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Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

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Palo Alto...
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Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

I am interested in visiting both Rio and Buzios in February 2012 during Carnaval for approximately 17 days, but I am not sure if I should go to Buzios first or Rio. I will be travelling with a girlfriend.

Thank you.

Chicago, Illinois
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1. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

I think it's a personal preference. Buzios will likely be packed with locals from Rio trying to avoid Carnival and Rio will be packed with tourists for Carnival. Either way, many hotels/pousadas are likely already sold out so you should decide asap and get on reserving a place. Enjoy your trip.

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2. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

You need to know that hotels and pousadas generally have a package for Carnaval that is usually sold in a 5 night block, both here in Buzios and in Rio. If you are going to be in Brasil for 17 days, you will have almost two weeks outside of the Carnaval packages.

Carnaval in Buzios is much much much more laid back than Rio, with Buzios the attractions are the beaches and clubs/bars/restaurants etc at night. There is not a lot of difference here between Carnaval and pre or post carnaval. You can get a lot of info about Carnaval in Rio at http://www.rio-carnival.net/ Depending on your budget, you might well find that the Champions Parade will give you a Sambadrome experience for a much more reasonable price - but it is held the Saturday after Carnaval. A little less energy because the pressure of competition is off, but still a high energy show with the celebration attitude. There is a lot of activity in Rio outside the Sambadrome - i.e. street celebrations, but when people think of Carnaval in Rio, they are generally referring to the Sambadrome experience. Tickets can be fairly expensive if you are wanting to go for the competition nights. For a very intense Sambadrome experience (and a higher cost) you can actually buy a costume and dance in the parade with the samba school of your choice.

Generally, there is a decrease in summer tourism right after Carnaval and you may find it easier to get hotels, buses, flights, dinner tables, etc etc after Carnaval than before or during it. You do need to make reservations fairly soon, as things do get jammed. How you schedule things is really dependent on what kind of experience you want to have and what your budget will allow.

Tel Aviv, Israel
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3. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

Hi there I was in rio duing carnival and like soemone said you can usually only book hotels as a five day package and usually at 3 times the normal price. Sure its an amazing time to be in Rio and there is loads going on especailly street parades etc. Its one of those once in a life time experiences that everyone should do at least once. Believe me after 10 hours of listening to samba music all night at the carnival itself you probably wouldnt want to do it again. Start looking for hotels now as place fill up quickly. I stayed at the mar ipanema in Ipanema and it was a great choice.

have fun



Palo Alto...
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4. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

Thank you for your feedback.

London, United...
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5. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

Bit difficult to get to Buzios from the south except via Rio - it is at the end of a long road - it is an ithsmus

London, United...
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6. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

Beware of the cash machines in buzios, both my brother in law (french) and i (british) had our cards details read and after our departure back to europe there were withdrawals from each of our accounts. It is going to be difficult for brazil to welcome visitors unless the cash machine situation is sorted.

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7. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

Dear Soulfulwoman...

please do not worry about Peter K's posts... Buzios is not at all difficult to get to - unless you think that a simple bus ride is a difficult thing. Yes, we are a peninsula and thus, the road does stop because the cars and buses would not be able to continue east to Africa... but as afar as getting here, it is not a problem!!!

If Peter K is british - given his exquiste use of the English language - then I am Darth Vader!!! as far as the "cash machines" you are always best advised to use the ATMs in the banks themselves. Problems with ATM scams are not limited to South America and it is always advisable to be cautious... but then, I think you know this..

See you in Buzios!!!


Palo Alto...
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8. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

Wow, good to know. Thank you for the information!

Rio de Janeiro, RJ
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9. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

Firstly I´d say... it would be particularly good if these 17 days could be, most of them, before the Carnival.

I usually advise foreigner visitors to take care when driving in Brazil (sometimes I feel free to advise not to do that), but, in your case, I´d strongly recommend to do the following, thinking in all the above suggested and in "logistics" as well.

Since you land at the Intl´airport in Rio, take the opportunity you are just a few steps from "your car agency" and get it. You won´t be exactly on the way to Buzios, but, you´ll also be relatively "out of the city", so it could be slightly easier and shorter to take the road to Buzios from the airport (you will by pass part of the traffic). That would optimize your time.

A car, although the costs, the risks and the possibility of facing traffic jams and getting more tired, will, in that case, make things easier for you in Buzios, a place where you should know at least 5 different beautiful beaches, one far from the other (go early to the beaches to find easier somewhere to park).

It won´t be the Carnival week yet, but Buzios will be already full, due to the summer holidays by here. So consider that (hotel prices, traffic jams in the narrow streets of Buzios´center).

Book a Hotel or a Inn in Buzios the closer as possible to Rua das Pedras to make unnecessary driving at night (I prefer the surroundings of Rua das Pedras - where things happen, mainly at night - because it will be easier to arrive home by foot even if I am drunk, that is, almost all the nights I spend in Buzios).

Stay for 6 days and enjoy one of our most charming seaside resort towns, a former fishermen´s village "discovered" by the french star Bigitte Bardot. For you, a Californian, I could say it is has something (just a bit) in common with the charming atmosphere of Sausalito and Carmel, but Buzios, despite being much simpler, has much more beautiful beaches and landscapes and is thousand times livelier than these 2 Californian gourgeous towns and deserves a week, if you have time.

During these 7 days, you could also take the opportunity to visit Arraial do Cabo, 30´ from Buzios (a divers paradise, due to the colorful water and plenty of sea fauna), spending an afternoon at one of the Pontal do Atalaia´s small beaches (Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia). After that, just cross the hill (10 minutes by car still in the Pontal) and wait for the sunset at the beautiful belvedere.

Before Rio, something more cultural, less lively but very beautiful too, will be waiting for you: a full day at the historical seaside Paraty. Keep the rented car and drive for 6h30' from Buzios to Paraty facing traffic and a bad road mainly between Angra and Paraty (2h30' from Buzios to Rio and than more 4h to Paraty) to know this amazing place. That could also be done firstly, before Buzios, as a warm up to the "party part" of the trip.

So you will finally arrive in Rio, where I´d prefer to use taxis, bike, regular bus and make guided tours. So, let your car at the closer agency to your hotel at Ipanema, Copa or Leblon.

Austin, Texas
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10. Re: Rio and Buzios during Carnaval 2012

Hi Gusdali, i have been benefitting from your helpful posts about Buzios. We will be there feb 15th for 3 nights. You say Rua Das Pedras is a good area to stay. Any particular (nice or very nice) accommodations you recommend? Not sure if anything will be available anymore at this point since Carnaval is so close to that time. THank you!!