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Questions on the Hilton Rangali

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Questions on the Hilton Rangali

Hi, I have booked a 10 night stay at the Hilton for the beginning of Dec, and judging by the reviews on here I have definitely made the right choice by going for a Deluxe Beach Villa! I just wondered if someone can help me with the following points:-

Am I right in thinking you sign for all meals/drinks excursions etc, so there is no need to take much cash with you other than for tips?

What is the dresscode like in the restaurants? I assume the Wine Cellar and the underwater restaurant are smart but are the others pretty much "wear what you want"...?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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1. Re: Questions on the Hilton Rangali

You honestly have made the right decision, I promise you won't be dissapointed.

Yes you do sign for everything, trips - you can book them at reception on arrival or at anytime and you can pay either by signing or cash.

The dresscode is Itha is smart casual, I wore a flash top but with shorts. all other restaurants are smart casual, the only thing I would say that isn't really appropriate is swimwear. I took about 8 pairs of shoes with me and wore the flip flops they provide all the time, or went bare foot, there really is no need to take more than one pair.

The resort does try to sell the Itha restaurant but it is extremely expensive and its not advertised well, so be careful when we went in April it was approx £250 for two people and there is a set menu! you can however go over for cocktails and photos which is fabulous (in the day) and its $21 dollars, all the experience at little cost.

Also be careful about tips, you do genuinely want to tip everything they do because the staff are so fab, but please remember that there is a 10% charge on top of everything you order and its made very clear that this is split between all the staff, so don't feel obliged. The people that would really appreciate it are the lovely older chaps that sweep the sand each and everyday! Happy holiday

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2. Re: Questions on the Hilton Rangali


Thanks for the tip on Ithaa during the day for cocktails. I really wanted to see the resturant but just could not see spending that much for a meal.

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3. Re: Questions on the Hilton Rangali

shoelady, thanks very much for all the info, am getting seriously excited now under 6 weeks to go!

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4. Re: Questions on the Hilton Rangali

I just want to add that dinner in Ithaa costs US $220 (around 125 pounds) for guests on B&B rate and US $187 (about 106 pounds) for guests on full/half board.

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5. Re: Questions on the Hilton Rangali

Hello there, my husband and I are returning to the Hilton for our 2nd wedding aniversary at the end of November.

On our last visit we stayed in a water villa but this time we are staying in both a beach villa and a water villa and are very much looking foward to seeing the changes that have been made.

We had such an amazing experience last time and have waited until the renovations have been completed before returning....the wait seems to have gone on forever but we know that it will be SO WORTH IT.

With regard to dress codes....you will not need shoes, we spent are whole stay bare foot, even when eating at the Sunset Grill and Vilu restaurant. In general we dressed casual but on occasion a little smart as we had taken the clothes with us !

We put all our expenses on our room and just paid one account on departure, although we did leave the room boys a tip in US dollars.

Hope you have a lovely time and enjoy the experience as much as we did, we are both now counting the days till our next visit....can't come soon enough !!