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tokyo to hiroshima return

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Perth, Australia
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tokyo to hiroshima return


We are planning to fly into tokyo and head straight to hiroshima then do a road trip back up to tokyo over 6 days.

We are interested in what would be the best form of transport?

Fly to hiroshima and then bus/drive/train back to tokyo with stops through kyoto and nagoya.

What would be the best recommendations?


Tokyo, Japan
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1. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return


NRT - Hiroshima is a quite long distance. So High Speed Rail or Flight are viable options. Jetstar & Airasia flies NRT - FUKUOKA if you prefer budget airline.

Tokyo, Japan
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2. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return

If you are flying into Narita, flying to Hiroshima could be the best way. However, if you can fly into Kansai Airport, taking the JR Haruka train and Shinkansen (aka Bullet Train) via Shin-Osaka could be better.

Before you book, you should consider the following:

1. Flying via Narita to Hiroshima is fine, but domestic flights from Hiroshima is llimited due to congestion and preventing noise pollution at night. So it's better to find out exactly at which hour you'd be landing, and if there is an appropriate connection to a flight to Hiroshima within 2-3 hours to Hiroshima. Without knowing that, it's difficult to say.

[*] LCC is fine, but you'd have to keep in mind of the conditions (what if your flight is delayed for the connection; how much would the luggage fee would be, etc)

2. Tokyo's main airport is Haneda, which is used maily for domestic flights with some international flights in the morning and late evening. There should be more flights to Hiroshima from Haneda, but it does not necessarily mean connection is good.

3. Hiroshima airport is a bit far away from Hiroshima city. Hence 60% of Tokyo-Hiroshima domestic users take the Shinkansen over airplane.

4. Tokyo-Hiroshima is 4 hours on Shinkansen Nozomi service, but if you buy the JR Pass, you will not be entitled to ride on the Nozomi but Hikari which takes 5 hours. Hikari is more infrequent than Nozomi.

5. Rail travel by buying the JR Pass is the near standard way to go for tourists. Driving in Japan especially in busy and congested cities like Kyoto and Tokyo should be avoided, especially if you are first timers to Japan. There are issues such as parking, expressway tolls, maze of one-ways, generally narrow roads, high gasoline prices, and hefty dropping off charges. Renting a car is not cheap in Japan in any case, and Hiroshima-Tokyo is quite far apart, so I'd have to recommend trains (JR Pass) instead of driving. I lived in Nara and when I had things to do in central Kyoto or Osaka, I usually took the train instead of driving a car.

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Perth, Australia
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3. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return

thank you,

We more then likely will just fly down to hiroshima as we arrive very early in the morning and so have a day to play with.

My main question is which is the best way to get back to tokyo, stopping in kyoto for 2 days and then nagoya for another 2. would it be better by bus, or again the train?

Tokyo, Japan
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4. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return

Shinkansen is fast and expensive

Bus is slow and cheap

Flight is not an option for such a short distance (Hiroshima - Kyoto - Nagoya - Tokyo)

Tokyo, Japan
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5. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return

I see.

The best way from Hiroshima to Tokyo stopping in Kyoto and Nagoya is the Shinkansen (but not necessarily the cheapest).

Tokyo, Japan
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6. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return

Oh NRT official website says at present there are only 2 flights available in the afternoon direct from NRT to Hiroshima, at 1630 and 1740.

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return


We would travel from nrt over to hnd for the domestic flt, I have looked into that already.... so shinkansen is looking the best for the return trip up.

Thank you for all your help, I had soo much info that I was starting to get a little confused.

Hong Kong, China
Destination Expert
for Hong Kong, Osaka
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8. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return

Switching airports is a bad idea. It is costly, stressful, tiresome and time consuming. You will need to allow at least 3 hours between flights. If your incoming flight is delayed, your plans will be turned upside down. I highly encourage you to either fly NRT to Hiroshima, or just take the trains.

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9. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return

Hiroshima Airport is actually in Eastern Hiroshima prefecture quite a distance from Hiroshima city - it's an almost an hour by bus to the city from the airport, maybe longer depending on traffic. Few people from Hiroshima city choose to fly into the airport it's so inconvenient.

Flying is not as fast as you may think - Narita airport is a very looong way from Tokyo. So commuting to airports adds a lot of extra time to your journey - shinkansen by contrast are fast, frequent & efficient.

eg. train direct from Narita: NEX to Tokyo/Shinagawa then take a few minutes to simply transfer to the shinkansen platform for your Hiroshima bound train.

It'll probably take just as long by plane in the end - maybe even longer. Hear what we say.

I frequently travel to Hiroshima from Tokyo. I have done the flight to Hiroshima from Tokyo & wouldn't fly that route again - waste of time & exhausting transferring to Haneda, checking in luggage, waiting for the flight, retrieving luggage, etc. & then a long bus ride at the end of journey to Hiroshima city.

Shinkansen bullet train is far more efficient - point to point. (The only good thing about the flight was the spectacular view of Fuji-san at eye level)

For the rest of your trip you'd be crazy to visit Japan and not experience the amazing bullet train service that Japan is renowned for - it's one of the best things about travelling in Japan. Everyone in the world is agreed on that point.

A road trip along the Pacific side of Japan from Hiroshima to Tokyo is not recommended - it's very expensive due to tolls & car rental isn't cheap, also there is congestion due to very heavy traffic & trucks on the route, & not scenic as it is the most industrialised part of Japan. And if it were the main national holidays - gridlock for kilometres! Even if you were familiar with Japan's roads, cities, & language I still wouldn't recommend it for reasons also mentioned above by yobeekool.

Read a bit more about Japan for your planning stages - a good guide book can help clarify things too. The JNTO website is full of great information: http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/

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10. Re: tokyo to hiroshima return

I concur with all other comments about taking the shinkansen ( bullet train). We have been to Japan twice and traveled all over easily on the bullet train. Get your week long Japan Rail pass before you leave and make sure you call the English language telephone operator at Japan Rail before you leave and ask her what train numbers, tracks, stations for transferring before you go. If you follow her directions, you don't need to read Japanese, just the correct numbers for tracks, trains and stations with appropriate schedules.