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Many thanks to the recommendations

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Many thanks to the recommendations

Many thanks to Chandrana, Yihanz, Marc and Richard for their help in the forum.

Well it would be rude that I seek for help from you all but not leave any share about my trip to Batam. I only managed to write this as the moment I return from my trip I was filled with lots of assignment to do, no time la.

Here it is.

I came to know about Batam through my friends who had visited there last month during the holidays and what caught my interest was their constant rumor about cheap massage. I had visited Batam before but that was a short one day trip with my mother so I didn’t really pay much attention to anything.

I arrived at Batam on Saturday morning with a group of 3, we decided to drag a guy friend along as it was advice that we should have one male friend for our protection. We stayed at Harris Hotel and so far the hotel was so-so la, most of their furniture come from Ikea. Their room was slightly small but I still enjoyed my room view.

On the first day we decided to take a cab as advised since we weren’t really keen on exploring Batam on the first day. So far we’ve been to three malls, one opposite our hotel, BCS Mall and Nagoya Hill and surprisingly there is no difference from each mall. Altho there is lots to buy at Nagoya Hill. We tried Ayam Penyet Ria and some bakso. I have tried ayam penyet in Singapore but the one they have at Batam is certainly better.

After our tour around the malls in Batam, we’ve only managed to buy quite a lot of snacks and stuffs for us to bring back.

We decided to skip seafood dinner for the next day. So after our wild shopping, which was apparently very cheap we went straight back to our hotel.

We are curious young adults so during the night we decided to have a little stroll down the park that I could see from my bedroom window. It was nearly midnight and I have to say it was one of a kind walk we had, nearby the park there was a street race and the road was filled with about a thousand of youngsters racing their bikes. Our guy friend is a class 2b/2 motorcycle license holder and owns a Hayabusa but by watching these youngster which I believe is as young as 15 riding their bike, they were really skilled and had daring guts. He felt inferior.

Jokes aside, our walk was no regret. I mean seriously you don’t get to see this kind in Singapore, or even Malaysia.

The next day we decided to book a driver recommended by one of the two Destination Experts in here, Richard. We decided to visit the camp of Vietnam recommend by one of the hotel staff. It was a very long journey but overall we took lots of beautiful pictures and had a good chat in the car.

Batam has lots of wonderful scenery. The first bridge was really nice, but the rest of the bridge doesn’t seem pleasant. Rather dull and ordinary looking.

When we reached the camp sight, there was really nothing much to see. What’s left are a number of building which are being taken down. They should preserve these building. It was really disappointing, should have listened to the driver but then the driver was a really nice guy and recommended us to see the beach nearby and that really got our moods back up again. The beach was so sandy and white and the water was crystal clear. Too bad we didn’t bring with us swimming gears or else we would have taken a swim. Nevertheless what we hear from other forums that the beach in Batam isn’t clean, this beach was definitely on a class of its own, it’s drawback is you must travel very far for it and there isn’t much facility there as well. Just fishermans nearby.

So we decided to explore nongsa and check out the resorts there, the journey took us almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. I must say that the road conditions in Batam is not as smooth and the traffic is very rough. I really appreciate the drivers patience and understanding. We checked Batam View Beach Resort and Turi Beach Resort and by far according to my view that Turi Beach Resort is my next stay when I visit Batam again.

As for seafood, I read around here in the forum that Wey Wey is a must try seafood. Again from nongsa it is another almost 1 hour ride and because of that we decided to invite the driver for dinner as a token of appreciation. We had to force the driver to eat with us, he was really cute when he kept saying “paiseh lahh” but then we managed to get him to eat with us.

The food at Wey Wey were very cheap if you compare them to Singapore. Overall I enjoyed every dish we ordered. I will have to give this seafood restaurant a thumbs up and a must visit place whenever you are at Batam.

After our fill we decide to call it a day. Many many thanks to the driver on the information's he gave us and his patience in driving. Seriously being a passenger going around Batam gave me quite a few scares as other road users at Batam will just swerve into your lane out of no where. It’s quite incredible how the driver can keep cool in these situation without crashing into any of them or without causing quite a lot of drama when swerving to avoid them. As for me, or even other Singaporean drivers we would certainly have crashed.

The next morning, it was all rush but luckily we did our shopping on the first day. We didn’t go for any massage as we’ll make that our next visit when we come to Batam. We managed to bring 3 box of instant noodles without any questions btw as maybe the officers are used to tourist bringing box of instant noodles back to Singapore? I guess so.

Overall many thanks to Chandrana for the information needed and Richard for the driver recommendation.

I was quite pleased with my trip or maybe before coming to Batam I was always expecting for the worse.

Thanks guys, looking forward to my next visit.

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Singapore, Singapore
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1. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

Wow really touched by your compliment Josephine! It was my pleasure to have assisted to your question in prior to your arrival at batam. haha..

Yeah u went to Nongsa to check out the Batam View Beach Resort and Turi Beach Resort, but you missed out the great Montigo Resorts just before the entrance of Batam View Beach Resort. The scenery there is great and you can see singapore's skyline if the weather permits. Nevertheless, you can check out their website if you are interested (: But of course, the pricing are high. haha.

Waaa you went all the way from Nongsa to Harbourbay just to eat weywey.. You should head to Rezeki instead. hahaha.. It's at nongsa there already. but of course, there is always a chance when you come back next time ^^

Thanks so much for your trip review. i bet we really do appreciate you for that (:

Singapore, Singapore
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2. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

Hey Josephine,

I didnt help much haha but really glad you enjoyed your trip. In the end that's what matters on a holiday eh? And it seems the assignments didn't wipe the memory of your trip :-)

I'm glad to know you got the noodles... I must remember to get some on my next trip too haha....

Thanks so much for taking the time to share!!!

Batam, Indonesia
Destination Expert
for Batam
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3. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations


Wow, I wonder how much longer you would have typed if you didn't have assignments to finish! hahaha... well, just from your trip report, I am sure no assignment can bring you down! hahahaa...

I am very surprised you got to see the races. HAhaha... those kids are crazy. With those standard motors, they can do some crazy-die-if-you-fall kinda tricks. Well, not trying to show off, but back 15 years ago, i did the same tricks and raced a few laps myself. And then I totally stopped after one of my friends died in a race =(

Anyway, you don't need to drag a guy friend. Next time you come, just give me a buzz. I am more than happy to meet up people like you who have the heart of giving back! The only thing I can guarantee is damn good local food that you won't even see in Singapore! hahaha....

PS: the beach is nice and water is clear... but seriously, you are not missing out even if you didn't swim there.

So cheerrssss and hope to see you in Batam again!

Batam, Indonesia
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4. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

hahaha , i was just there yesterday .

and yeah they are crazy . i mean not just on that very lane that they are doing the races but some of them travel around batam from one spot to another . in batam , that spot is not only where the night race comes to life (there are 5 other places in batam) . i was with some of them (my siblings friends) a few saturday nights and last night they showed their true colour on how they zig zag their way through traffic elsewhere in batam . imagine 12 motorbikes (excluding me , i'm a safe rider) speeding through town from one spot to another (they're just being bored checking out other places) .

night race aside , Batam View Beach Resort has seen fallen ever since my father resigned from it . not to be arrogant but when my father was incharge of that resort , it became one of the best resort in Batam . that resort even promoted Batam throughout Indonesia using the boxing sport .

still , so far Turi Beach Resort is good . i've never been in Montigo Resort itself but i've read about it in local news here . probably one of the most expensive resort in Batam ?

Singapore, Singapore
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5. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

Yea Montigo Resort is 1 of the expensive resorts in Batam. But it has 2 rooms, so the costs is shared. so probably a little bit more expensive than getting a 2 room in a hotel (: unless you are gonna occupy 1 room only without another others, then that will burn your pocket (:

Batam, Indonesia
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6. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

yeah , you stayed there before ?

Lombok, Indonesia
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7. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

Hi Josephine, That is a fantastic account of your trip to Batam.

It makes me feel like heading off to the airport right now.

It is also very pleasing to see you heaping such apparently heartfelt praise upon the enthusiastic Batam forum contributors who have assisted you with your prior planing and investigations of the destination.

This Batam forum is lucky in that it has a couple of very committed 'TA Destination Experts'.

They put a lot of effort into sharing their knowledge, enthusiasm and time to provide good information, some good entertaining anecdotes, and a level of sincere assistance to the many people who are interested in Batam.

They both breath life into the Forum and it is always interesting to visit.

Chandrana and Richard who are both a real pair of characters and a genuine asset to the island of Batam.

Batam, Indonesia
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8. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

thanks hurcules , the same goes for you and Lombok ;) when the time's right i might visit there after reviewing about the place from you one day .

Batam, Indonesia
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9. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

hahahah hurcules, you are too kind! and i love you too! cheeerrrssss

Batam, Indonesia
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10. Re: Many thanks to the recommendations

he's being kind so he can get a ride on your mini cooper .

haha peaceee V

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