Kenya after 25yrs...

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of visiting Kenya after 25 years! I left when I was quite small...I still have lots of family there in Nairobi, Kericho etc...and I remember very little if anything at all! I know it has changed a lot!

First of all its so sad to hear what is happening there, but this has also put a fear back in me. I know things are happening everywhere in the world, but is it really safe to be travelling in Kenya?

We are looking to go to Mombasa (Whitesands) - is this a good resort to stay at if one has never been?

Mara Sarova for a safari...again this is what has been recommended to us...i'm not a camping type of person but are the accommodations good?

Apart from visiting family and all, could you recommend other areas of MUST SEE places not to be missed? 1 day trips...

Also this may be a silly question but what do people do in the evenings/weekends in Nairobi? How safe is it to travel at night or after 7pm there? What do young people do to have fun? We are a young couple and would hate to know that after a certain time you cant do much...

Any thoughts/feedback/comments would be appreciated!

Thank you in advance!!