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Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Berlin, Germany
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Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Hello !

I am a Polish citizen and therefore not eligible for visa-free

entry to Indonesia.

Since I am only going for one night with my female companion

from Solo, Java, I would like to know the following:

Could anyone please tell me whether it is true that you can

still purchase a 7-day visa-on-arrival on Batam for 10 dollars

that is only valid for the archipelago ?

I would most honestly prefer spending 10 instead of 25 dollars :)

Marcin from Berlin, Germany

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Batam, Indonesia
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1. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Yes , US$10 for a week and US$25 for a month .

if you're staying for less than a week , you still have to pay a full US$10 .

Berlin, Germany
posts: 75
2. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Oh really ? Great, so I will save 15 Dollars. That would be awesome !

Is the visa a full-page sticker like in some parts of Indonesia or

a small sticker like when you buy a visa on Bali ?

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Lombok, Indonesia
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3. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Sorry cannot give you a precise answer on that myself as I have not seen it with my own eyes in a recent context.

However that provision for a 7 day VoA issuance was re-instated for Batam.

There was a stipulation that it was to be used only for an entry and through a Riau Islands port or airport. You cannot exit through any other immigration gateway if you have been issued with that 7 day VoA.

Most certanialy both the 7 day and the 30 day VoA are still on the statutes.

The 7 day VoA was withdrawn due to misappropriation of the payments by staff of the Imiggration service who were writng up 30 day issuances as being for only 10 days and pocketing the U$15 difference in fees.

If it is still being issued then don't overlook that you must leave the country again through a Riau Islands port.


The general requirements for visa on arrival are:

The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 (six) months from the date of entry. The applicant must be able to show a round-trip airplane ticket or ticketing to an onward destination to which they are eligible to enter..


- Up to 7 (seven) days: US$ 10

- Up to 30 (thirty) days: US$ 25.


1. Presidential Decree No. 103, 2003

2. Regulation of Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. M. HH-01.GR-01.06 year dated 12 January 2010

Hopefully someone with some up to date information on Batam crossing points will fill in the blanks for you in terms of current issuance policy.

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Lombok, Indonesia
posts: 8,293
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4. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Sorry RichardBurnz and Confederate, your two Posts were not showing when I loaded the page up and replied.

Good to see that RichardBurnz could provide some clear confirmation.

Batam, Indonesia
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5. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Yes it's a full page sticker . do note that if you pay a weeks stay at Batam but leave Batam in just 2 days , upon entering again you still have to pay again as your extra unused 5 days isn't valid anymore .

Thanks j_hurcules =D

Berlin, Germany
posts: 75
6. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Thank you so much for the info, Richard Brunz !

I am just going there with my female friend from Solo for one night

as I would like to go to Indonesia for one night. Most of the time

I am in Europe so being able to spend at least one night would be nice.

I wonder why some visa-on-arrival places issue full-page stickers

while in Bali you get like a small sticker that occupies like 1/4 of a page.

What a shame.

Batam, Indonesia
posts: 473
7. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Well for a night at Batam the best you could do is enjoy the foods and prices of stuffs here . You can ask your female companion as she probably knows which food is delicious .

enjoy .

Berlin, Germany
posts: 75
8. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

Yeah we basically just want to get to Novotel, spend a night there

and go to Nagoya Shopping Mall and eat something there. I would

like to find a nice Indonesian restaurant somewhere on Batam.

perth australia
posts: 212
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9. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

If we are visiting Bali on the 7th April, then Batam on the 16th for 2 nights can I use the same Visa ?

Semarang, Indonesia
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10. Re: Visa-on-arrival on Batam

VOA is single-entry type, meaning that you will have to reapply should you go out and re-enter Indonesia within that time period. If you're flying domestically from Bali to Batam, then you do not have to reapply your visa.

However, do note that you will have to pay the domestic airport departure tax when you depart from DPS, with the exception of Garuda domestic flights :)

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