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First time in Djerba 8th June 13

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Gillingham, United...
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First time in Djerba 8th June 13

Visiting Djerba for the first time on the 8th June. Staying at the Iberostar Mehari. What should I expect? what will the weather be like? do any of you recommend any day trips? and also I've seen on a few forums that people have mentioned the men have to wear trousers of an evening, can anyone confirm whether this is true or not? Thanks alot!

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1. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

Hi, we are going to Djerba in july staying at Rui Palm Azur, we were told by Thomsons, the men have to wear long trousers for dinner in our hotel, also my son is 15 so i dont know it that includes him.

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2. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

Hi its a nice island the people are friendly there isnt alot to do in the tourist zone i would recommend you get a local taxi driver and go on the island tour its not too expensive (a lot cheaper than if you went with the rip off rep ) and maybe arrange a couple of other trips with him. its also cheap and easy to go to the main town on the island Houmt Souk which is a real taste of North Africa with its narrow streets and nice juice bars and little shops

Djerba Island...
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3. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

I live in Homet Souk.

Great pick for a Vacation spot. Taxi's from the Tourist zone to Houmet Souk are only about 20 Dinar (10 Euro) one way, 4 passengers only. Make sure they put on their meter.

Djerba is a great island. We just had a few really windy days. The weather is really getting warm though. The beach will be fantastic when you arrive.

Djerba is a great place to use as a base to take day trips from. You can see:

- Chinini, (ancient Berber village on a mountain) that you are free to hike.

- Matmata, town of underground dwellings where people still live. Star Wars site.

- Ksar Ouled Soltane is a great site as well.

- Guelalla is the pottery town of the island

- Visit the oldest synagoge in Africa. It is located 10 minutes from Houmet Souk.

All the best,

Gillingham, United...
posts: 38
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4. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

thank you all for your help!

Ellesmere Port...
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5. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

Hope you enjoyed your hols!!

How was it? Im going in 4 days time eek! Is there much to do there? Is it expensive and most of all whats the food like!?

Thank you!

P,s - any advice would be much appreciated!!!


Gillingham, United...
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6. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

Hello, I am gutted to be home! had a really good time. The weather was amazing, didnt see a single cloud in 2 weeks, temp was in the 30's everyday. The Island itself is quite run down, but most of the hotels look really modern, what hotel are you staying at? I stayed at Hotel Mehari and the food wasn't too bad, it got a bit boring after 2 weeks, especially breakfast, breakfast was pretty naff! but for lunch and dinner there was always things like pizza, pasta, chips, rice, chicken and stuff, and then every day they had different things, whether it be burgers, turkey, beef, lamb. It was pretty good. With drinks, we stuck to beer and wine because we noticed the barmen were topping the vodka/whisky bottles up with tap water, and a lady we got talking to who was there was ill after having some cocktails with vodka in, so might be worth avoiding them. You can get things really cheap in town, but everyone will try and rip you off, especially at the markets, we made the mistake of going to a market before any of the fixed price shops in town, the men on the markets will be very pushy and make you think you're getting a good deal, when your not. Pretty much everthing we saw in the fixed price shops was much much cheaper than on the market stalls, and the shops are run by women who usually let you look around, whereas the men on the markets will harrass you so you dont get much chance to look. We tried to be polite to the men on the stalls but in the end you have to just be rude, say no and keep walking past them or you get stuck with them, and they try to put jewellery on you and things like that. Taxi's are the best way to get around and are really cheap, but make sure you have a few dinar coins, because the drivers usually say they dont have any change if you give them a note. We went to the crocodile farm which was pretty good and probably worth a visit to go at feeding time, which I think is 4 o clock on fridays and sundays. We also did Quod biking which we paid 90 dinars each for and it was amazing, driving across sand dunes and salt lakes to a beach that was like paradise! Its mainly Germans and French people staying in the hotels. We made the mistake of taking an international travel adapter, but in our hotel we needed a european one, so might be the same in your hotel. When you get there, people will want tips for carrying your bags to your room, or putting your bags on the coach, any small coin will do, even a 10p English coin they dont care what it is. Its best to change your money up at your hotel, at gatwick they were offering an exchange rate of 2.2 Dinar but at our hotel it was 2.49 Dinar so you get alot more for your money. Sorry for the essay! I cant think of anything else really, is there anything else you want to know? Im sure you'll have a lovely time! I wish I was going back. Drop us a message when you get back it will be good to know what you think of the place

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7. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

Just a couple of questions.

Did you haggle the prices that people were selling at in markets etc, normally you should get the price down to roundabout a third of what they ask , they will take it!!!

How did you see exchange rate for Tunisian Dinar at Gatwick? You can't get the Tunisian Dinar in this country, only in Tunisia.

There are other Dinar currency's in other countries.

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8. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

There's Dinar in Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait I believe.

Split, Croatia
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9. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

i want go tunisia agoust and rental home in djebra,,,,,pleas help me how i do thats ,,,,,i want stay much days and hotell is much expensive,,,,,,thank you for helping

Gillingham, United...
posts: 38
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10. Re: First time in Djerba 8th June 13

Hello Julie, yes we did haggle a lot, but on one occassion they asked for 80 dinar and we thought we were getting a good deal by knocking them down to 28 dinar, whereas in shops exactly the same item was 20 dinar. And yes we thought the same but Gatwick do offer it but when we went to change it up they said its very rare that they have it and didnt have any at that time, luckily for us because the exchange rate was better at our hotel

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