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nqjbr part 5

Perth, Australia
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nqjbr part 5

Day 5

Sorry there has been a bit of a gap between posts, the boss actually had the nerve to interrupt my typing with work!

Well the breakfast at our hotel is quite impressive. Yet again, I sit down with what I think are the best offerings available, then T arrives at the table with fresh eggs, and fresh bacon! How does she manage to ferret out all the good things? Maybe it’s because I’m usually still half asleep when we arrive at breakfast? T declares the coffee the best she’s ever had in Bali, and she is a very fussy coffee drinker! Today we plan to shop ‘til we drop, as T & D’s son is due to go home tomorrow. While T goes to the rooms to gather the son, G pops down the road to pick up our laundry and I go to the magical box which gives you money. I have to first shoo out the massage girls who were cooling down in the air conditioned booth. I get back to the hotel, and there is no-one in sight, so I figure they must have gone on ahead, and I start to meander down the road. I have been given instructions to order 2 of the name bracelets by my youngest for the big wedding of the teddy bears when we get back home. (She got a giant teddy for Christmas and her cousin got the same one. Freddy and Freddietta apparently fell in love and planned to get married, so the bracelets were to be their wedding rings – and yes, we did have to dress up and attend the wedding when we got home!) I came across one of the guys with the bracelets and negotiated 3 of them for 80,000RP, and arranged to come back that afternoon to pick them up. Next was the list of DVDs to drop off at Jimmys shop. I still hadn’t come across our crew, so walked back down towards Garlic lane and found them coming around the corner. They hadn’t been smart like me and used their waiting time shopping, instead wasting it looking for me!

We wandered back up towards Legian Street, stopping in at various stalls along the way. Poor G had quite a sore foot from stomping on a rat back home (don’t ask), so after a while we thought we would jump in a cab to Mataharis. Just as were about to flag down a cab, I spotted Sita Fashions! I had looked for this shop last trip but never found it, so I was rapt to have come across it by accident. For those who don’t know, Sita Fashions isn’t actually a fashion store, they have a heap of the metal wall art, plus a section inside with handbags. I picked up a very cool elephant-with-attitude for my friend, and found a beautiful purple, blue and black butterfly for my patio. I think all up it cost me less than $10. Next door was an art shop where I spied a set of 3 abstract paintings in my favourite blue. All up they would be about 1x1.5 metres, so after working down to e respectable price (250,000RP), he proceeded to roll and wrap them for me. BTW, they are still waiting for frames at home.

Went upstairs at Mataharis and bought a selection of Revlon makeup for my elder daughter’s coming birthday – it is so much cheaper to buy there! The wet/dry foundation I use is $30 at home, and I pick it up in Bali for about $11 – you can’t argue with that! I went downstairs and met up with T and son, but G was (yet again) nowhere to be seen. After waiting about 10 minutes, we figured he must have gone back to the hotel with his sore foot, so we hailed a cab. As were about to go around the corner, I said, it would be funny if G is sitting on this side of Mataharis, and guess what?! We asked the driver to stop and held up all traffic heading towards Legian whilst G hobbled over to the car.

When we got back to the hotel, G said he wasn’t feeling too well, and he would spend a couple of hours laying down. Son of T&G went back to hide in his cave room and go on fb, so I asked T&D if they wanted to come out to lunch with me. So up the road we went again in the direction of the Indonational restaurant. If you like crab, then don’t miss an opportunity to go here. They make an amazing chilli mud crab, served with rice, chips and salad, all for the humble price of 90,000RP!! I’m salivating just remembering it. Of course, with all the walking we had done, we were severely dehydrated, so ordered Bintangs for D & me, and a cocktail for T. After a long leisurely lunch, we meandered back to hotel, picking up my DVDs and bracelets along the way.

As our rehydrating required replenishing, we decided to go next door and sit at the Spider Bar for a while, with G feeling better and joining us. T popped into the spa nearby for a relaxing massage, and we, with the bar staff, tried to guess the nationality of the people passing by (I know, small things etc) Then I too went into the spa for a manicure and pedicure. The girls were lovely there, I chatted with them every time I went past to go to the magical box, I had one girl doing my feet (lucky thing!), and one doing my fingernails. I happened to have on a shirt in my favourite bright blue, so when they asked what colour I wanted, I pointed to my shirt and asked if they had a similar colour, thinking they probably wouldn’t but it was worth a shot. She had the EXACT same shade – I was very impressed! So I chatted quietly with them, aware that T and possibly others were having massages in the next room. Suddenly one of the staff comes into the spa and asks if there is a Mandi here – yes, I say. Ah! I’ll be right back, she says. Okaaay.

Next minute G comes noisily bursting into the spa, having been coerced into a pedicure, (but would only come if I was in there) and I try to shush him, but it turned out it was too late – T was inwardly cursing him (and outwardly later on for removing the relaxed atmosphere! You know what it is like when you are just enjoying and unwinding and some noisy inconsiderate tourist talks at the top of their voice?)

Treatments over, it was time to re-join D at the rehydration bar. I stayed for one more, then I headed into the hotel for a swim. I forgot to mention that last night when we got back from dinner, while we were watching a movie, a lot of noise was coming from the pool. I went on the patio for a smoke, and there was a man there having a swim with his son who was shrieking and yelling. Bear in mind that it was now 10pm, and there were people trying to sleep. I asked the man to please keep the boy quiet, but I don’t think he spoke English. The boy continued to carry on, so I got up and went over to the pool and did the universal shush, frowning at the same time. My frown must have done the trick, because not only did the boy stop making noise, but the next day when I went in the pool for a swim, he kept nervously glancing over to me to check if he being too noisy . 

When it came time to go to dinner, G was feeling unwell again, and the son just wanted room service in the cave, so T, D & I wandered off to find a feed. D picked out a place at the end of the road which had a trio playing music. We ordered more re-hydration, and sat back to enjoy a Beatles song. My Pina Colada came and looked great – I love these drinks in Bali. Well at least I did, this was awful! The flavour was all wrong, it was so bad that I only had a few sips and put it aside and ordered a Bintang instead. The atmosphere here was a little slow, so we decided to pay for the drinks and find somewhere else. We ended up in a bar on Garlic Lane, I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s next door to the Bali Beach Shack. D decided he would start playing the ‘birthday’ card tonight, since it was his birthday the next day. They had quite a good band playing, and at one stage the played the ‘Jiggy Jig’ song – you know the one that goes…Jiggy jiggy massage, jiggy jiggy massage, Bali holiday. When they played it, about 30 people got up and were doing doing a syncronised dance, moving more and more quickly as the song got faster – fantastic entertainment!! They then had the obligatory Elvis impersonator who came roaring in on a motorbike.

D had already managed to get at least one drink free for his ‘birthday’, and there was another group celebrating a woman’s 90th birthday. I would like to imagine I will be doing the same in – ahem – a long long time. She was in such great shape, and what a trooper! Her and D were taken onstage and sung the birthday song, both of them boogying along to the music. They then were presented with a drink which they had to compete with drinking the fastest. Naturally D won that contest, he has much experience in rehydrating. We had a bit of a feed while we were there, and then found another bar with music on the street our hotel was on. There was a young fellow there on his own, so we kindly let him join us in our rehydration celebration. It turned out it was his birthday, but his girlfriend had already gone to bed - lucky we were there!

After listening to the band for a while, I decided they and the audience were going to be fortunate enough to experience singing with the great and none powerful Mandi! I managed to get through Bohemian Rhapsody and American Pie before they bowed down gratefully and escorted me off the stage and out the door. Fortunately for them, I had decided it was bedtime anyway and toddled up to the hotel and our room, where G was snoring away peacefully.

Night all, thanks for reading

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1. Re: nqjbr part 5

What an inconsiderate boss! Thanks a gain, and be careful not to over-hydrate. How many Bintangs does it take to get up and perform for the crowd?

Perth, Australia
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2. Re: nqjbr part 5

Am loving your 'nqjbr's' ii was about to go do something, but had to read this first :)

Doesn't ur boss know we need to be entertained?? hahah

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3. Re: nqjbr part 5

Loving your reports !!!!!! Hope there's plenty more to come !

Perth, Australia
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4. Re: nqjbr part 5

Thanks for the entertaining read. I know the area around Garlic lane well and I can just visualise you in the places you mention. Good fun.

Perth, Australia
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5. Re: nqjbr part 5

Wow, Bohemian Rhapsody AND American Pie - that is a huge effort! Lucky you had kept your hydration up for that. Loving your reports, sounds like you had a fab holiday.

Perth, Australia
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6. Re: nqjbr part 5

Well Greg, I'd like to tell you so that you too can entertain the crowd, but it is a well kept secret - so well kept that I don't even know myself.....

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: nqjbr part 5

Wow you Guyana all responded really quickly! Don't you have work to do? ;)

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8. Re: nqjbr part 5

Have you been hydrating BG? I have no eye deer what your last post means?

Perth, Australia
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9. Re: nqjbr part 5

Wow you guys all responded really quickly! Don't you have work to do? ;)

Damn auto correct!

Sussex Inlet...
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10. Re: nqjbr part 5

Thanks again baliisgreat!

I'm really enjoying you're posts :)