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Harrahs Gold Card

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Harrahs Gold Card

It seems as if Harrahs is offering very little to anyone but Platinum or Diamond members. My husband and I have been playing at Harrahs for years,maybe 6 trips a year and were offered only occasional room comps during the summer-but we always got a steady stream of other offers for free buffets,the Match and Win games,drawings-a lot of things to encourage us to visit over the summer. And all of the rest of the year,we got comp room offers every month. Now I'm wondering if we should just take our business somewhere else because we are hearing nothing from Harrahs beyond free parking passes. I always though Harrahs had the most fantastic targeted marketing in the business,there was always some kind of promotion or offer and since the merger with the other casinos,all that has stopped. Does anyone have any idea if this is just temporary?I am really surprised that they would just abandon such a large customer base as the Gold Total Rewards tier with no effort to keep our business,

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1. Re: Harrahs Gold Card

That's funny - I just got off the phone with a host from Caesar's who informed me that, despite being a diamond-level and long-time loyal customer, I "do not qualify" for a host! Yet I got a letter from a woman at Bally's, where I don't even gamble, introducing herself as my new host! I don't like the way the player's club is being handled since after the takeover. We lost almost $2K gambling at Caesar's and amassed only $41 in comp points?? It was great when it was Bally's, Caesar's and the Hilton, points were on a simple dollar-for-dollar basis, and they were all interchangeable!



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2. Re: Harrahs Gold Card

We are shying away from Harrahs properties.since the merger they do nothing for the little every week gambler.we are more Hilton ,Borgata fans now. Use to get a free room offer and other comps before the takeover,get nothing now. Our feeling is there are plenty other casinos would like our business.Love A/C ,but Harrahs is pushing the little people away!

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3. Re: Harrahs Gold Card

I agree with Luv B & Moneywho. Thankfully i have a host at Ballys otherwise i wouldn't get a thing. I was getting a 2 room offer everynight online and than it stopped in June saying " You do not have any offers at this time "

At Ballys Rooms, Food Comps & Cashback have all deteriorated since the merger. I am also going to start to play & start to build up Offers & Comps in other than Harrahs owned properties on my next trip.

Wait for the next few years when they start building and opening up new Hotel / Casinos in AC. It will kill alot of The Harrahs Properties Guaranteed. Harrahs will be begging & trying to lure their customers back with all kinds of incentives.

CHEERS !!!!!!!!

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4. Re: Harrahs Gold Card

As I said in an earlier post, there has been much talk on this and other boards about the changes in the Harrahs Total Rewards program since the purchase of the Caesars properties. I know that on many of the Vegas boards you will find people daily bemoaning the changes at Caesars now that they are part of the Total Rewards system. With all the added people now in the system, has the Diamond Card become the Gold card of the future???

We've been Diamond members for the past 3 years and have not found it the door opening level in AC that it seemed to be previously in Vegas. Obviously those who were Diamond members before may have more "grandfathered" perks than us never members. My wife's sister has had a Diamond card for a number of years and has also had a host who comps her rooms and food on a regular basis. We've inquired several times and have always been told that even though we were Diamond members we were not eligible for a host. Obviously not all Diamond cards are created equal.

Since the purchase of Caesars, we've also found that our room availability has lessened and although we could previously get rooms any night in AC, now we are in the Sunday thru Thursday mode as are most Gold members. The times are definitely changing and I guess this is a reflection of the added members in the Total Rewards System since the merger of the Caesars properties' club members.

A heads up for Diamond members who may be unhappy with Harrashs...you can take your Diamond card to the Borgota and they will issue you a Black Card. This arrangement is good for the first year only (after that you need to "earn it" at Borgota) but it is a way to get into their system at a higher level.

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5. Re: Harrahs Gold Card

Now I'm even more upset-I thought at least Diamond Card members were being treated well. What is the marketing strategy here?Diamond and Platinum members at least should be treated like royalty. If everyone feels they are getting less after the merger,who is going to be the steady customer that Harrahs has worked so hard to get and retain in the past?It makes no sense to me, I thought they were smarter than that. I guess we will start going to the Borgata and the Trump casinos,see which one works out for us.

Long Island
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6. Re: Harrahs Gold Card

We use to go to Trump Marina all the time because frankly the comps always always seemed better and the room offers always seemed to work out for us while the ones we got from Harrahs were always "sold out" by the time we called.

Then we started going to Vegas on a pretty consistent basis and between the Vegas Harrahs and the Rio, we built up points pretty well and first became Platinum and then Diamond, which we've been able to maintain for the past 3 years. Since that time, the bulk of our casino play has been at Harrahs properties and we haven't been to the Marina for probably 3 years.

We now have a house in Ocean City that we rent during the summer (need to pay that mortgage) and a couple of weeks ago we had to drive down on Saturday morning to drop something off and we figured that we'd spend the afternoon in AC. Since we hadn't been at Trump's Marina in a long time, we decided to head there.

Well, we are slot players (nickle, quarter and $1 variety) and although we'd heard they'd made some changes at the Marina, with the exception of some new carpet and re-placement of slot machines, we didn't find much different. Of course, since we hadn't been there in years, we had zero balance on our comp accounts, but we had some luck and played on various denominations for a good 6 hours actually spending a small amount of our own money.

The point of this story is that before we left, we stuck our cards in a comp machine and my wife had $50 in her account and I had $30. This would have never happened this fast at Harrahs.

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7. Re: Harrahs Gold Card

I noticed a couple strange things on the Toatal Rewards site .

First of all I checked the price of rooms for a couple dates in September . The prices with a Platnium card were the same as with no card at all !

Second , I went to check the rooms for a Saturday night ( the 22nd) . They said NO rooms available in AC . It didn't mention if a 2 night stay was required . Totally booked ? All 4 casino hotels ! Other casinos had rooms available .

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8. Re: Harrahs Gold Card

Allure, what dates did you check in Sept. It looks like they are not discounting rooms that far in the future. I can get three comp'ed consecutive weekdays until Sept. 15th. After that date it looks like I am getting no (or minimal) discount at Ballys and Caesars, and Harrahs and Showboat tell me "date is too far in the future". You might have better luck if you call.

I don't think it's strange that they would be booked on a Saturday night (about a week from now) during their busy season. They probably have rooms if you call them, but aren't offering online due to a limited number of rooms left.