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Luggage in rental car

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Luggage in rental car

Hi - We will be traveling from one place to another in our rental car, a Suziki Jimny 4x4, for two weeks. We'll be traveling from San Jose through Jaco to Dominical and back again, and our luggage will be clearly visible in the back of the 4x4.

Hearing all the warnings about leaving luggage in cars while you do things away from the car, what recommendations does anyone have for how we should handle this?

Thanks so much!

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1. Re: Luggage in rental car

While you're in transit, make sure whenever possible that you can have a visual of your car; like when you stop at a restaurant. If that's not possible, try to choose a place that has a security guard in the parking lot and tip him a few dollars to keep an eye on it. It's highly suggested that you do not go wandering off with the vehicle totally unattended. You're asking for trouble.

Drop the luggage at your hotel and then go exploring. Maybe even consider a different vehicle that has at least a covering over what's in the back.

La Fortuna de San...
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2. Re: Luggage in rental car

Like the above post mentions, leaving your car unattended with luggage in it is asking for trouble. The Suzuki Jimnys are particularly susceptible to fast break ins. I have a friend that has one and has been broken into twice. The last time, they literally parked the car, walked in a take out restaurant and while in line saw someone in the car. They said it took less than a minute from when they walked in to the restaurant.

Melbourne, FL
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3. Re: Luggage in rental car

In any tourist area, never leave luggage in a cars unattended. If I go to the beach here in Florida and leave a backpack In the car it will not be there when I return. That said when I'm in CR I connect all of my bags to each other with a cable and then lock it to a secure part of the automobile. And even then I always keep an eye on the car while in a restaurant. And never leave valuables regardless of how secure everything is in your car. passports, money, and medications things that cannot be replaced easily.

San Jose, Costa Rica
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4. Re: Luggage in rental car

Bring if possible a large beach towel and cover the luggage ...also one that I really like...bring a bicycle lock the ones with a long cable of chain...and lock all the pieces together once in the road...that will not stop them 100% but for sure bad guys will have rough time...removing the luggage...!


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5. Re: Luggage in rental car

I love the idea of a bicycle cable, although I do understand that it won't stop the bad guys from having a field day!

That said, if I were to change vehicles, what would you suggest?

Cahuita, Costa Rica
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6. Re: Luggage in rental car

I would strongly suggest not leaving luggage or anything else of value visible in any vehicle, regardless of the model and make. Better to simply avoid the situation altogether by having your luggage in your hotel or have your vehicle in view as others have suggested.

Have a great trip!

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7. Re: Luggage in rental car

I very much appreciate all the consistent thoughts about not leaving luggage in plain view in any vehicle, regardless of what kind of vehicle it is! (We will not have anything of value other than our luggage - no electronics, etc., that would not fit in the glove box.)

We will be doing a lot of sightseeing in between hotels, and not always able to keep the vehicle in sight.

That being said, I re-visited the recommended vehicle choices, and still came up with a 4x4 as my best bet. All of the 4x4 vehicles have open back/side windows, which makes one the same as the other where the visibility is concerned.

Will covering the luggage after it's bicycle cabled together to the car do the trick, or should I be looking for a sedan with a closed trunk?

Playa Guiones...
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8. Re: Luggage in rental car

It's okay to keep the 4x4, a sedan will get broken into as well, especially if it's a rental.

I assume the 'sightseeing' you are doing is not 'off the beaten path'? Most 'tourist' places will have secure lots or guards, or park next to the 'office' so your car can be watched.

Sorry, but have to agree with others to make sure someone is watching the car at all times.

Cahuita, Costa Rica
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9. Re: Luggage in rental car

But don't start to think that Costa Rica is a crime-ridden hole! Petty theft from a vehicles is a problem though. You'll still going to have a great trip!

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10. Re: Luggage in rental car

JyllFoy, I do think that a decent size bike cable can do its job as to prevent your luggage to be taken away. What I did was to chain all the suitcases together then attach them to a back seat. Thus a potential thieve will probably go looking elsewhere; walking down the street with a bunch of suitcases might look suspicious. If this will be what you will do, do not cover them. Leave the chain/cable in plain sight. Of course, anything of any value to you has to be in your possession all the time. And if my predictions will be wrong, don't panic. It is only clothes, you can buy a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops and you are ready to continue your adventure.