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Strand, Beach, Garden, or Grand Central?

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Strand, Beach, Garden, or Grand Central?


I'm thinking of heading to Singapore in March to attend a concert at the Esplanade, and I've narrowed down a few choices of accommodation.


1) Strand Hotel (near City Hall MRT station)

2) Beach Hotel (near Bugis MRT station)

The reason why I have these two choices in mind is because it'd be easier for me if I were to come from Malaysia via bus (apparently the bus stops at Beach Road - however, it doesn't say WHICH part of Beach Road, though).

From what I know, these two hotels are also relatively close to the MRT stations - I've looked at maps, but images may be deceiving... Besides, these two hotels are quite near to the Esplanade - is it within walking distance? If not, I'm told that I should get off at City Hall MRT station.

I also realise that most online reservation websites do not have these two hotels listed above.


But then, I was also advised to get a place near Orchard Road. Sigh... (so assuming I forgo the above hotel choices) after I get off the bus at Beach Road, I hope it'd be easy to find my way to these hotels:

3) Garden Hotel ("near" Newton MRT station - about 1km+)

4) Grand Central Hotel (near Somerset MRT station)

It's more convenient to make online bookings for these hotels, though.


Also, I've usually been quite nervous about doing online transactions. Can someone kindly vouch for the security of these websites?

- asiatravelmart.com

- asiabesthotel.com

- asiatravel.com

- lists.bookings.nl

I know, I know: I've shot a lot of questions. Any help that I can get is very much appreciated. :)


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11. Re: Strand, Beach, Garden, or Grand Central?

Rob1 - Hmm, I can't quite remember where and when I first come across "okie dokie", but I've known it for quite a few years now - probably uhm, 8-10 years? Could have been influenced by the days when I used to chat on mIRC during the late '90s, or from TV/movies. :)

(It doesn't really matter where I am from exactly; we learn things as we go along. But for that matter, I'm a Malaysian Chinese, in Malaysia.)