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making it through customs

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making it through customs

I will be traveling to Lagos soon and would like to know what will be an issue in getting through customs? I was asked to bring sweets. And I see from another post, that was a problem? Or if anyone knows of a website that gives more info, it would be appreciated. Thanks..I would also like to add that the post I have read so far have been very helpful and eased some of my worry about Nigeria in general.

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1. Re: making it through customs

From what I have been told, a roll of dollar bills may ease your way through the various stages of customs

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2. Re: making it through customs

Hi, I returned from a 14 day trip from Lagos on July 26, 2008, and I must say I was worried about customs as well, but as it turned out I had no problems. They asked a couple of questions based on the form you have to fill out on the airplane before arriving to Lagos. They didn't smile much, but they were courteous. Can't answer your question on the chocolate though.

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3. Re: making it through customs

I did not receive any questions and simply walked right by the customs officers just as I do in the USA. YMMV.

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4. Re: making it through customs

Thanks for your relply. I told my friend I am to be seeing of my fears and of course he wasn't happy with what I said. I told him to just think about it. I have seen bribes done right in front of me. It's not going to happen at the airport in the USA. No one is going to demand we pay them cash while we are standing there holding our shoes and taking things out of our suitcases and we have to say yes they can have it in order to move on. I guess he can't see it from an outsiders eyes because these are his people and his country. He did say that if anyone tried to ask me for anything, claim to be without funds and tell them someone is coming to pay them. Funny he would say this but I am not to worry?

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5. Re: making it through customs

I always say I have no money to the girls in the toilets in the airport that ask for money and the one time I was asked in Port Harcourt airpot by customs that what I said too and it worked.

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6. Re: making it through customs


I out this under another topic then realised this was the most suitable.

Not sure what I make of it - this must surely be importing en masse as I have certainly taken in a lot of this - facial tissues, water, sweets, paracetemol and aspirins - I think this list is a bit farcical to be honest and probably is to prohibit people importing these to sell and therefore jepordising Nigerian manufacturing (!!) - so I would not worry too much - the worst the will do will be to take the stuff off you and I would just plead ignorance.

Hilarious that cholocate is allowed afterall - seems those custom officers that stopped me and said it wasn't probably wanted money from me but I didn't realise that!!

When my hubby came back from Gambia he had bought a lot of lace as it was way cheaper in Gambia than Nigeria and customs stopped him - but they waved him through so really don't worry too much with all the baggage people take in, if you travel light they won't pay you much attention.

I should say though - when you leave everyone has to open their case for the customs guys to inspect in full - not sure what we are not meant to take out but again I have never had problems!

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7. Re: making it through customs

I read that website and like I can't take toothpaste or tissue??? This must be for other reasons why this is listed as you said. I am still going to contact the embassy. And I know just to give it up and act like I don't know anything if they say it's not allowed. I think it might just depend on the day and the mood of the officers! Plus the guy picking me up said he will pay if I get bothered.

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8. Re: making it through customs

Customs at MMIA in Lagos is fine. They are either looking for minor amounts of money because their wages are low (dont give them money), or they are looking to catch those smuggling drugs. Be sensible and dont take anything that you arent 100% sure of for any friends. I have been many times and always go through the airport quickly

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9. Re: making it through customs

There wont be any problem if you are coming to Lagos since your bag is already scanned from your flight of origin. Its just that there are many people outside Murtala Muhammad airport who will get your bag and of course you have to pay hem. NO bribery whatsoever when we enter lagos but when we leave lagos, since they dont have scanner for luggage that they will open the luggage manually and then thats the start of bribery. They are nice but will definitely ask NGN from you. 2nd is with the hand carry scanner where the lady there will ask for your Nigerian Naira. She will really ask you for Naira so be prepared for a 100 NGN up to 200NGN will do

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10. Re: making it through customs

Thanks for all the advice!! I am praying for the best but expecting the worst.