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Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

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Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

Howdo guys,

I've come seeking some more expert advice please. Having booked Kuredu for late November (sort of rushed into it - slap on the wrist i know) i've since read up alot more and it seems the house reef isnt very accessible on Kuredu and isnt as spectacular as i first was led to believe. Ive spoken with the travel company and they will be happy to change resorts for me at a cost obviously.

For me the accessibility to the reef is pretty important with a decent accomodation and one resort that keeps being mentioned is Vilamendhoo

Have any of you been to both Kuredu and Vila? any pro's cons? ive no idea as yet on the price difference but ive requested this and hopefully will have some idea on the extra i need to pay. Are he prices generally dearer for Vila? any other advice would be greatly appreciated - especially regarding the food as every review for Kuredu mentions GREAT food but not as much mention for Vila.

Travel company have got back to me just now

Vilamendhoo they only have a Garden Villa room available i know this is the lowest category room so any advice on this? ideally i wanted a beach villa or above but none available. so is it worth changing to this resort at all with a garden villa AI??? i need to pay an extra £818 for this which is probably still in budget - but is it worth it?

The other option i have been given is a Athuruga for a beach bungalow and i need to pay an extra £1748 for that. I've not checked this resort out at all yet - again any advice, is it worth the extra money bearing in mind i've paid quite a bit for Kuredu already.

OR do i just stick with Kuredu - SORRY for the long post.

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1. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

Just answered your other post Athuruga . No choice .

Did Vila last year Athuruga this coming May and was £1400 more for Athuruga for 2 of us 12 nts .

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2. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

Hi Andy cheers for the quick reply mate - really appreciated.

Sorry for creating the 2 posts - realised not many people may check the Kuredu so thought i'd post here ;o)

Your reply was

"Athuruga definitely if you can afford it . Different league .

Vilamendhoo garden rooms are recently refurbed and very nice but the beach villas obviously much better location .

The reef there is very good .

But Athuruga is reckoned to be one of the top ones and much smaller island . Off there in 3 1/2 weeks . Did Vila last year .

Dont know much about Kuredu but its not on my list of islands to visit .

As said definitely Athuruga if its in budget


You did Vila last year? im assuming you stayed in a BV or higher? are the garden rooms really badly located? I have checked out athuruga a little and it looks amazing not had chance to read up properly. Is the reef easily accessible and as good as Vila? (sorry i know you havent been yet but hoping youve done your research unlike me lol) Athuruga £1748 is a little more than i intended for this hol but................................. is it worth it for 7 nights?

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3. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga


I have only been to Vila out of those 3 but have been to the maldives 13 times now, so done quite a bit of research. We went to Vila before the refurb. The reef is good. We would not return as feel that it may be too busy for us now, although I think would make a good first time island. The std rooms where in the middle of the island (this may be different now)

Kuredu - have never wanted to go to this island due to being to big, mass market and also complicated meal plan/ segregation as per room type etc.

Athuruga - always wanted to go. Even booked once but got bumped off due to WV being built. Go for this one if you can. Only seen it from the sea though. Always has good reviews on here.


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4. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

We went to Kuredu 7 and 5 years ago but the building work which has gone on since has made it an Island we won't revisit again due to it being much more of a resort now.

Went to Vila in September and Vila is built up too in that there are rooms around the whole shore line however it never felt 'busy'. We would happily have stayed in a garden room if that is all we could have got. Garden rooms are in the middle of the Island but excellent quality rooms and there are sunbeds allocated on the beach for these rooms.

Being run by the same company the standard of food in both was very similar and we had no complaints on either Island as far as food is concerned.

Have not been to Athuruga but the price difference tells you everything you need to know - this Island is classes above the other two and I would go here if I could afford it.

However you will have a great time in the Maldives wherever you choose but if reef is your main criteria and you are choosing between Kuredu and Vila, personally I would choose Vila.

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5. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

T23 & jcojco really appreciate your advice thankyou v much.

At this moment in time im leaning towards the garden bungalow in Vila especially after jcojco's post. Does staying in a Garden villa in Vilamendhoo restrict me in anyway? i.e. which restaraunts / bars / trips etc i can use? assuming i may be able to upgrade once i get there obviously depending on availability (although ive read all about the overbooking issues with the JBV's)

How accessible is the reef from the Garden Villas?

Athuruga sounds amazing but i dont know if my budget stretches that far at the moment although it is v v tempting!!!!!

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6. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

Athuruga is fantastic. The reef is one of the best - probably fourth behind Mirhi, Kandholu, Robinson Club. It is all inclusive and a proper all inclusive at that. The accommodation is good whether it be beach villa or water villa. I have not been to Vila but would personally avoid Kuredu. I am going to Athuruga for my third visit in 2 years in two weeks. Hooray. If you have any questions about Athuruga please feel free to pm me.

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7. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga


This map may help. in regards to accessibility of the reef nothing is too far away on any Maldives island. You would just be a few metres closer to the ocean in a beach room.


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8. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

i am in full agreement with everyone here ... have been to all 3 , but kuredu quite a long time ago . kuredu is the anti-island ... wouldn't recommend it ... wouldn't revisit .. it has absolutely nothing going for it but being cheap. if a travel agent told you the reef was "spectacular" then you should have cause to make them allow you to change at no cost .. that would be a serious misrepresentation.

vilamendhoo ... is nice enough .. very overbuilt now and mass markety but it does have a good reef. i would go to vila over kuredu any day without a second's hesitation.

athuruga .. in a MUCH different league. i actually blinked when i saw it mentioned in the same headline. fantastic reef (yes, much better than vila) , dream island, exquisite foord . i have been 4 times and its probably my second most favorite island in the maldives. it is very much worth the price difference .. no comparison.

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9. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

The reef at Vila surrounds the Island and there are many entry/exit points so once you are on the beach you are just a few flips of your flippers away! Depending on which side of the Island you want to get to from the Garden Villas you are no more than a few minutes walk (at a very relaxed pace).

You would be allocated to the same restaurant as the BV's. The JBV and WV have a restaurant by the sunset bar, however you are free to use all pools and bars (so long as no children under 18 are with you). Trips etc are open on a first come first served basis, room allocation makes no difference.

We really felt when we were there that we would return and stay in a garden villa if that were all that were available in our price range, it would not have been a problem for us. The people we spoke to when we were there could not have been happier and I've noticed very good comments about the rooms on the review pages here.

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10. Re: Dilemma - URGENT please help. Kuredu Vs Vila Vs Athuruga

I am with the others and would say Athuruga first but you pay for it and then Vila, I have been two years in a row now, but stayed in a beach villas on both sides, although like Jcojco if i had the choice of no maldives or garden villa at vila i would go no hesitation.

The garden villas are now furnished identical to beach villas, the walk to the beach is at most a couple of mins, they have stripped the trees so that the area is much lighter but still has the tree canopy, people dont walk in front of your room as they are set back from the pathways in their own garden area . You can have your allocated sunbeds put on either side of the island where you like on the beach.

The reef is accessed by dedicated entry/entries and its easy, the most popular place is 4 by the service jetty where the drop off is 20ft from the beach. I have dived it often now and the OH snorkels it for hours at a time , they recon the south side is the best side.