Travel advice Hunan


We are wanting to travel independently for a week in Hunan visiting the national park and Fenghuang.

We are arriving late at night by plane into Zhangjiajie City and will be staying a night there. We plan to travel onto Guilin after staying a week in Hunan.

What would be the best order/route to take?

We have done some research and are considering:

Zhangjiajie park for 2 nights, then on to Fenghuang (could we do this direct from the park or would we need to travel back via the city?) Then:

- Fenghuang bus to Changsha and train to Guilin (any advice on times of buses from Fenghuang to Changsha would be useful because we don't know whether we will need to spend a night in Changsha to do this option; or

- Fenghuang back to Zhangjiajie city then on to Changsha by bus and then train to Guilin.

Are there any tourist buses/shuttle buses between these places that can be booked without taking a tour?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are just trying to find the best/most simple option for our route.

Thanks for your help!