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Visa Application Issues

West Thurrock...
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Visa Application Issues

Has anybody ever had any problems with their visa once submitted or not been able to get a visa for any reason? Is there much chance of my visa not going through?

Destination Expert
for Goa
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11. Re: Visa Application Issues

Marie B yes i think a lot of people find it stressful, i have problems every year but Meerkat and Igirl and a few other always come to the rescue, if you love Goa after your visit, why not next time get an agent to do it for you, that might take the stress out of the whole Visa application,Have a lovely holiday.:-)) Gel

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Bracknell, United...
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12. Re: Visa Application Issues

Thanks to this forum and the guide I managed it ok so thanks to everyone on this forum.

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13. Re: Visa Application Issues

Went to Manchester last Friday, nothing wrong with my application but they said my wife's photo wasn't acceptable. I put in a written note to the high commission saying I disagreed.Anyway my wife got her passport and visa back today and I'm still waiting. Hope I get mine by Tuesday. Will go in person next time to Birmingham.

hyde cheshire
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14. Re: Visa Application Issues

I got my visa back within 6 days, fastest ever

Ripon, North...
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15. Re: Visa Application Issues

Hi there, I sent mine off last Weds and today have received an email to say a decision had been made on my visa and my passports were on their way back. Only thing is this is n the first time I have ever received an email I think and it didn't actually say what the decision was??? lol Now I'm thinking am I ok to book flights or not? :-O

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16. Re: Visa Application Issues

Hi never had any problems with the visa application process. Even get a series of txt and e-mails saying they had received our application then they are being processed then today got one saying visas processed and dispatched all within 4 days.

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17. Re: Visa Application Issues

Did the e.mail say passports were on the way back..no mention of Visa.. i would contact them if i was you..why shouldnt you book flights? when you wanting to go?

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18. Re: Visa Application Issues

Visa in the passport always says passports being returned but always have visa in them

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19. Re: Visa Application Issues

Today I had an email and text at the same time saying a decision had been made and to go and collect it.

Anyway I did and there was parking and I only waited 10 minutes.

I was really happy. I took it in on the 29th of October (last Tuesday) and today the 4th was not long to wait.

However I have had 12 month visas for the last 8 years and therefore stayed the full 180 days. This time with all the changes went for a 6 month one and was naughty and already booked my tickets. The date on the visa was from the 30th, the day after I took it in. This does not give me 180 days. I fly out on Wednesday the 6th arriving on the 7th. I was well within my time as I have a ticket to leave Goa on the first of May. The visa runs out on the 29th of April. So you don't get a six month visa you get 5 months and 3 weeks.

Fortunately I have a free change so will have to do that just before my return. It will be picked up though when I hand them over I guess.

Bridlington, United...
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20. Re: Visa Application Issues

Ours said that and came back alright with visa's in.