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Montigo resorts in Batam????

Singapore, Singapore
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Montigo resorts in Batam????

Hi all,

I will be going to Montigo Resorts with my BF family. There will be a totally of 7 of us .

I am supposed to plan the activities for the 3 days 2 nights stay in batam .

Can I know is Nogoya Hill near to Montigo resorts ?

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Batam, Indonesia
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1. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

Nagoya Hill is about 30 - 40 kms away and will take up about 1 hour of your journey to the city on rough traffic and will eat up about Rp250.000 - Rp300.000 ( $33 - $39 ) for two ways .

As for Montigo Resort , Yihanz , one of the TripAdvisor members here , has been to the resort himself and i'm sure he has all the experience to share for you about the sort of activity you can do .

do wait for his reply .

Singapore, Singapore
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2. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

Yes Nagoya is located at Nongsa, and if you are staying there, do plan your ferry from tanah merah ferry terminal to Nongsapura ferry terminal, instead of going from Harbourfront terminal to Batam center / harbourbay / sekupang ferry terminal. Montigo also do provide private ferry transfers, but it do cost you much. Below are some references:

Nongsapura > Montigo : 5-7minutes taxi ride

Batam Center Ferry Terminal > Montigo : 35-45minutes taxi ride

Harbourbay Ferry Terminal > Montigo : 50-60minutes taxi ride

Sekupang Ferry Terminal > Montigo : >75minutes taxi ride

Waterfront Ferry Terminal > Montigo : you are too far. hahahah >1.5hours i guess

The activities you can do over there is still limited if im not wrong, as they are trying their best to build up the area. Each of their villas has free WIFI, and WII consoles that you can play if you are bored in the villa. if you are staying at the hilltop or hillside, they comes with the plunge pool, which is facing the sea. And yes, if you are at the correct angel, you can see Singapore from your villa. Look out for MBS!

If you are into seafood, you may want to take a trip to Sri Rezeki seafood restaurant as recommended by alot alot of people include Chandrana and Richard. It's at batu besar. Behind Montigo is the Batam View Beach Resort. There is another seafood restaurant down the hill, named Kelong seafood. but the price over there is the same as Singapore.

If im not wrong, Montigo provides transport to either Nagoya Hill Mall or MegaMall at batam center with a minimum fee. Do check it out with them once you are there to book your seats as the seats are limited.

If Montigo's sea sports activities are ready, you can expect to play Para sailing, jet skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving, as stated these are ready by this year. Please update us if there is any activities available ok? (:

Please do not hesistate or be afraid to ask us anything pertaining to your trip. We are always ready to answer your queries to our best knowledge.

Last but not least, be amazed by the scenery Montigo provides. If you booked Montigo directly thru them, call and request for free land transfer from Nongsapura ferry terminal.


Richard, I've never stayed at Montigo before. hahahahaha

Singapore, Singapore
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3. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????


I am very impressed you know so much about Montigo even tho u have yet to stay there ; ) BRAVO!!!

Let me dream of Montigo .... haahhahah


Singapore, Singapore
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4. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

Hi all ,

Thanks for the advices. Will definitely update you guys on the sport activities available now in Montigo :)

Yihanz , thanks a lot. Is Batam View Beach Resort very near to Montigo ? Walking distance ? I have other family members who doesn't want to join us as Montigo is quite expensive . If Batam View beach resort is very near I am thinking of asking them to stay in batam view resort and walk over to Montigo to meet up every morning.

Sri Rezeki is nearer to Montigo or Nogoya Hill ?

Is it advisable to rent a mini van for 7 of us ? We are planning to visit Nogoya hill , Sri Rezeki and ( some places of interests which I need to read through the forum and plan haha )

I have some requests from the folks that they want to have bbq food . Is there any good bbq food restaurants ?

Singapore, Singapore
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5. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

Hi experts ,

Do you all have any contact of good driver to recommend please PM me ? Will really appreciate . As Montigo only provide transport to Nogoya at 11am and pick up at 4pm which I think is too short of a time for us and we also plan to have seafood at Sri Rezeki to take two cabs will be too troublesome as we are all first timer to batam and out of the 7 of us 4 of them are above the age of 65.

Any places of interest to recommend ?

Batam, Indonesia
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6. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

Batam View is only about 10 minutes walk away from Montigo and definitely cheaper .

Sri Rezeki is nearer to Montigo . 10 minutes drive away .

in your case , it is advisable to get yourself a driver . i will pm you (in TripAdvisor) the EXACT price for one day so if anyone in here pms you their scammed "service" and the price you get is higher than that , do not take it and look for drivers else where .

the forum has already provided a lot of place of interests and there is no more than that that i can think of .

Batam, Indonesia
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7. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

and yihanz , well i guess seeing you know a lot about Montigo itself eventually manifests thoughts in my mind that you've stayed there before .

haha , wow you should work for Montigo man . haha

Singapore, Singapore
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8. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

Sorry guys, just back from Malaysia. sorry for late replies.

Guess our dear Richard has answered it all. LOL.

Singapore, Singapore
posts: 331
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9. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

Oh by the way, speaking of bbq. im not sure whether you can do bbq on the rooftop of your villa, since it's an open rooftop. you might want to ask them beforehand. (:

Batam, Indonesia
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10. Re: Montigo resorts in Batam????

back from Johor ? o.0 haven't been to malaysia in a long time .

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