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Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

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Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??


We booked a 2 week holiday through Kuoni last weekend to Thailand, Bangkok and the Pimalai in Ko Lanta. We have booked a suite in Bangkok and a pool villa at the Pimlai.

Our issue is that at the time of booking we were told it was rain season, but that it would be 'heavy short showers' which would reduce the humidity and that return visitors often choose this time to go as its more bearable.

We should have done some more research before we booked but alas we didnt. Anyway, now we are really concerned we have made a mistake as everywhere we read we see people saying the seas will be too rough and we might get full days of rain with little sun.

Apologies as I know this has been covered numerous times before but I just want some real opinions before we decide whether to cancel and lose our £570 deposit or risk it.

People say there are plenty of other things to do, but the Pimalai is in a remote part of Ko lanta with few nearby attractions.

Please help as im driving my husband mad stressing about it! Id prefer to lose the money and book another destination if it really will be that bad!

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1. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

I won`t say it won't be wet, but not as bad as you think.

From our September trips, the showers are usually short and more likely to arrive at night. There were a few short day showers, a couple of cloudy skies but mostly sunshine.

A benefit - Just think of having a great evening meal on a beach side restaurant and watching natures thunderstorm far out in the Anderman sea as lightning dances from cloud to cloud.

Bangkok, Thailand
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2. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

You can't say the rain will mostly arrive at night - the weather doesn't work to a timetable. While it may happen for a few days, it'll soon change to be morning, noon or afternoon, there is no telling. September is the wettest month but its very unlikely to rain more than 1-2 hours a day and some days may have no rain. Seas are likely to be rough

Ao Nang, Thailand
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3. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

Although statistics show Koh Lanta with an average of 17 rainy days in September, it doesn't mean it rains all day long. The statistics also show Lanta with 27 days of sunshine in September.

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4. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

Weather as anywhere is always an issue that brings different opinions because people view weather in different ways.

Fo some it is highly important, for others it is of less importance.

From I pressume your travel agent:-

"we were told it was rain season, but that it would be 'heavy short showers' which would reduce the humidity and that return visitors often choose this time to go as its more bearable"

That is putting a very positive spin on things.

As other have said, you could get a month's rain in a few dayss, when you may not even be there, you could get solid sunshine, early morning, late afternoon, evening or night time rain. It will vary. It depends on what happens far away over the Bay of bengal as to how much, how often, for how long.

Seas can be rough.

Perhaps they should have said ' This is the rainy season. Weather can vary....... '

If you are happy to head to a spa, or relax with a book, then fine, but if having a 'less chance' of rain is important then an area with less rain would have been a netter choice.

To put that into perspective:- Thailand Meteorological Dept stats:

Shows September as wettest month of the year for Koh Lanta at 391 mm ( compare with High season January or 6, February 7, March 36, December 38 )


Now, compare that along side Koh Samui for September: Av Sept 117 mm


Look at the 2 graphs as the difference is absolutely clear.

If you said to them 'we wwant to go to Koh Lanta in September' well that is one thing, if you said though 'we want to go to an island in Thailand in September'....that is different.

Perhaps, and this is up to you entirely, before making a decision, see what they could do for Koh Samui. If there is somehing suitable price, and they can 'swop' then everything is fine. If they hesitate to swop, you have those 2 graphs ! :)

In the end it is up to you - you could have glorious weather, it could be wet but bearabale, it would be loussy.

if it was me I would check what they could offer on Koh Samui ( should it appeal ) and then make a decision.

I can handle rain, no worries, what I do not like at all is rough sea crossings, and if the sea is rough and you can't go in for a swim, if that appeals to you, then that helps make your choice.

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Adelaide, Australia
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5. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

I would not cancel, we have been to Koh Lanta probably 8 times during low season over the last few years (including September). It is impossible to predict how much rain there will be & you would have to be pretty unlucky to have it rain your whole time there.

We have not had a problem yet, however most of the beaches on Koh Lanta are to rough for swimming during low season, but no matter what the weather is like Klong Dao beach at the northern end of the island is a great beach all year round, perfect as well for children as it is sheltered.


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6. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

I wouldn't cancel either. Even if you do experience rain it can be quite pleasant in a country like Thailand.

Poulton-le-Fylde, UK
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7. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

If you really were looking for the weather to be more likely sunny with a risk of rain at intervals but now you realise that is less likely, I would follow Monika's advice, claim that you were mislead and seek a switch to Samui. You may have to pay more though as I am sure the price of the holiday you have currently booked will reflect the lower accommodation prices in the Wet Season whereas that will not be the case for Koh Samui.

You should also take into account that Ko Lanta will be very quiet in September with some restaurants and bars closed. However, that may not be an issue if you want a secluded and peaceful holiday.

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8. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

Thank you so much for all of your help, it is so appreciated.

We spoke to the travel agent today and apparently as long as we don't change the dates or flights we can move to a different resort in Thailand. After having looked though we aren't too sure if we want to. The responses on here have settled our concerns somewhat. Its just nice to hear from people who have actually been to Ko Lanta in September!

We have private transfers included in the price, but Cathy&Gary, you mention it would be very rough at sea? Do you think this would rule out the sea transfer? Has anyone ever done a road transfer from Krabi to Ko Lanta? What can we expect?

In regards to what we want out of the holiday, just to relax, rotate from our pool to the sunbeds, then spa and food...simple tastes.

If anyone has any other thoughts id be pleased to hear them.

Thanks again

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9. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??

I guess a few pictures is are worth a thousand replies.....


These are all late low season photos. For swimming the sea can be a bit rough at high tide but once the water ebbs a lot of the beaches don`t have enough depth for large waves.

You might want to enquire a bit more about your ferry crossing as to what exactly your are being offered. I have a slight feeling you might be having a longer road trip and a short 10 minute ferry crossing. Not really any different from the scheduled services but much more expensive.


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10. Re: Weather dilemma September - shall i cancel holiday??


the normal route for transfer is by road, its the quickest and most convenient. (If you look at a map you'll see that the Lanta islands are south of Krabi Town but that they were once part of a peninsular sticking out from the mainland and the erosion of channels made them islands) The airport is on the the Lanta side of Krabi Town on the main highway south. You drive along the highway for around 40 minutes then turn off and head for the car ferry piers, another 20 minutes or so.

The ferry to Lanta Noi (Little Lanta) is a diagonal crossing of a channel between the mainland and the island, and takes around 10 to 15 minutes. You then drive across Lanta Noi and do a shorter crossing (5 to 10 minutes) of the channel between the two islands to Lanta Yai (Big Lanta).where the resorts are.

As it happens in September this is your only option as the passenger ferries from Krabi Town or Ao Nang do not run then.