someone has an MD after your name, doesn't mean they have all knowledge of everything in the world.

Obviously, people make their own decisions about vaccinations as well as many other things. We are just trying to help people avoid unnecessary vaccinations or medications.

Can you show me the number of cases of typhoid in Costa Rica in 2012? Since you worked in the health care field, you should be able to find this pretty easily.