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Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

Hong Kong, China
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Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

We were in Xinjiang for 16 days in October 2012 and Ablajan was our driver and guide for the North Xinjiang leg of our tour. A Turpan native who is now based in Urumqi, Ablajan is very knowledgeable of the area. He is also personable and a safe driver.

There are only a handful of drivers in Xinjiang who hold a tourist guide license and can speak fluent Uighur, Mandarin and English. Ablajan is one of them. Engaging his services will mean you can save on engaging a separate tour guide. He is also not affiliated to any tour agencies, which means fairly transparent costs.

We highly recommend him if you're looking for a private driver rather than go through a tour agency in Xinjiang. I believe Ablajan is also able to accept South Xinjiang assignments.

Email: ablajanj@yahoo.com.cn or ablajanj@gmail.com

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Kolkata (Calcutta...
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11. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour


The rate of USD120 to 140 per day is based on how many persons in group? That helps to understand the cost really.

Or you are refering a join in group and even in such case what's the tentativegroup size?

new zealand
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12. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

Thanks your input which appreciated and assume a tip at the emd of the trip?

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13. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

I agree that Ablajan is an excellent private tour guide. We spend 6 days with him during our DIY trip to Xinjiang for our group of six in May 2013. He took good care of us and gave good recommendations on hotels and restaurants and places to visit. He picked us up at Urumqi airport at midnight and sent us to the Turpan railway station 6 days later in the evening amidst a very fierce windstorm , ensuring that we are safely aboard before leaving. He is indeed a very reliable and caring guide.

Hong Kong, China
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14. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

Ablajan helped my husband and I with our project in Turpan area. He was an excellent resource for us as we often rely on knowledgeable local contacts to add another layer to our research. Ablajan was always on time, was able to answer any of our questions, and if he didn't know the answer he would take the time to find out. He is also a pleasure to travel with, and we shared a love for Bob Marley.

I unreservedly reccomend Ablajan for a tour guide. whether you are a tourist on holiday, or a professional looking to work or study in the Turpan area, Ablajan will be of great help.

Seoul, Seoul, South...
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15. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

I went to Xinjiang for about 2 weeks and found Ablajan on this website. I provided my itinerary to many tour guides/drivers, but selected him because he was the only one who gave me direct answers (others were trying to sell me more days, etc..). Ablajan is fluent in English (hard to believe that he didn't learn it abroad), Uighur, and Chinese. The best part was that he served as both our driver and guide (some agencies would have 2 people for that). He was always flexible and accommodated to our needs. Usually, he stays in the Urumqi region and takes guests around the northern region of Xinjiang and Dunhuang in Gansu, but he was able to come down to the south to meet us. We visited Yarkand, Kashgar, Karakol Lake, and Shipton's Arch (it was his first time with us at the arch, so ask him to take you to this amazing site!). At the end of our original itinerary, we have decided to have him again for Turpan and Heavenly Lake. He was always positive and I would definitely recommend others to have Ablajan with you in Xinjiang!

New York City, New...
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16. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

Hi my husband and I had Ablajan Jilil guide us as well--he was very helpful and knowledgeable. Friendly and trustworthy as well. We highly recommend. He was very accommodating of our schedule and proposed ideas of things we wanted to see. He also gave us guidance on what we did not need to see/what we did not need to pay extra to see. Also he took us to an amazing photo op spot in the Flaming Mountains away from all the tourists--his secret spot! His charge was reasonable and well worth it. Ablajan's contact info: ablajanj@gmail.com

Singapore, Singapore
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17. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

I would highly recommend Ablajan Jilil if any of you are looking for a private guide around the Xinjiang area. He gave great suggestions based on my interests, and was very adaptable to my own ideas.

His car is very well taken care of, and he is a cautious driver who is used to covering long distances. My dad and I were fortunate to be taken on a very personable tour in his car for 10 days, from Urumqi all the way to Dunhuang in Gansu province.

His Uygur, Chinese and English are all excellent. It made moving around a breeze, and he was also happy to answer any questions I had.

His rates are reasonable, and I would definitely get in touch with him again should I return to Xinjiang.

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18. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour

Since Ablajan Jilil's email address is already mentioned here, I strongly suggest to contact him in person instead of hiring him through the travel agencies that appear have volunteered to advertise themselves on this forum which is actually about Ablajan Jilil. Ablajan Jilil has his own car and a guide's license. Hence, he is capable to serve anyone independently.

The reason why I'm saying this is because I had had a terrible experience with that travel agency (#7) on my first trip to Xinjiang. My itinerary in Hotan (Hetian) was destroyed by their irresponsible guide. But on my second trip to Xinjiang, I found Ablajan Jilil through the internet, made a deal with him in person, and thanks to Ablajan Jilil's support, my itinerary worked perfect. I got to see and learn what I had come for. I got what I had paid for.

I repeat, contact Ablajan Jilil in person:

Email: ablajanj@yahoo.com.cn or ablajanj@gmail.com

Phone: +86-135-799-59719

Dubai, United Arab...
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19. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour


Any idea how much is being charged by ablajan per day for vehicle, accommodation and his guide services. This will help a lot to plan my trip early next year.

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20. Re: Private Driver, DIY Xinjiang Tour


I suggest you to email Ablajan directly. Tell him the places you want to go, what time you'll like to leave your hotel, how long you'd like to stay at a certain place. Cost depends on many aspects. For instance, if you in one day wish to go to A, B, C, D, and if you wish to just go to A, spend the whole day there, the cost might vary due to gasoline consumption. Or, if you just go to one place, but that place is like 2-3 hours from your hotel, that might also make a difference.

In my case, I asked him first how long it would take from one place to another, and then I draw my itinerary, ask for his quotation. And, my itinerary was probably quite tough for Ablajan. Not to mention it was freezing winter. Overall it was good.

After you get his quote, you still can negotiate. I'm sure Ablajan wouldn't be upset with that. Just don't forget that Ablajan serves as a guide also -- and licensed! So you are actually paying 2 persons! Before Ablajan, I had hired a few drivers in Xinjiang. Most of them were good, but just drivers. I wish you a delightful trip in Xinjiang with Ablajan. Email him!

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