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Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

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Melbourne, Australia
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Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

Hi everyone,

My partner and I are doing a 3 day trek of mt rinjani and are going to Gili T once that finishes. I have made some enquiries with the hotel we are staying at for a transfer and they quoted:

Speedboat pick up from Tulek Nara Harbour: The price for 2 people is Rp600,000 ONE WAY (inc. night time excess, I can refund Rp50,000 if you get here before 7pm).

The also gave me a quote for the transfer from Gili T to the Lombok airport:

The price for 2 people is Rp1,000,000 ONE WAY (exc. night time excess) for speedboat and private AC car to airport.

I've been reading some posts over the last few months and this seems a little excessive to me but I don't want the hassle of going to the public harbour especially as we will be pretty tired from our trek.

Can anyone shed some light on if this cost is acceptable or a rip off?


Lombok, Indonesia
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1. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

Sorry about the delayed reply, I did not notice your enquiry earlier.

Perhaps have a look at this provider as it can offer a bit of a benchmark... http://dreamdivers.com/en/transport/

Having the destination hotel organise and coordinate a guests arrival and departure should offer some advantages.

The price quoted does seem a little high, however they are no doubt charging a premium for the 'convenience' factor of organising it through them.

Not knowing who the provider is then it is hard to quantify that advantage, and the actual event will be the only true clarification of that in any case.

You do have some alternatives.

Contact your Rinjani trek provider and speak to them about organising transfers. They should be able to provide you with a transfer to Bangsal and the driver should take you through to the beach and secure your tickets and see you onto a boat. You do need to be there no later than around 16:00-16:30 or it can get a bit tense with meeting the last scheduled boat service.

Ticket price to Gili Trawangan is Rp10,000 per PAX.

If you arrive too late and need to use the 'Shuttle boat' service then the cost is higher, Bangsal to Gili Trawangan departs at 5PM and the official price is Rp28,000.

A ticket will be issued for either service and the prices are shown on those tickets.

Those boats are slower on the water and often full of a muddle of various goods and other passengers, but you might also get there a little dryer and with a handful of spending money left in your hand to make up for it.

The Dreamdivers service for a Speedboat transfer between Teluk Nare and Gili Trawangan is Rp180,000 per person (2PAX travelling), though you will need to clarify timings with them. I am suspecting your hotel may be concerned about a late arrival at Teluk Nare/Teluk Kodek.

It is difficult to conclude from your enquiry if the quoted cost of Rp600,000 is for the Speedboat transfer for 2 PAX or if it is for the full transfer from Senaru by road, and then a Speedboat across to Gili Trawangan.

If it is for the full transfer from Senaru to Gili Trawangan, including a Speedboat from Tulek Nara then it seems OK and is well within expectations.

Those speedboat transfers are normally a bit pricey.

The price provided by the Dreamdivers service for a trip from the airport by road, and then a speedboat transfer from Teluk Nare is Rp 400,000 per person (2PAX travelling).

You could also consider contacting one of better the tour guides, or one of the travel services based in Senggigi to arrange an airport transfer to the Gili islands.

Try to avoid night time transfers. Though the waters are fairly quiet and the journey is not either long nor navigationally complex the local conditions are not really very good for travel on the water at night.

Assuming good weather there are still issues such as local traditional fishing boats either making way or drifting without lights, floating or semi-submerged objects and lack of monitoring and rescue/emergency response services if something goes wrong on the way across.

Consider overnighting on the mainland and doing the crossing in the morning if you can.

When is this trek?

Have you looked at this link... tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g297732-i9236-k573… available in the top right hand corner of this page in the Top questions about LOMBOK section?

Also I am wondering why you would be considering a night time transfer from Gili Trawangan to the airport. Where are you flying to at night?

If thinking of going to Jakarta or Surabaya on an evening flight then perhaps leave it until the following morning.

If it is Bali you are flying to there are no flights at night, the last service of the day to Bali is provided by Garuda.

GA0437 departs LOP 18:55, arrives DPS 19:40.

To catch that flight you really should be leaving the island by no later than 16:00 and it is certainly still daytime then.

I hope this helps.

Edited: 1:36 pm, November 06, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
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2. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

Hi j_hurcules,

I was hoping you would reply with your excellent advice, I have been reading many many many of your posts and replies!

I have enquired about transfers with the tour company too, just waiting to hear back from them. We are flying back to Bali on the last flight so leaving by 4 is great advice thanks!

I will have a good read of all your info and make some arrangements, thank you very much!!! Now im just hoping it doesn't rain the entire time we are trekking!!

Thanks again :)

Perth, Australia
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3. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

@ray_chie07, are you trekking in the wet season? Who is your trekking company?

I have used the Dream Diver service before. I arranged everything by email beforehand, and it was a pretty smooth experience. Their prices are well below what you have been quoted, e.g. 180,000 each (360K total) one way for two persons from Teluk Kodek, but I'm not sure how late they will go - as in perhaps not after dark as this is considered dangerous by many due to many craft in the area not using lights, and reef not marked by navigation beacons etc.

Melbourne, Australia
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4. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

Hi sudiah,

We are going with Rinjani masters- johns adventure tours : www.rinjanimasters.com but haven't paid anything to book yet so am happy to take advice if you think there is a better company to go with? We plan to land in lombok on the last flight on the 2nd jan and start the trek 3-5th January. I'm aware it's wet season but they are running the tour anyway so I'm hoping it won't be too bad??

Any advice will help! Thanks :)

Lombok, Indonesia
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5. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

Hi Ray, Johns Adventures is a reputable and a long established business.

He does airport pickups and transfers to Gili departure points.

He has his own vehicles (dual cab pickups).

January is mid-wet season and the route may (potentially) be closed at that time of year.

It is important to keep in touch with John as he will familiar with the trek route conditions as they evolve during the season.

Currently the route remains unaffected by the arrival of the raining season and much of the island is still very dry. That will of course change as the season becomes established.

John is one of the islands more responsible tourism sector operators and is quite focussed on the development and sustainability of the Rinjani destination.

He is also based at Senaru.

You should be in good hands with him.

Lombok, Indonesia
posts: 8,291
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6. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

John's Adventures may be found at http://www.lombok-rinjanitrek.com/ or http://www.rinjanimaster.com/

Senaru village, Bayan, Lombok Utara.

Voice or SMS :+62 8175788018

Email : master.jm45@gmail.com info@rinjanimaster.com

Please do make sure you are not using any other contacts for him.

Other established providers for Mount Rinjani treks can be found listed here... tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g297732-i9236-k573…

Melbourne, Australia
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7. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

Hi J_Hurcules,

Im happy to hear John's company is reputable, i reserached it a lot to find what looks like a good company!! i checked my contacts for him and they are correct.

I will keep in contact with him closer to the dates incase we cant go, are there any other day tours for hiking we might be able to do if we cant do the whole trek?

trip advisor has been my saviour for this trip! i absolutely cant wait for it!!! :)

Perth, Australia
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8. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

The problem with treking the upper slopes of Rinjani in the wet is exposure (you can get very cold at that altitude when wet) and slippery/dangerous ground. There are other potential treks you an do if Rinjani closes. I would correspond with John on alternatives that he may be able to offer. There are some good walks you can do around the Senaru area itself, as well as the back of Pusuk.

Perth, Australia
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for Lombok
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9. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

Also, the other down side of treking Rinjani in the wet season is whether you will actually be able to see much due to the cloud cover. It really is not ideal.

Lombok, Indonesia
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10. Re: Cost of transfers to Gili T from Tulek Nara Harbour

Yes, a long climb to just look at the inside of a cloud could be a bit disappointing.

That time of year the weather can be quite variable from one day to the next.

Do be aware of Sudiah's cautions on exposure.

Appropriate clothing is even more important in the core wet season months.

At normal altitudes the rains or moisture of the wet season is a 'warm' wet event.

Once you are up around the top of the world's 39th highest mountain (by prominence) then that can give rise to entirely different outcomes.

If it gets windy as well as wet then trouble can set in with a chill factor being introduced. If you are wet things could become uncomfortable.

Unfortunately your TA profile does not say much about you, if you are from somewhere like one of the colder European, Scandinavian or North American countries you no doubt already have some good lightweight but suitable clothing to deal with both ambient cold temperatures, and chill factor issues from wind.

For a January ascent consider bringing your own key clothing if it is not too heavy and bulky to travel with. It you are coming from the northern hemisphere that time of year then you will no doubt need something decent to deal with the cold on the way to the airport anyway.

Anything made available to you on the island is not likely to be of a quality comparable to something you might already have yourself if you live in a cold climate country and familiar with winter hiking or other outdoor activities.

Anyone going up that mountain should at a minimum go to a camping store near their home and equip themselves with one or two of those cheap single use aluminum foil survival blankets and put at least one deep into one of your jacket or pants pockets before you set out. A small roll of adhesive backed fabric (gaffer) tape would be a good idea as well.

Make sure you equip yourself with a durable LED flashlight, it should be waterproof (or at least water resistant) and have a high/low output setting. A model with an optional signaling strobe function is also a good idea as it can be used to show your position in an emergency, yet it will only drain your battery fractionally when compared to a constant illumination.

Some people prefer the versions that may be worn on their head leaving both hands free. If not then make sure it has a wrist strap so you don't drop it and lose it down a steep inaccessible slope.

Edited: 6:59 am, November 07, 2012