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Tours from Montelimar

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Washington, DC
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Tours from Montelimar

We will be traveling to Nicaragua in February, 2006, staying at the Montelimar -- can anyone recommend any tours/excursions

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11. Re: Tours from Montelimar

Hi HeatSeeker and DC8Traveler!

Safety in Nicaragua to me is no different than my safety in Cuba, Dominican, Jamaica etc. It was not an issue on the property or any of the tours. I wouldn't wander off the property alone down the coast line, I wouldn't be hanging out in Managua at night time etc. To be honest just use common sense. People were worried about the fighting but that was taking place up on the north side bordering Honduras and you're no where near there (and I don't even know if that's still going on..maybe others on the site have up to date knowledge). Ask SouthernComfort - he knows tons of stuff!

There was all kinds of security at Montelimar - we never once felt unsafe. The only thing we had to be afraid of was the "Sun"! It was 32 at breakfast and 40 by noon. It was an extremely hot and powerful.

I believe it's cheap to try to bring additional tourism to the country. We paid $700 last minute and the week or two before it was $500 last minute.

I do hope that you go and have a great time! It's truly a place not to miss - especially at the current prices. If this destination takes off the prices will not be as cheap.

Take care!

London, Canada
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12. Re: Tours from Montelimar

Thanks for the info WIBS!

We have stayed in Panama and Costa Rica the past few years and there really wasn't noticeable "security" at the resorts because they didn't need it. When you say that there is lots of security at the Montelimar what exactly do you mean? I have seen resorts in Mexico for example where they actually had guards carrying guns (which didn't thrill me at all!).

Also, how did you find the accommodation at the Montelimar? Are the rooms clean and up to date? I don't expect the Four Seasons, but if the rooms aren't clean (with no bugs) and nice I won't be happy. Also, are there many rooms close to the beach? And what did you think of the food? How many a la carte restaurants are there and what type of food do they have at the a la cartes?

As far as the heat goes, we've been to Panama twice which is even closer to the equator and we loved the heat so no problems there (and by the way nothing can be worse than the relentless heat and humidy we've been experiencing here in south western Ontario this summer - if you're in this area you will know what I mean!)

Finally, you did mention we shouldn't go off the resort down the coast line? One of the things we loved about Panama was exploring the fishing villages, little beach bars, etc. we found by walking up the beach and we also took a local bus with the locals into nearby towns to experience the culture and do some shopping with no tourist influences. Is that not possible in Nicaragua? We had a great time meeting local Panamanians in non-tourist settings and I'm not sure we'd be happy being restricted to the resort and formal tours only. We really like to wander around with no agenda and no worries about safety.

Thanks in advance for any additional information - I really appreciate your help as we struggle to make our decision as to where to go this year.

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13. Re: Tours from Montelimar

Good morning DC8Traveler!

Re: Security - no worries about machine guns etc..the security at the resort is barely noticable. They just blended right in.

Accomodations - Our room was exactly as the photo showed. Very clean, no bugs - we had a fridge that they stocked daily with 2 beers, 2 water, 2 pop. The property layout from the ocean there was a huge buffet, then little quad cottages that use to be the army barracks, the pool, then the main hotel. There are 3 sections in the main part of the hotel. We stayed in the middle section. I heard mixed reviews on the cottages but I'd like to stay in them next time for the historic sense. We did hear about bugs in the cottages as you're at ground level so that might not be something you'd be interested in. One thing to note is that when you get to the front gate of the property, there is still quite a ways to drive to get to the hotel itself. There's a whole lot of land at this hotel.

The food! How long do you have because I could rave about it forever! :-) We absolutely LOVED the food. It was the best buffet we have ever experience. There was a salad bar, pasta bar, yogurt/smoothie bar, dessert bar, yogurt station, fresh fruit to die for, lunch and dinner offered 4 meats/fish (pork, chicken, fish, beef etc.) There was always rice and pasta plus vegetables. We're not big eaters on vacation, but at Montelimar we would be finishing breakfast and wondering what we were having for lunch! One disappointment - no shrimp, lobster, crab etc. There was only one a la carte and it was Samoza's house..that was very interesting sitting there and thinking of the history contained within it. We ate there 2 times but we preferred the buffet. Food was similar to the buffet but a fancier presentation. Along with the a la carte was the location for the night time shows. There was also a casino there but it wasn't open at the time.

I hear you on the heat comment - I'm from the same area as you. At least in Nicaragua you can hang out all day in your bathing suit! :-)

About not leaving the property etc...that's not meant to scare you or be a negative. Bottom line, there was just nothing around the property. No beach bars, no fishing villages etc. When I mentioned not leaving the property line to walk down the coast, what happened to us is that the beach was desolate. Not a soul on it but the two of us...all of a sudden people came running out of the trees to us. It wasn't that we were in danger, but it just startled us. All they wanted was to sell us beads and ask us for stuff (money, toys, clothes etc.). In 2003 the hotel was very isolated and you had to drive to get anywhere..it doesn't sound like much has changed. I would follow SouthernComforts advice and take a trip to San Juan Del Sur. You can get a private driver at the hotel and they'll gladly take you anywhere you want to go..and it's not that expensive.

This destination was nothing that I had ever experienced in all of our travels. After going there, we have never looked back at doing the main stream destinations like Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican etc. I loved that it was not built up or commercial...I loved the simplicity of everything..the rest of the world really hadn't discovered this place and the local people weren't jaded in any way....this is what I loved the most. Inevitably, I believe this will change somewhat as it becomes popular but I can't wait to go back!

Anyway...I hope this helps you a bit more. As always, if you need anything else I'd be happy to answer.

Take care!

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14. Re: Tours from Montelimar

Sorry HeatSeeker! I meant to address my last posting to you! I just realized that I didn't - sorry about that!

Washington, DC
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15. Re: Tours from Montelimar

Heatseeker -- The Montelimar has bungalows available on a first come first serve basis. So, we paid half now and will pay half 60 days prior to the trip. This way, we got the bungalow. The only safety concerns from when I read are in Little Corn Island on the Carribean side. We booked through www.condoroutfitters.com -- Lori Snow -- she is great -- if you contact her, tell her Carolyn recommended you.

Any other questions, just let me know

Chicago, Illinois
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16. Re: Tours from Montelimar

El Transito Beach: We are considering a 2nd home, and are seeing a house with a "too good to be true" price and are wondering if this beach area is unsafe?