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Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

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Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

We've just returned from Lima after staying there for 6 days while traveling around Peru. I had been worried about the security of taxis there, So here's my report on the experience.

At the airport, it takes about a minute to find a Green Taxi driver (all of them wear badges and wait for customers). They take you to a taxi,load your luggage and take you to your hotel (it cost us about 45 soles to reach our hotel in Miraflores) It feels very safe at the airport. The police check all arriving cars.

In the city it usually takes 2-5 minutes to catch a taxi. I feel that it's better to choose a cleaner one with a number on the side and a sign that says "taxi". Still, when there were 4 of us in the middle of the day we didn't worry too much about it, and things turned out fine. Not to mention, if you have a smartphone with a GPS app, you can easily tell whether you are on the right route to your destination. Taxis there are cheap and good. If you want, any restaurant or hotel will order a taxi for you. Even in Urubamba, the restaurant ordered for us a clean, high-class taxi.

All in all, I don't recommend buying any expensive transfers to and from airport (as it was said before on this forum,discuss the price before you get in the car) and don't worry about taxis in Lima. Some precautions need to be taken (as you would in any big city), especially at night, and especially downtown. Otherwise,enjoy the city, food,views and very nice people.

If you have any other questions concerning Lima or Peru--even not having to do with taxis--please feel free to ask. I'll be more than happy to answer (I consider myself a hardened veteran, now!)

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31. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

what do taxi windows cost? seems cabbies would not want a broken window?

Toronto, Canada
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32. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

After reading all the reviews, I feel its helpful to summarize all the similar experiences we had while in a couple of trips in Peru:

* Taxi Green at the airport is the way to go. They have a stand before you exit the airport and you can pay there, get a receipt and taxi number and then go outside with the driver. 45 Soles (less than $20) will get you to Miraflores district.

* You can also use Taxi Green for the way back to your hotel, you can book it through their website.

* During the day its probably ok to take taxi's in the streets if you have an idea where you are going and the taxi has a sign OUTSIDE the taxi on the roof (this means they are registered) but you can also completely take the risk out of it and call taxi satellital at 355-5555.

* Don't wear jewellery, including weddiing/engagement rings, watches, and try and not wear a purse if you can. You will see the locals wear jewellery and walk around with purses, but as a tourist you stick out and are just asking for trouble. Don't ruin your vacation with a bad experience, just leave your falshy valuables at home and enjoy your time in Peru.

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33. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

To clarify, when I say wear your valuables under your clothing, that is not to put a jacket over a shoulder purse. I have a small zip pouch that Is tucked under my arm. And a bit of extra money in my shoe. A decoy purse or wallet that you can hand over is another trick. Just a bit of money to make them happy enough to go away.

And again, separate your cards and money so they are not all in one place.

Being robbed is unfortunate. Happened to my brother in Spain when they thought the car parked in front of their hotel would be okay for a minute.

Thieves do like to hang around airports and bus starions looking for easy targets.

Be sure to email yourself copies of your ccs front and back as well as your passport. Makes replacement easier if lost.

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34. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

Yes, i would advise anyone not familiar with Peru to get a taxi from within the airport. The 'green taxi' fares of 45 soles to miraflores are very reasonable. I believe the prices are marked so they are official.

Certainly don't walk to the bus stop outside the airport entrance for a cheaper taxi, unless it's daytime, and you know what you are doing and have experience with Peru. ( theres some delinquents there, hence the police!)

Have a great trip.

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35. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

im in nazca now ,took taxi outside,paid 40 soles from aeroport to ave mexico bus soyuz,was a big traffic so take more than one hour,im alone dont be afraid take outside at all,went to paracas but nothig special there ,only candelabra its very expensive there ,i love nazca nice ,cheap hostels food ,nice people,lots things to see,plan stay 1 day ,staying 2

Jesmond, Canada
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36. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

I've been following this discussion for a while now, but one question raises again and again when re-reading it: these "smash and grab" taxi events at Lima airport, did they predominantly occur in the late evening/at night, when the International airlines arrive at Lima airport?

..I am not even there yet but already worried.

Seoul, South Korea
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37. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

So are we saying that smash and grab only happens to unregistered taxis, or all taxis?

Lima, Peru
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38. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

When going to the airport I take Taxi Seguro or Taxi Satellital and I always request a car and never a station wagon were everybody can see my luggage, it works for me fine

Evansville, Indiana
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39. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

Smash and grab events can happen to any car, even to the local being picked up by friends. Just hide everything that could potentially be snatched. I just came back from Lima and nothing happened, even though it was packed with people coming and leaving because of the holidays. Be mindful of your surroundings.

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40. Re: Taxi in Lima. My recent experience.

We visited Lima in April and here is my experience as many of the post are old. I could not figure out which taxis were registered or unregistered.

Always state clearly where you want to go and ask "how much?"- never get into the cab without agreeing to the fare.

I made sure I carried 5 soles coins and 10 soles bills- but smaller denominations work best- so I usually had 5 and 2 soles coins with me and I always made sure to break bills before leaving our hotel.

It is best to study a map and have some idea of where you are going- doing research is highly suggested, because Lima is not built in a grid and it can be confusing.

We never had an issue, our issue was that many of the cabs we hailed did not know where the Hilton Miraflores was located.

Enjoy your trip and use common sense as you would in any other city, including your own.

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