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2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

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Madison, WI
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2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

We arrive on San Andres from Bogota via plane on June 5, are looking for easy lodging for night of June 5. Leave via catamaran from San Andres to Providencia on June 6. We have not yet decided how long we stay on Providencia, but we are looking forward to it much more and plan to spend most of our time there vs. on San Andres. We return to Bogota on June 14, with a flight from San Andres.

A few questions:

1) My partner and I can be discreet while traveling if necessary, and we know some Caribbean Islands are extremely hostile to openly gay male travelers (Jamaica, etc.). Do we have any reason to be worried with San Andres or Providencia? Should we avoid being seen in public displaying affection or do we need to worry about violence from islanders or tourists?

2) We have very little time on San Andres before needing to catch the catamaran in the morning of June 6 to Providencia. Any recommendations on friendly guest houses near the catamaran port so as to make this one night especially easy?

3) Any recommendations of "must-see" places to eat or see in the one night we have on San Andres?

4) We're the adventurous sort--any recommendations for seeing and experiencing all that Providencia has to offer? We are hoping to snorkel every beach, kayak, swim, explore as much as possible, hike, bike, whatever we can do on this island. We love that it's full of friendly locals and fewer tourists--but don't want to get there and find that we can't get from point A to point B very easily. Any recommendations?

Thanks all! Cannot WAIT for this trip, any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Derek H.

Madison, WI (USA)

Madison, WI
posts: 6
1. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

EDIT: I forgot to mention we are staying at Posada Sunshine Paradise from June 6-June 8 on Providencia. So we do have our first two nights arranged and will be exploring Santa Catalina Island and the northernmost part of Providencia those days, I assume. http://www.posadasunshine.com/index.htm

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2. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

Hi gay dudes!

First and foremost, San Andrés and Providencia are Colombian islands and then secondly they are Carribean islands afterwards. They are not Jamaica and they are certainly not that stupid island where homosexuality is forbidden (the one that the gay cruise went to)

Most important thing to remember is Colombians (in fact most hispanics) are fairly prudish god fearing catholics, and in practice they don't really care if you are gay straight, bi or you get your kicks from frozen vegetables. Overt displays of sexuality are not really welcome whichever way you swing.

If the straight locals can get away with it, then gay foreigners can too. You won't see much OTT touching going on, a straight guy will get a slap if he so much as lays his hand his Latina girl's buttock in public. To not cause offence you should follow the locals' lead, nothing to do with your sexuality, just a general prudishness.

Have fun

Madison, WI
posts: 6
3. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

This may possibly be the best, and most informative, answer that anyone could have provided us with. As good ol' midwestern Catholic gays, we totally get what you're saying. God this trip is going to be awesome. An island hardly anyone seems to know about (certainly no Americans we know) with 9 days to do whatever the hell we want. Swimming, snorkling, kayaking, running, hiking, drinking, music-ing, horse racing, engaging with locals, and did I mention drinking and snorkeling.? Yes, please.

Thank you for having an awesome country.

Bogota, Colombia
Destination Expert
for Colombia
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4. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

Colombia's gay scene is alive,vibrant and flourishing.The larger cities ie: Bogota have whole areas frequented by the gay crowd.San Andres' scene is a little more subdued.

In Colombia strong family values reign supreme,for the most part everything revolves around la familia.Catholicism dominates the Colombian mainland.In the islands coexist the Catholic, Baptist, Adventist Religions, and the Christian Mission.

Activity wise, S. Andres offers a wider range of touristy things to do.There are plenty of tours to sign up for or if you prefer, make your own way.In the later case you can rent a golf cart, hop a local bus,2 bus - routes ,pretty much service the whole island.If you want to slip away from the crowds head to the S. end - San Luis - La Loma - Coves.The better beaches can be found in San Luis - snorkeling can be inexpensive at Westview (km11),across the street from the restaurant.While there,visit the owner's(Elario) backyard garden & the unique little house he constructed.The Co - op restaurant serves decent, reasonable priced seafood meals.

Old Providence on ther hand is very quiet,simple,a great place to get away fom the crowds.You can take the "chiva" a bus used by locals - tour most of the island.If you want a little more adventure - rent a scotter from the locals.Ride safe, drivers tend to be a tad more crazy on S. Andres.

Seattle, Washington
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5. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

Hi there! I would love to know a little about the experience you had in San Andres and Providencia. We are also a gay couple from the US and we are spending a week there next week. Did you run into any trouble at all being gay? Any places you would recommend to see?


San Andres Island...
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6. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

You should have no trouble as a gay couple on San Andres or Old Providence. Just keep a low profile and you should be fine.Open shows of affection holding hands kissing etc. will be frowned upon a may get you some static. There is no gay scene here. The gays that live here are tolerated but this is a very Christian Island . You are foreign tourist so you will be cut some slack. Have a great time.

Medellin, Colombia
Destination Expert
for Panama City
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7. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

The above posts pretty much sum it up but just too add - although most all are catholic in Colombia they dont wear it on their sleeve so to speak, most are very tolerant especially in the cities, being married to a Colombiana, there are a few gays in her family and no one gives it much of a second thought.

In 3 years living in Colombia never saw any problems.

Besides even though a Catholic country - just about every married Colombiano has a GF on the side - so not the strictest adherance to the church - haha

Willemstad, Curacao
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8. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

Actually TO in regards to the Caribbean and latin america and gay tollerance. It is mainly the English speaking countries/islands where there is gay hate.

For example on Curazao and Aruba there is no gay hatred.. Same can be said to the spanish speaking countries/islands. Gay people are being tollerated without a problem.

San Andres Island...
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9. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

San Andres Islanders are tolerant of any one as long as you spend your money and don't want to live here.

Edited: 8:34 pm, March 13, 2013
Bogota, Colombia
Destination Expert
for Colombia
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10. Re: 2 Gay American Males Traveling San Andres & Providencia

I saw 2 or 3 local gay couples while in S andres...they seemed happy as a clam

Side note:saw a bunch of trannies in Cartagena strut their stuff...nobody seemed to care

Edited: 11:51 am, March 14, 2013
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