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Cost of Breakfast at hotel

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Cost of Breakfast at hotel

As per my previous post forgot to mention am thinking of room only rate but need to consider costs of breakfast. I will be getting two rooms as my children are classed as adults and so to try to avoid more costs may consider the above option. Choices of hotels are JBH, MAS and Al Qasr. Will the breakfast costs vary between these three properties and how much approx. AED

I don't want to be walking too far to get breakfast as can't function until I eat so will be looking to eat at the hotel I book. I do know all the special offer regarding meal rates ie. summer flavors and club lounge etc but because I will be paying for 2 rooms and 4 people it works out a fair bit when I really won't be requiring all the other perks that go with the above options apart from Breakfast. I have my transfer at airport compliments of emarites and we can drink our duty free - By the way whats the allowance that we can bring in and is it 21 years to do so. Have two 20 year olds on board? We will also be arriving late at night so the first night wont be able to utilise the summer flavors as not their for lunch or dinner but paying that rate for that night doesn't justify. We are only in Dubai for three nights (2 days) Hope all this makes sense. Sounds penny pushing but want to economise where I can to save money for other things - like shopping and excursions.

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1. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

To purchase alcohol in duty free you need to be 21 years of age. You are entitled to 4 litres of spirits per person, sorry cannot remember the exact allowance for wine and beer but its also quite good.

Breakfast costs will not vary between the hotels you mention. Expect to pay approx 150 - 180 Dhs per person. It usually works out cheaper to book the room with breakfast included and the selection is very good so you may only need a snack at lunchtime.

If you decide to go room only you can either pay each day for breakfast or purchase the family entertainer and use vouchers (not sure on all the venues you mention but I do know you can use vouchers for the breakfast offered in Beachcombers, also Al Muna I think) . Or grab a taxi to Mall of the Emirates (10 minutes away) and eat at one of the cafes there.

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2. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

I'd be tempted to ask for a bed and breakfast rate.

Mall of the Emirates is a good call for cheaper breakfasts but it's 10 mins away in a cab and there are Starbucks, Costa etc in the Souk but breakfast will be nowhere near as filling as an hotel breakfast and then you'll need lunch too.

Problem is hotel breakfasts are buffet style so you pay full price per person and it's around £35 a head.

I really would try for a B&B rate.

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3. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

Thanks so much for your replies. There was no B & B rate for me to consider via website just only the packages. Yes a B & B rate would be good if its available. May have to ring the hotel direct to see if they can oblige as this would be the best option for me. Just needed to have a rough idea on costs of breakfast so to know for negotiations.

Thanks for info regarding 21years as age for purchase of alcohol. I hadnt got that far into my research as yet so was good to find this out. The allowance is certainly plenty anyhow with just two adults. We not big drinks and we only there for a couple of days so the allowance will be fine.

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4. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

for the short time you are in dubai i would have picked a more city based hotel such as the address downtown or palace, you area a capative audience at the beach hotels and it will be a pain trying to source breakfast out of those hotels. At least in hotels i have mentioned you are two minutes walk to any decent breafast.

Hotel bfast will work out about 125 dirhams each minium

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5. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

Thanks for approx. costs regarding breakfast. That will work out approx. $410 australian dollars for our stay with 4 people. Atm if I take up one of the packages on offer it will cost me over $600 although I do realise that this includes other perks which I don't really need. Just trying to work out the best options.

I wouldn't even attempt to venture out of Hotel to get breakfast as mentioned prior I can't function until I have something in the stomach.

We like the beach and although its not ideal to base ourselves away from the city centre there is no way that we will come close to seeing everything on offer. This is just a taster. I wanted to see the Burj Al Arab and its just there. I can see the inside of a souk as there is one also just there. The adult children wanted to go to Wadi water park which is just there also and with our second day possibly being start of Ramadan then great opportunity to go there. I definitely want to go to the Mall of Emarites and a shuttle bus or quick taxi can get me there and see the Palm which is close also. The only things that are abit further away is the Gold Souk and the Kalifa tower which I also want to venture too.

Can you tell me how far this would be allowing for a taxi ride to Kalifa tower? Is there where the Dubai mall is??

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6. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

The souk in the Madinat is a mock souk not the traditional souks that you get in the old city - it looks like a souk but is a high end retail space with touristy prices and little opportunity to haggle and trade as you would in the real souks.

Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa are connected and the entrance to the observation deck at BK is located in Dubai Mall. You want to see at least one fountain show on the lake whilst you are in Dubai.

Taxi to Dubai Mall will take around 20 mins traffic permitted

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7. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

Thanks for that. Not thoroughly researched things as yet just trying to get hotel organised first...but where is this fountain and if Ramadan falls on the 9th will they still operated?? Yes I do plan to go to the gold souk. How does that work? Do you bargain for everything and where do you start. Been to Bali Indonesia several times where they barter but its become all too much for me there as its getting ridiculous their starting point. It use to be, halve the asking price and you are close to the mark but now its all over the place. They are starting with extremely high prices. Don't like playing games it takes too long.

I know you offer what you are prepared to pay but I do not like to insult nor do I like to feel ripped off, and to be honest wouldn't have a clue how much in the first instance. I really would like to get a nice simple bangle whilst I'm there. Do I just look at the gold market price (And where do I find this) and just add abit for making??

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8. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

The fountains are on the lake in front of Burj Khalifa and behind Dubai Mall. The fountain shows are every 30 minutes between 6pm and 10pm (and 11pm on Thursdays and Fridays)

They look like this


and each show is to different music. They still happen during Ramadan but the music is muted.

The Gold Souk is a fair distance from the Madinat - 30 mins or so in a cab. If you are going to do this then I would get a cab from the Madinat to Bur Dubai abra station and take an abra across the creek to the spice and gold souk. The abra experience is the best 1 dirham you can spend in Dubai.

Alternatively you could go to the Gold and Diamond park, which is a purpose built jewellery mall that is only 10 mins by cab from the Madinat.

You should haggle and the price of gold on the day will be on google or the hotel concierge can get it for you from the newspaper.

So you will pay the price of gold on the day plus manufacturing cost plus margin and it is the margin that you can reduce - offer 50 % of their first price and work up until you have a price you are both happy with.

I too would recommend a stay in the new downtown area rather than the madinat if you are only there for two days, much more choice close by for breakfast, much more central and the kids can get a cab to Wild Wadi.

This is the downtown area - it's quite old but still shows the area well.

Hotels here are

The Palace at the Old Town

Address Dubai Mall

Address Downtown

and there are shots of all the hotels on the video.

There is also a gold souk in the mall and you are much closer to the main gold souk then you are at Madinat


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9. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

If you are willing to venture out to the souk in the morning, then I would go to Dome as they serve great breakfasts for excellent prices. thier coffee is pretty decent too. Here is a link to the menu:


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10. Re: Cost of Breakfast at hotel

Again thanks for all your valuable information. That you tube video was simply amazing. The Dubai mall looks incrediably huge!

I understand what you me there is alot to be seen and probably just in the downtown area alone would take more than a couple of days to experience. This will I'm sure not be a last trip back so I will have to look at the most top things on the list and work through slowly over several trips I'm guessing.

I used the costings from this forum to average the cost of breakfast per day for four and based on the advanced purchased room rate of hotel and allowing approximate $ costs of breakfast added it only worked out a little more to utilise their summer flavor offer even allowing for the one night we will not be there to use, so I've decided to go that way. It will however create timing issues as we will want to be back for the lunch or dinner each night. So I guess we will have to eat breakfast earlier and get out to the sites as soon as they are open.

What time do the malls open each day and close?

My itinery will be quite structured for a short stay with alittle spontinuity thrown in. Thinking head straight to Dubai mall and Kalifa tower as this is the furtherest from where we will be staying. This should take up a few hours I'm imagining and hope to be done by mid afternoon with having a late lunch there. Presuming they open at 10am?? The shopping, is this more high end than what will be at Mall of Emarites or very similar?

I may give the old gold souk amiss this trip and check out the one at the Dubai Mall. (Thats what the You Tube was yes?) It was more for the experience though but will save for another time when I have plenty to enjoy. Also will consider the other one mentioned - Gold and Diamond park depending where they are located though. This should complete our day in Town as want to head back for a swim and R & R. The fountains are beautiful but we need to be back to utilise our dinner package and have seen the ones in Las Vegas at The Bellagio so for this trip may have to give a miss and again save for another time. Love this type of thing though and would imagine that there display would be amazing.

Will hit Wadi in morning early as soon as open (Would have liked to pass on this one but the trip is not all about me!) back for late lunch (coupon) and then hit Mall of Emarites and eat there for dinner. It may be the start of Ramadan on this day so presume that the mall will have food and drinks after 7pm?? Will other things be affected? Can you please advise as I may need to adjust this, although I don't think I can as it is best to head to water park day 2 as we will be tired after long flight on day one for this.

What you think - Can I or should I squeeze anything else of significance in? Not really ideal to be rushing around so I want to have some down time too. Think that this itinery will cater for this. I value peoples opinion and suggestions thankyou.