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Is Patong safe for females?

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Is Patong safe for females?

I'm going to Patong for 5 days this weekend, alone as a 28yo female. My family is scaring me because they are so worried about me traveling alone. Is it that dangerous there? They keep saying how it is a 3rd world country and I could be raped or drugged or murdered! I don't believe this happens that often. I've traveled alone in Europe plenty. I don't know why everyone is freaking out about me being alone in SE Asia all of a sudden. Your safety tips please...

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11. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

hi folks ,when i first joined ta when i was 53 , im 60 now ive seen things that disturbed me there

i, ve met many ladys of the street(ahh hem) that pointed many things out ,my latest is aim-- great big gal(rotund) built like a brick s-hithouse

false monks

false police

crazy farangs

mafia driving their 4 track at tourists

we avoided gangs of youths on bikes(soi nanai)

not to say phuket is bad i love the place

religios feel free to pray for my sole

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12. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

I agree with all of the above the thai people are the most frienderlist ive ever come cross

Gold Coast
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13. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

People that get legless are going to be in trouble in any country in the world.

Sydney, New South...
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14. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

Hi, I love Patong and have spent time there alone,I always felt safe just use your common sence and have fun.

Brisbane, Australia
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15. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

My older sister has travelled alone throughout Thailand before and had no problems. I went over New Years with a group of people, but there were times where I went for a walk or shopping by myself and it was fine.

You might get hassled a little by the shop people or tuk tuk guys, but if you just keep walking or put your hand up and say no they get the picture pretty quickly.

Like everyone has said, use your common sense and stay vigilant just as you would travelling anywhere else. You will be fine and have a great time!!

Brisbane, Australia
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16. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

hey i also feel safer in thailand then australia. first visit we got to hotel at 2 am and hubby wanted a beer before bed i said i would get (no minibar here) so headed down to reception but couldn't find anyone so i had seen a 7/11 around the corner so walked out of hotel and to shop 3/4 of the way there thought oh my god what have i done but went to the shop as it was closer then hotel. had a few tuk tuk ask me if i wanted taxi etc but all ok now i have got to know the place i really feel safe. friend come alone with her young daughter and stayed in Karmel and they had a great time just don't put yourself in danger as you wouldn't at home don't on holiday either

Madison, WI
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17. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

I have been to Patong twice before and am going again in April. I am male, but I have never felt unsafe. You will see men, women and families milling about at 2-3 AM. Hope you have fun.

BTW I am responding to your post from the 5th of St Mary's Hospital in Rochester.

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18. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

rose tinted replys imo

Brisbane, Australia
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19. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

I just saw this post & have gone to Thailand with friends 3 times - am about the same age as you & never felt uncomfortable or threatened. A couple nights I walked home on my own because it only took about 7 min from Bangla rd so I recommend a central hotel / resort to Bangla Rd if you intend on going out for added safety.

The great thing is that so many massage parlours, bars & restaurants are open late so the walk home is always well lit with people around & if you'd prefer a tuk tuk even safer. As mentioned above about alleys & drinks use common sense & don't let tourists buy you drinks unless you take the drink from the bar yourself. Also don't have drinks with ice in unless its the type of ice with the hole in the middle :)

NOTE: One of the guys in the group went out a couple different nights when he couldn't sleep & men on scooters tried to take his satchel twice speeding past but never got it. Best advice even though this generally wouldn't happen to a female don't bother with the small amount of cash you might carry just give it. Always be smart not stupid because its not worth it. I always felt safe myself & used my most valuable resource when alone: my intuition.

Jakarta, Indonesia
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20. Re: Is Patong safe for females?

Really safe! Even the people is alwaysteasing my baby. Hahaha