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Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

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Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

Hi I have been told that the Titan Trigger fish can be quite aggressive towards people snorkelling just wondering if this is true? And also if there is anything else I should be very careful with as I plan to spend a lot of time snorkelling during my stay at Chaaya Reef :)

Thanks in advance

Biggin Hill
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1. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

Yes it is true, but only when they are nesting. Speak to the guys at the dive centre, they will let you know if any are nesting on the house reef at the time you are there.

If you employ the look dont touch ethos then you will be fine. There are some scorpion fish on the house reef and they are really well camoflaged, they look like bits of stone on the reef.

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2. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

They only tend to be aggressive when protecting their nest, and protect a cone shaped area above where they are nesting. If they come at you, try finning away backwards from their protected area while keeping your fins between you and the fish. There was a good video somewhere showing an attack and how to protect yourself. I'll post the link if I can find it.

Have seen lots of Titans, and not been attacked. Yet, lol.


Edinburgh, United...
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3. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

Didn't one of the regular TA posters used to feed them breadsticks before realising that feeding fish is not a good idea and that feeding titans is a particular bad idea - especially breadsticks ...?!

Boston UK
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4. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

Titans do have small teeth and it's true they can be aggressive, but no real danger. I've seen loads of them over the years when snorkelling and never had a problem. I understand the worst they do is give you a tiny 'nip' on the flesh, but not sufficient to cause anything of a wound as such. As mentioned, if one swims towards you fast or aggressively, just back away, putting your fins between you and the fish.

Dublin, Ireland
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5. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

What Ian said

South Wales
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6. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

Yup, Mr Debs and the breadstick...twit. Doesn't do that anymore and even gives people a 'Paddington Bear hard stare ' if he sees them doing it!

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7. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

Paddington bear hard stare.....LOL.

I have to confess to being a bit scared of Titans, loads of large ones at Maaf. My dive instructor at Ath was chased by one which clamped itself to his fin and wouldn't let go.

Karlsruhe, Germany
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8. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

Also love the Paddington Bear hard stare! I'm always a bit of a scaredy cat when I see a Titan but never had a problem with them. Like others have said, dive staff will probably be able to tell you if any are nesting.

Rome, Italy
Destination Expert
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9. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

Not sure if Ian is referring to the video that i did at Filitheyo,

long story short (and not to repeat too much) every year i have taken pics and filmed this beautiful titan trigger fish, and it never minded me, except this one time, just charged me and wouldn't give it up for a while, at first it was funny, then it got scary, and then funny again when the titan left me alone and went towards another guy ;)

so my advice is: if you see a Titan looking at you funny... quietly swim backwards :D

here is the video:


and here is the original post if you need more info:


posts: 5,162
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10. Re: Snorkelling and Titan Trigger fish

It wasn't your vid I was thinking of Shawn, but it was good to see it again :)

One thing to note from your clip is the spine like fin on the front top of the Titan's head. I read elsewhere that when they are in attack mode this fin raises up - which is evident on your clip.

May be something to look out for and if you see it, swim away. Fast, lol.


Edit: just noticed Shawn mentioned the raised fin in his thread :)

Edited: 1:00 am, February 11, 2013
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