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Revel Comp Stay - For $95

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Revel Comp Stay - For $95

So I got this postcard from Revel which says "Enjoy Two 1 Night Complimentary Stays in December, Sunday to Thursday". It also provides two separate codes, one for each stay.

I tried to reserve online and picked a Sunday for a one night stay. The system quoted me $95 for that night. I thought complimentary stays means free. $95 plus tax is not free. (I recognize that it is still a good price for a nice room)

If I had continued to reserve with my credit card, I don't think I can dispute the charge later if Revel refused to honor the promotion. Could Revel be trying to play a little game, and contingent my comp based on my play?

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1. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

Sounds to me more like their promotion is just broken or maybe there was a little "*" next to the word comp on their offer? I would tend to be irritated with it if its simply a caveat, I realize others (CET is awful at this sometimes) do it all the time but I personally find that unseemly.

Of course you are left with 2 options...go away disappointed and irritated or try to bring it up to someone there (and keep climbing the chain as needed) I can tell you I suspect things like this would be of great interest these days at Revel, I have personally seen Mr. Descantis on the gaming floor at 12:00 midnight just watching and talking to customers.

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2. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

why not just call about the comp rooms - talking to a person sometimes gets better results.

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3. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

It happens all the time with all the casinos. They set aside a certain number of comp rooms per night for people at a level of play. Then they send out promotions for comps rooms to people that meet that level of play. There are more people sent promotions than there are free rooms. Once the inventory that's been set aside as comp rooms are sold out, they being charging for rooms.

If you book at the $95 rate, you will indeed be charged $95.

If you're flexible with your dates, you can call them and ask if there are still complimentary rooms available any night during the promotion period.

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4. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Ambrva1 - This is one of the possibilities that I was wondering about - What if Revel has 10 comp rooms to give, but then send out 5,000 postcards to players at a certain level of play? This would certainly explains why I have been getting emails and postcards for various offers and have never been able to get any offer to actually work. If Revel (or any other casinos) think this is a very slick way to generate interest, I hope they soon realize it does not. It only generate irritation or even anger as people waste time in checking their calendars and appointment books to see whether they have free time to take up the offer, only to be disappointed time and time again.

jimk1000 - There was indeed an "*" next to the offer period, but not next to the word "complimentary". I looked all over the postcard a couple of times and there is no explanation of the "*" anywhere. I think there is some issues with the design of the promotion, or the reservation system, or how the postcard was written. What I also noticed, is that if I try to reserve that night without the promotion code, the system would quote the same room for $129. So the promotion code does bring down the rate a little, just not down to zero as it claims. To me, the postcard is an irritant that only push my feelings about Revel towards more negative. I may still go there, as I value the clean air a lot, but may not feel as warm towards that establishment. I like companies that are straight forward and honest, not those that always play a little game. Besides, there is very little incentive for me to go to a freezing resort in winter.

IamNancy - I would rather not call Revel. Based on postings I saw in this forum, it seems most of the time the reservation agents at Revel are not so customer friendly and do not have a way to know what promotions are out there and given to a particular card member. If I call and get a run around by those agents, it will only make me more irritated by the whole thing and end up not wanting to go there ever. Right now I may still go there when it is more convenient for me, not it is convenient for them. Comp room is nice, but it is only a small fraction of the costs of a trip.

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5. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

Sounds like the offer is sold out which is why it says $95 now. I would just look at another hotel because I'm sure you could get something for less than $95 at an equally, if not nicer property.

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6. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

I received the same postcard and tried to book online yesterday as directed and it indicated that the charge was $95. I decided to call Revel. The phone was answered within seconds and I spoke to a lovely person in customer service by the name of Ariel. I told her what had happened and asked if they were out of comped rooms already. She explained that when booking online, the $95 charge showing is what the comp room cost Revel and not to worry that the room would be comped. She also offered to book the room over the phone and I accepted her offer. Yesterday afternoon I received an e-mail confirming my booking and the e-mail states that the room is comped and that I will be charged $5.00 in fees.

If you still interested in the comped room book and is nervous that you would be charged, as I was, call Revel.

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7. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

>>I'm sure you could get something for less than $95 at an equally, if not nicer property.<<

perhaps the good readers of this forum would like to say which hotels they believe offer superior accommodations to the revel.

in addition, it would be lovely if the good readers of this forum could state which hotels they believe offer superior accommodations to the revel at a price point at or near ninety-five US dollars.

this may be a moot point, however, since plenty of comp rooms are available for qualified players at the revel, as emmas states. look, there is much to criticize the revel for, but availability of comp rooms is not high on the list. do they have an inexplicably clumsy website and booking engine for a supposedly tech-savvy company?


are they doing a bait and switch on a $95 fee for a comped room?

absolutely not.

>>The phone was answered within seconds...<<

this has been my experience in calling the revel lately, as well. i know phone hold times are of particular concern to many here, so i did take note when phoning resorts recently to reserve a promo (four and a half minutes until a human being answered), caesars (one minute twelve seconds) and borgata (42 seconds).

>>it seems most of the time the reservation agents at Revel are not so customer friendly and do not have a way to know what promotions are out there and given to a particular card member.<<

i have never found this to be the case, not a single time.

please understand that much of the negative criticism you see and hear about the revel falls into two categories:

• legitimate criticism about problems people have actually encountered, mostly during the hotel's start-up phase, almost all of which seems to have been fixed, rectified, rethought or otherwise improved.

• baseless criticism posted by others who wish to see the revel fail, for a variety of reasons. in some cases, these folks have never stayed at the revel. and in other cases, they continue to perpetuate half-truths and myths about the quality of the revel's service or overall experience. in many cases, they continue to make claims about the revel that may have once been true, but no longer are.

Edited: 9:55 pm, November 26, 2012
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8. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95


1. Expressing a compliment;praising or approving.

2. Given or supplied free of charge.

Since I never received the offer in question I can't verify the actual offer. However if the wording is what has been stated I can see how someone would feel a little put off by finding that there is a substantial charge for the room.

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9. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

OP here. It seems Revel has made corrections to its IT system since I posted about the issue last night.

Based on Emmas' post (#6 above) about her success in getting the comp room, I decided to give the online reservation system one more try. Surprise, the reservation system now correctly shows a rate of $0.00 for the comp room (plus about $21 for taxes which is to be expected and reasonable). Emmas, thanks for the tip.

Revel's quick correction makes me wonder whether there is a Revel rep lurking in this forum. If it does, it is a good thing as it means the Revel is paying attention to customer views. In any event, I think Revel should be commended for taking corrective actions promptly.

UKstages, I understand what you are saying about there are people who wish to see the Revel fail. It is sad, as I would think those people should realize that if Revel fails, it may hurt other businesses in AC as well, including Revel's direct competitors. Revel is the most recent large capital investment project in AC. If the investors and lenders get burned on this project, other investors and lenders may be more reluctant to back any new or renovation projects in AC.

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10. Re: Revel Comp Stay - For $95

>>I can see how someone would feel a little put off by finding that there is a substantial charge for the room.<<

i know i certainly would, if indeed there were a charge for the "complimentary" room, which there clearly is not.

what there is, as stated above, is a website booking problem, although it seems to have been fixed.

>>Revel's quick correction makes me wonder whether there is a Revel rep lurking in this forum.<<

there were a couple of revel representatives actually participating in the forum, prior to the revel's opening and briefly after it opened. but, sadly, they have disappeared. the revel showed early signs of "getting" the whole customer service through social media thang, but they have since dropped the ball.

the only known casino rep we have here on TA is from the borgata, but it's widely believed that most other casinos monitor online buzz from this and other forums... so the revel probably takes a look, too, either by having a staff member dedicated to the task or by hiring a company that summarizes online chatter.