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First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

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First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

Hello, December would be my first trip to China, alone so obviously I'm in need of help and would like to thank you in advance. :)

I'll be flying in to Hangzhou instead because AirAsia doesn't fly directly from KL, Malaysia to Shanghai.

So my first questions are which railway station is the closest to the airport and are train tickets from Hangzhou to Shanghai easy to purchase on 17th of Dec?

Thanks again!

1. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

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2. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

Hangzhou south station (杭州南)is about 30 mintue drive from the airport while Hangzhou railway train(杭州站) is about 40 minute. South station offers less departure than those from Hangzhou Railway Station. It should be no problem to get ticket on arrival.

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3. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

Read this: tripadvisor.com/Travel-g308272-c108782/Shang…

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4. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

John Wong: Thank you. :)

LaoWai : Reading. Thanks!

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5. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

My next question,

I will be travelling alone so I am worried about carrying too much cash on me. As I will be in Shanghai for 10 days and over to Hong Kong for another few days, I probably will be having quite a lot on me as I will be exchanging at home (is this wise?) and I don't have a credit card.

I am already worried from the many pickpocket videos/news, to make it worse, I'll be travelling with a check in. So me + carry on bag + luggage = easy target.

Any advice on this, please? I am considering to get a money belt. I am only tremendously worried for my short trip from Hang Zhou to Shanghai. I will of course be vigilant when I go out for my day trips AFTER I've managed to settle in my room but of course there is still the whole trip of getting to the place I'm staying by myself with luggage in a foreign place.

Went to Bank of China to ask about their Great Wall Prepaid Card and was really disappointed when I was told I won't be able to withdraw cash from atms in China. Only to be used to swipe. I highly doubt most business accepts union pay unless they're in a mall (or am i wrong?)

Thanks, guys

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6. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

Winter for the first time too.

I am really confused on what I should wear for warm.

I am from Malaysia so our climate is tropical so I am not certain how good is my tolerance in cold. I've been told to wear long johns, shirts, sweater and err those furry jackets (sorry i'm not sure what those are called).

Is jeans okay? Thick leggings? What should I wear as pants?

I will be wearing converse so am I being stupid? Shoes, boots?

I don't plan on buying too much warm cloths here in Malaysia so will winter cloths be cheap in Shanghai?

I already have a cap that has muffs to cover my ears and a scarf. For the weather in Dec, will the wind and temperature be too cold for my hands to be free?

Sorry guys. Too many questions.

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7. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

Hi Kimberly

I havent been to Shanghai before but some friends did, according to them there is actually a shuttle bus which cater for AA customer from Hangzhou airport to Shanghai, i think its much more convenient than airport taking bus/taxi to train station then train to Shanghai. Your flight should be arriving 1.10pm and there is a shuttle leaving at 2.15pm. Have a look at the following link:


For currency wise, do you have a ATM card, you can use it to withdraw money from ATM in China, the exchange rates is actually better than foreign exchange counters, but there will be bank charges. I have used Maybank and Hong Leong to withdraw from China (zhuhai & shenzhen) before. You just need to inform your bank and tell them you are going China and want to withdraw from ATM, ask them how much is the bank charges. It will be safer than bringing all cash to travel. Same for HK.

Shanghai, China
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8. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

AAsia touched down at Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport.You can transfer to Shanghai on your arrival at Hangzhou by the shuttle bus.The timings for Tuesday and weds are at 2325.and Mon,Wed,Fri at 1415.

However in the event of schedule change the bus will only departs 1 hour after the arrival of the flight.The bus will reach Shanghai Huangpu bus station.,and from here you can go to your hotel by cab.The journey from Hangzhou to Shanghai takes about 2 hours.

Foreign credit cards are generally not accepted in the smaller establishments like restaurants or shops.They take in China cards with Unionpay mostly or local cards like ICBC,BOC and etc etc.

However in major hotels and malls they do accept foreign credit cards.ATM cards from major banks in Malaysia are generally accepted with the Cirrus logo etc are normally able to withdraw cash from the many ATMs available.,so you might consider getting one at your country,if not for a credit card.As you will be here for so many days birnging all cash would not be very wise not because of pick pockets only but human error by yourself.Afraid you may misplace your beg or wallet etc.

Basically in smaller establishments cash is always the way of doing business here.So maybe you can sum it up that ATM cards

In th event that you cannot get either a ATm card or credit card,and are determined on carrying cash the normal currency is USD,Pounds or AUD or SGD.These are very welcomed in Shanghai and readily exchanged in banks or hotels or currency exchange centers.Please do not bring in Malaysian dollars.,as it is not readily exchangeable here except in the BOC.

However it is quite safe to carry certain amount of cash on you ,just be careful on the pick pockets in congested areas like the subways.However no one is going to rob you point blank or mug you here.Carry with you safely if you need to as you will come to realize that we locals are used to carry thousands of yuan with us.Habits die hard and it is however still our favourite means of business transactions Cash!!!I am one of them ,just like the smell of cash more than plastic credit cards haha!!!

If you are careful with your belongings it wont be easily stolen.Beware of scams though forguys particularly!!!Shanghai is essentially a very safe city iwth a much better safety index than KL.,i think.,after having been to KL.

December is cold with the onset of winter.Day time temp can be anywhere around 16 celcius with nightime as low as 3 or 4.A good warm leather jacket with the head cover is needed with thick pants.Thick jeans pants are ok too.Long johns are normally not needed if you wear thick pants unless for those who are very senstitive to cold.Its the wind that normally bothers.

Converse shoes are okay but boots are normally worn by local girls here.Winter fashion!and they are good to wear in winter anyway.Better keep warm.,esp in late december.

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9. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.


Oh wow. Thank you for the information on the shuttle bus. That would be so much easier albeit a little longer to get to Shanghai. I wouldn't need to make short trips alone with luggage. Best option.

I was worried about the exchange rate and charges but yes, now it seems like the safest way. Will be going to the bank tomorrow to ask about the fees. Thank you so much, really.


I know what you mean with cash. Lol.

And you're right about KL, I guess home is still home so no matter what happens, you're at home whereby a foreign land with no one but one person to call can get a girl freaked out. :)

So I've decided to go with both of your advise, to use my atm card instead of carrying cash. I will probably apply for a Great Wall Prepaid Card to use it to swipe with Union Pay instead of paying cash for everything. Thanks, benny!

Any scams a girl should be particular of besides the tea/art/taxi scams? I will probably be avoiding over crowed tourist areas. And have already saved a print screen of your previous advice on taxi colors and which to avoid.

Okay now I am slowing starting to get a picture of what I should buy to wear. I hope Uniqlo's Heat Tech works to replace long johns (since I'm not sure how sensitive I am to cold.) Will definitely be needing a thick thick jacket with hoodie. I was planning to buy boots in Shanghai because more options.

Thanks again, guys.

Shanghai, China
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10. Re: First Trip to Shanghai/China. In Need of Advises.

good idea about buying the boots here or even the winter jackets, there are many many choices and prices are competitive. I think a girl is much more safer in Shanghai besides in this city police are normally seen at most of the roadjunctions and in busy areas too.Apart from the tea and art scams,a girl should watch out for the things they buy,always double check on the items received.More serious scams like the massage scams don't happen normally to girls.So I would say you shouldfeelquite safe here,relax and enjoy yourself and explore the city as much as you like,as Shanghai has both the east and the west and the old and the future.People should not get overly worried as it is very safe city devoid of serious crimes mostly except for some petty issues.