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Comps In The mail After Your Visit

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Comps In The mail After Your Visit

How long does it take before you start getting offers and comps in the mail after your visit , i just received 2 postcards from caesars , but no comps or offers on them just a welcome .

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1. Re: Comps In The mail After Your Visit

All depends on your level of play. If you're a really good player you'll get offers all the time (that is you drop a lot of money at the casino in question on a regular basis - not necessarily lose, but play x amount of money). If you're a "typical" player (like me; you drop a couple hundred there occasionally), you will only get mild offers in down months... October, December, January. I don't get any offers in any months and I have a pretty good tier score at Harrah's (1,000 pts).

My dad is a platinum Harrah's member (4,000+ pts) and he gets free rooms, free food, free drinks, free money, bonus money, bonus points, etc, etc every week. You will usually get welcome letters but little else at first. If the casino thinks they can make money off of you, they will send more offers... when and what kind are determined by what you play. If you only play poker and blackjack, good luck. If you play slots and roulette, welcome to freebie land.

If you got a slot card at Harrah's when you went up you may get a free room... my sister signed up, only played $50, and got a free room offer in the mail yesterday (1 week since our vacation). Imagine how happy I was after racking up all the points I did.

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2. Re: Comps In The mail After Your Visit

should start getting them week after you been there.we are slot players(penny&nickel)and spread our business around,a hour at one place,two hours at another and get lots of comps.we go to the city once a week.got free rooms in aug. at trump marina,free rooms next month at harrahs,$5 from here,$10 from there,it all depends how much you play.borgata is nothing(cheap),ballys,hilton,harrahs,trump marina the best.

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3. Re: Comps In The mail After Your Visit

I've found I usually get them at the beginning of the month (for the following month). I think they generate their mailing lists sometime around the middle or end of the month for the following month's mailing.

When I went to Vegas last I went at the end of a month. The next month I got no new offers (from places I wasn't already getting them). The next month they started coming in.

Based on what you said about your play at Ballys I am sure you are going to get free room and other offers. You'll probably start getting them in September.

Cleveland, Ohio
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4. Re: Comps In The mail After Your Visit

Terminator.... Everyone on here is right.

Like Yeltzen said, some places are better than others, and some seem to go after new players -regardless of play, really-- to get you "committed" to them.

I'm sure you would agree with money that bally's is good to their guests, along with the other ones he mentioned. Money hit the nail on the head when he said that Borgata is strictly for the rich and the people who can afford to pay the high room rates, making Borgata cheap towards "moderate" gamblers.

Like ambrva said, you should get something the first week of the month following your stay. I stayed at Resorts Thanksgiving week of last year, and received a free room offer (Sun-Fri, 2 stays of 2 nights each) the first week of December. In other words, I received it about 10 days or so after my stay.

As an aside, I received a free room offer for Friday and Saturday night the last weekend of January and February. Obviously those months are painfully slow for Resorts and AC as a whole. Maybe Bally's will do the same for you in the winter months, Terminator.

Let us know when you get something! <grin>

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5. Re: Comps In The mail After Your Visit

hey bud whats doin,the only real reason i go to the borgata is they have beer in the bottle,wife likes it more than me.you never get any comps from them and there feeling toward people is,take us or go fish.i like these people who go there and submit reviews on borgata and all of a sudden they are up there looking down on A/C and condemming every casino on the boardwalk and saying we are a different class of people because we go there and how much better they are because they don't put up with the other trash in A/C.oh!well.anyhow ballys and harrahs are great for comps.have to wait to see how the harrahs/caesars merger pans out.hope term.soon gets his comps.going to city sat. this week,wish you all could join.

Cleveland, Ohio
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6. Re: Comps In The mail After Your Visit

money... You know what? Borgata is doing for Atlantic City exactly what they were *trying* to do: bring in the upscale, not gambling-only crowd. So it isn't really surprising that all these hoity toity folks who would "never be caught dead on the Boardwalk" are coming to AC and staying at the Borgata, then badmouthing the rest of the place. It is a shame that these people are implying that the "old people" were somehow responsible for AC's limited growth.

The reason there was such little growth was because the casinos and the city weren't doing much about it... until recently that is. Both the town and the casino industry realized that they had to do more to revitalize themselves, and they've done a fabulous job of it in recent years.

If it wasn't for all of the senior citizens going to AC, there'd be fewer casinos, and *everybody* would suffer for it.

BTW: as far as there being "old people" and "young people", isn't age just a number?