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Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

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Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

This was the worst bus ride experience I have ever had in life. We used this company to go from Nairobi to Mombasa. First the bus was an hour late. Not a good way to start and already long trip. 2nd the driver was reckless. I understand that we are on a 2 lane road and that at times overtaking/passing cars and trucks is needed. However, this particular driver literally scared the CRAP out of me. Several times we narrowly escaped a collision. I thought it was a lot of undue risk taking. Third the driver decided to make his own side stops. Stopping to pick up additional passengers for empty seats as well as stopping to do his own roadside shopping. This was so unprofessional. I was so disgusted by the time we reached our destiniation that i made sure we chose another busline to go back on as soon as we stopped

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1. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

Sorry you had this experience. However it seems to be the norm to me. You only need to read the Nation to see the results of reckless driving and low regard for life.

Mtwapa, Kenya
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2. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

As Tembofan says, the local press seem to report a fatal crash involving a bus on the Nairobi - Mombasa road virtually every week

Nairobi, Kenya
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3. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

OP: I completely agree with you. Coast Bus along with MASH & Modern Coast are Top3 luxury coaches in the market. I also found MASH drivers to be very reckless. I go with MC all the time.

Doff - indeed bus accidents are very common but hardly any of Top 3 mentioned above are involved in any serious acidents. They all seem to have a good reputation in far as getting from A to B in one piece.

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4. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

am sorry you guys had bad experiences but i must say the only thing i faulted the cost bus service was the state of the bus in that it was not clean and some windows were held tight with some paper. having said that, my journey to Mombasa from Nairobi with them was very safe and i did not experience any recklessness nor did the driver stop unnecessarily. I traveled last year just before Christmas and you would expect at this times to be the worst because of the rush but that was not the case. Plus they provide free water and a soft drinks plus some cookies. Another plus for them was how they considered those who had kids by only stopping if the kids needed to use the toilets. if they could get new buses and kept their customer service, then thy would b a winner.

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5. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

I am rather surprised by all the negative comments. Coast Air is probably the best bus service between Nairobi and Mombasa, beating even the Modern Coast luxury bus. I go so often with them and they have an excellent record in safety. The buses which have accidents on Mombasa Nairobi highway are the two and three tier companies, not Coast Air. I live in Nairobi and I know the last time Coast Bus had an accident was a few years ago. Coast Air may never have had an accident. I find the night bus the best. Leave at 10.30pm, be in Mombasa before 6am, just as light is breaking.

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6. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

done the nbo-mba road trips on the coast air,

without doubt would do it again,

if you are regular and know the driver well, he will even drop you at your place in nbo (if its near their office / depot)...

i think different coaches make different stops on the highway, but its a bit unusual to hear they stopping at unmarked places...

Nairobi, Kenya
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7. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

Took the nairobi-mombasa in dec 30 2013. This was day after the night travels were banned. Modern coast, there was no organisation and no one in the the office was interested in bookings or service. Next door was coast air, Few seats left so booked it at Kshs1900- they said it was luxury, will have wifi, on board toilet, etc. Prices had been hicked. One could only connect to the wifi to router only. No connection past the router. What use it if no connection to the net!!! The toilet was for short calls. If longer were need, one was told to hold it up - even kids! Saying that one old man was allowed to use, even though it stunk the bus afterwards, as there were no window opening. All on airccon and air internal circulation. Phew!!!!!

Decided to book seats back to nairobi on reaching mombasa. again few seats were left, as we were told. But the price has shot from ksh 1900 to ksh 2500 each on coast air. Normal coast bus had also gone up to ksk 1900 previous coast air prices. Since we had kids travelling with us, we opted for the coast air, as it has a loo on board. They also had a deal where by if you had booked ten tickets, you could get one free. We asked for offer but they declined to honour it as we did not 'technically' have ten tickets, and the price was different as well. The deal was only available on same value tickets. We said they changed the prices overnight, so not our fault and we were 6 persons there and 6 back, thats more than 10 tickets.

They came up with excuses about the fares and 10 tickets and we eventually gave up, as this was not getting anywhere, as they knew, since night travel was banned, they could make more money with higher prices and was take it or leave it.

On the day of return travel, we were at the coast air offices at 8am, well before our travel time of 930am. Our 930am was not honoured as it was not the 'right' bus for us, even though on the tickets it stated the time and was 'Coast Air', We were told it was a later coast air being 'bus B' and had to wait till 1030am. This was not coast air, It was a normal coast bus - again it stated wifi, but no connection past the router, it did not have toilet on board, the seats were broken and falling apart and torn, some windows were held with cardboard from falling down or rattling. We complained but were told that our tickets had been cancelled in advance, but we did not get a call to say the tickets were cancelled. Asked for a refund and were told to get on the bus or forget it. We did not have an option but to get on. The air con got switched off once were on the road and were told it broke down. When you go over bumps or potholes, the seats came apart. The bus assistanct was lot ruder on the return journey. In mombasa, there was only one person dealing with check ins, depatures, complaints and making sure the buses left on so called time, and was rude as well hence not interested in complaints, refund or service. Other people on the bus had complained as well, but they were not interested.

I guess there is no customer service thing with Coast bus msa ltd. Only pay and forget everything else. They should change their name to 'no nonsense accepted travel'

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8. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

Coast bus service, and their coast air bus sub-brand......once a glorious way to travel to the coast in years gone by, is now at its most pathetic nadir. What a waste, a perfect case study for bagerol stewardship....management by calling the shots. Despicable!!

Ukunda, Coast, Kenya
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9. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

My philosophy is simple: I will never, ever get a smooth, comfortable ride on a Kenyan road so I just book the cheap bus. What use is a huge armchair seat when you are sent flying every time you hit a speed bump? I take Chania or Simba which cost 1000-1200 depending on your bargaining skills.

Wifi of course is a gimmick that hotels and restaurants, and now buses it seems, use to bring people in the door. I've sampled many wifi networks around Kenya and had success about a quarter of the time.

Nairobi, Kenya
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10. Re: Coast Air Bus (MSA) Ltd

I took "coast air" bus on 28th september 2013 from nairobi to mombasa and was allocated a seat at the back. Before the bus departed, an oversized and very fat women was brought to the seat next to mine.Since the seats don't have armrests, she occupied part of my seat also & i was really squized.When I complained about this, the employee's of the bus company really laughed like it was funny. During the trip, the bus kept on rocking like a boat and also became very hot inside despite it being a night trip.Some other customers complained about this and note that the bus windows do not open as it is "airconditioned".Refreshments were a bottle of soda, yes, the actual soda in a glass bottle- no regard to safety & 5 pieces of cheap biscuits, total cost kshs 40 or less than half a dollar.With the benefit of hindsight, it occurred to me that the company is pulling a scam where they advertise premium services knowing full well that they won't deliver with just the intention of extorting money from the public.

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