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Warrington, England
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Whilst i'm awake and on line, could any of you put my, sorry our minds at rest with a few answers.

1 What are the flights like, i'm not the best flyer and the longest i've ever been on a plane is 4 hours, packed in like the proverbials.

Is it a direct flight?

2 What jabs, pills and potions do you have to take, we've been told lots of conflicting things.

3 This may sound a bit daft, are credit/debit cards accepted everywhere, or do you have to take currency and change it there, because i believe the rupee is a closed currency.

4 Do we have to get visa's.

Sorry to go on but you lot seem to be the fonts of all knowledge as far as Goa is concerned, and i'm, sorry did it again, WE are gettig a bit fed up with travel agent speak.

Cheers, Mike.

liverpool home of...
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11. Re: Questions????

just got back friday great flight a330 airbus again im not built like kate moss but found the journey a bit uncomfortable but bearable with a few scotches and when you get to goa its all been a distant memory and youll be planning the next visit

Bath, United Kingdom
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12. Re: Questions????

Hi why not upgrade to extra leg room seats if you dont want to pay for Premium cabin? My husband is nearly 6ft and he cannot cope with standard cabin for long flights. We always take currency and change it there, plus some UK£ travellers cheques, not dollar ones. Use the hotel reception to change money, dont try to change it at a bank - last time we did that it took 2 hours and 3 different queues to get a few thousand rupees! You need rupees to pay for meals in shacks and taxis and tips so don't rely on credit/debit cards like you do in Europe. Where are you staying? North or South? We keep our vaccinations up to date so we are ready to go most places at anytime but your doctors surgery will advise what you need for where. One suprising thing I was told by the surgery nurse was that if we stayed in Goa for 4 weeks or more we needed vaccinations against Japanese encephalitis but if we stayed for less than 4 weeks we didn't! Cannot work out why we should get bitten in the 4th week of our stay not the 3rd????? Anybody else heard about that? There is malaria in Goa so do take the anti malaria pills, again the doctors surgery will tell you what you need to get from the chemist. We spray ourselves with plenty of mosquito repellent and haven't been bitten yet but there is always a first time so we don't risk it.

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