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Should I be alarmed..??

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Sydney, Australia
posts: 2,790
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Should I be alarmed..??

I just read an article in the Telegraph..titled "Bali break turns violent"...My other half has been to Bali 5 times,tho' he hasn't been to Bali since the mid 90's....

A woman was attacked and robbed while she lay in her bed in an upmarket villa in Canggu....After spending time in the hospital,she was released and returned home a day earlier than her holiday.

The newspaper also mentions recent robberies but nobody knows if the incidents are linked..

The paper also mentions other incidents which are extremely alarming of attacks causing death and of course also involving robberies....

My boyfriend told me that this can happen anywhere,however if this is a regular thing happening in Bali,my thoughts of ever going there are being eroded....This is no good for the Bali tourism industry and is scaring me from ever going there....

What are your thoughts about travelling to Bali and do I have anything to worry about...??

Sydney, Australia
posts: 2,790
reviews: 14
1. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

In case you're thinking my borfriend is gay...He's not and I am his lady...!!...Tho' I used his TA membership to post this question....

Broome, Australia
Destination Expert
for Broome
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2. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

No, I didn't think your boyfriend was gay...

Yes, it could happen anywhere and my advice is to always consider what you are doing, where you are and the time of day. Don't do things you wouldn't do at home and be mindful of your personal safety.

I would also add, I feel very comfortable on the streets and out and about at night, (even on my own), but would not walk down unlit streets for instance...just as I wouldn't at home.

Go to Bali, enjoy your time there and don't dwell on the negative things...

Destination Expert
for Bali, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Tuban, Ubud
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3. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

There are more reports of crime in Australia everyday and we manage to get on with life and be cautious, the same goes where ever you are in the world. It just seems that as soon as something happens where you want to holiday that the panic sets in.

Relax, go to Bali and enjoy your holiday.

Perth, Australia
posts: 1,270
reviews: 14
4. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

We returned a couple of weeks ago from two weeks in bali. Not once did we feel unsafe. My 20yo daughter and her boyfriend are going in four weeks and I have no concerns. Sue C is right, take the same care as you would at home and you should be OK.

Sydney, Australia
posts: 2,790
reviews: 14
5. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

Thankyou all so much for your replies and reassurance...However,the lady in question was attacked,robbed and raped whilst laying in her bed asleep in her upper class villa...Apparently the perpetrator scaled the high wall of the villas and committed the offence...The newspaper reported the offences mainly in the Canggu area and that's where we intended to stay....

Bali, Indonesia
Destination Expert
for Ubud, Pemuteran
posts: 5,320
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6. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

As sad and tragic as that assault is, it's rare enough that the media picks up on things like that immediately..if it were happening quite often it would not be splashed in the media as much as it is now.

Ironically, one of the reports that sensationalized the attack came from a Singapore media, and then I googled the words Singapore and rape and found an article that said Singapore media were hypocritical because they were calling for sanctions against India when the ratio of rape in Singapore is even higher than India's!

I am not singling out other countries, just to point out that these things do happen everywhere. We all have to take precautions wherever in the world we are.

That is one reason why I do not like to stay in stand alone "villas" and always lock all my doors and windows, even when I am home. My home also has a lockable iron gate. They do not interfere with my enjoyment or freedom, just a precaution.

Perth, Australia
posts: 263
reviews: 5
7. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

3 weeks ago someone attempted to break in to my house while I was asleep one night. I did not hear them, but after being told by a neighbour that someone had tried to break into their house the night before I had a look around and could see where they had tried to pry open my back door and done some minor damage.

The reason for me telling this story is to show that this type of thing can happen anywhere, even in the sanctuary of your own home. Take the usual precaution in regards to ensuring you lock up properly, be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you when out and about, and don't forget to enjoy your holiday.

I have been to Bali many times, the last time was solo in January. I feel safer walking around in Bali, even at night by myself than I would do at home. As Sue said... don't do anything that you wouldn't do at home like walking down a dark street alone etc and you will be fine.

Bali seems to attract a heap of negative coverage in the media when things like this happen. If the same attention was given to similar events here in Australia the newspapers would be so thick you would need a forklift to pick them up, and require a TV station dedicated to news 24/7.

rural West Aussie
Destination Expert
for Perth
posts: 16,535
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8. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

And no-one ever gets attacked in Sydney? There's been a lot of media coverage of late of murders, shootings and bashings in Sydney, do they not worry you more?

Perth, Australia
posts: 2,092
reviews: 24
9. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

We've just spent 3 and a half weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam and had people asking us,before we went, if we were afraid and telling us to be super careful etc. as though it was a foregone conclusion that something bad would happen to us. While we were gone there were 3 murders and numerous assaults , robberies and home invasions in Perth ! We never once felt threatened or scared but as others have said you have to use your common sense and assess situations as they arise. I also feel safer walking around most places in Bali at night than I do in Perth .

Sydney, Australia
posts: 1,102
reviews: 11
10. Re: Should I be alarmed..??

If you are wanting to stay in Canggu then find a villa complex with night security or stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast or guesthouse if that is what will make you feel safer. Dont let this dreadful incident deter you from holidaying in Bali.


Edited: 4:47 am, April 30, 2013