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Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

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Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

Shot and RayOsaka helped us with our last stop in Osaka in 2006. I am glad you all are still active in helping other travelers.

My daughter loved Japan so much from the extremely short layover in Osaka 2 years ago that she decided to take off by herself with a friend to Osaka again, this time attending a concert in Kyocera Dome Osaka.

She will be coming from Tokyo ( I am thinking of getting her a JR pass).

1) i am thinking of booking a hotel for her there so they can get back safely after the concert. But the closest is Hotel New Hankyu Osaka at 1-1-35 Shibata Kita.

Is there any other less expensive but nice enough nearby hotel for 2 girls that is close to the JR station and the Dome at the same time?

2) When I checked the trains coming from tokyo at hyperdia.com, it says the train will stop at Osaka station (for Hotel New Hankyu) and Taishi ( for the Dome)

Am I correct in reading the locations and directions?

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1. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

1) there are many, many hotels closer to the dome without switching subway (New Hankyu requires switching and 6 stops). 3 stops away at Shinsaibashi: hotel nikko osaka, new osaka hotel shinsaibashi, hearton hotel shinsaibashi, flexstay shinsaibashi inn, business hotel shirokiya, nishitetsu inn shinsaibashi, some as low as 2460yen single room.

2) TaishO is a subway stop(one stop beyond the dome, there is a stop right in front of the dome), Osaka station is for subway and train. Bullet train from Tokyo stops at Shinosaka. A change is require to get to the 2 stations you mentioned. See subway map


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2. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

I know almost nothing about Osaka, but I wonder if they should get a hotel close to Osaka station. They could stash their baggage before the concert. It looks like the JR Osaka Loop Line would take them right to the Taisho station in 10 minutes.

Kanazawa, Japan
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3. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

The nearest station to Osaka Dome is Osaka Dome-Mae Chiyozaki.

The shinkansen from Tokyo does not stop at Osaka station but at Shin Osaka Station...2 totally different places. If they want to go to Osaka Station then they will need to change trains at Shin Osaka.

Concerts typically end quite early, much earlier than in the US. They will be able to use the subway to get to their hotel. Many people will be using the subway at that time, and I would not worry in the least about safety.

Nara, Japan
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4. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

Glad to know your daughter loved this country as much. FYI, there's a relatively inexpensive hotel much closer to the dome called Osaka Bay Tower, which is located right by JR Taisho:


(the Japanese language only; click on boxes down below for pictures)

Yes, she can walk to / from the dome. Access-wise, a JR Pass holder should perhaps like to ride a hikari-type bullet train from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka, and then from there switch to a Haruka limited express bound for KIX so she can get off at a JR station called Nishi-Kujo: the quasi-gateway station to USJ Osaka. JR Taisho is only one stop away from here, and she won't have trouble changing to Inbound Osaka Loop Line. Lastly, if you are OK with that hotel, contact them by fax: +81 66576 5155 or by phone: +81 66577 1111.

Not so sure about this, but you'd end up paying less than half what you'd pay New Hankyu.

Hope your daughter and her friend will have a great time in Osaka. Good luck.

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5. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

Hi all,

Here is their train schedule from Oyama to Osaka (thru Tokyo) I obtained from Hyperdia.com




SHINKANSEN HIKARI 407 Reserved seat



JR Osaka-Loop Line(Inner loop)


Question: when it says Tokyo, how do I know which station in Tokyo?

when it says Osaka, how do I know if it is Shin Osaka or Osaka station?

..Oh boy...I am having a panic attack already..

thanks everyone for helping me so far....

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6. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

Hi Shot, glad you are here. I just read your response. So is there any difference between the route you showed and the route shown on Hyperdia? It mentioned JR Kyoto Line, then switch to Inner Loop Osaka Loop Line to Taisho. Apparently that is the shortest route according to Hyperdia.

Does the JR pass cover the Limited Express? And what is USJ Osaka?

If I can get all the names straight, I'll be OK.

Thanks everyone for the tips on hotels..I'll definitely look into all of them.

Nara, Japan
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7. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

Visit the following link so hopefully you can better acquaint yourself with JR railroad lines around Osaka:


In here, from the right-hand(east) side, the Tokyo side, a bullet train carrying your daughter comes in to JR Shin-Osaka; where she can 1)switch to JR Kyoto Line(better known as Tokaido Line)to get to JR Osaka, and then 2)transfer to Inward Osaka Loop Line to hit JR Nishi-Kujo / Bentencho / Taisho. That's what hyperdia suggests you do, I reckon. What I said in my last post was to make some amendment to #1 and #2, which will possibly be a bit hectic part to otherwise a super duper train journey.

Again, my suggestion goes like this: JR Tokyo>>shinkansen bullet train>>JR Shin-Osaka>>switch to a Haruka Limited Express(yes, a JR Pass covers that leg)>>JR Nishi-Kujo(locate it in the above link>>switch to Inbound Loop Line>>JR Bentencho / JR Taisho.

Taking a (high-end)Haruka at Shin-Osaka may perhaps involve some unwanted wating time there, but that'd beat having to go up and down the escalators / stairs twice on the journey in busy train stations, that is, Shin-Osaka and Osaka. FYI, "shin" means 'new' in English. I may be wrong, but "shin" is mostly reserved for train station names, eg. Shin-Yokohama. No, your daugher and her friend won't be shinning up and down the stairs / escalators more than necessary if they catch a Haruka.

In my previous post I misquoted the name of the nearest train station on Osaka Loop Line to Osaka Bay Hotel, which is JR Bentencho, not JR Taisho. Sorry for that.

Nara, Japan
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8. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

Oops, forgot to say this: USJ is an acronym for Universal Studio Japan.

Kanazawa, Japan
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9. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

Hyperdia lists the station names exactly. When it says Tokyo, it means Tokyo Station. When it says Shinosaka, it means Shin Osaka, when it says Osaka, it means Osaka.

The trip you list is not complicated, but requires several changes of train. They will manage fine.

Osaka, Japan
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10. Re: Question for Shot,or RayOsaka,or RogerR.,or....re:Osaka Dome

Hello again, Seems you've got plenty of help but let me throw in a couple of ideas to consider:

If they stay at a hotel, I think they may prefer somewhere downtown, like this nice business hotel in Dotombori, near Namba/Shinsaibashi:


Another idea is for them to skip the hotel and jump on an overnight bus back to Tokyo (some of which are quite luxurious, depending on which you buy), departing Osaka station at 24:30 (also ones at 22:50). English online booking at www.123bus.net

But on second thought, they should stay in Kansai a few days more, and visit Nara & Kyoto!