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Current position in Luxor

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Newcastle, United...
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Current position in Luxor


Was just wondering if there is anyone on the ground in Luxor at the minute who can update with the current position and more importantly the general feel out there. We are due to fly out in mid September. Obviously, the travel companies are following current advice from the government so we understand there are no flights into Luxor at this time.

Are there any demonstrations there?

I believe the tourism industry in general in Egypt has been hit hard already this year. How stable does the tourism infrastructure appear ( are places starting to close down)?

We are hoping that if things remain reasonably calm in the provinces then the FCO will lift their 'essential travel only' advice for these areas, hence the request for an on the ground update.

Here's hoping the whole country manages the transition peacefully for everyone's sake out there. And from a selfish point of view, so I can have the holiday I have been planning for a year.

west bromwich
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1. Re: Current position in Luxor

We had a text message from a friend on the West Bank tonight , he said no problems and looking forward to seeing us during our cruise which starts on the 24 th July


Newcastle, United...
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2. Re: Current position in Luxor

Thanks for that. hope you get over there.

England, United...
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3. Re: Current position in Luxor

September is still a long way off. At the moment it is hard to foresee just what is likely to happen tomorrow, next week and so on. After last nights developments, today is a bit of a 'honeymoon' period for many but a day of shock and anger for others. Tomorrow, after Friday prayers, is likely to be a better thermometer as to the general mood in Luxor and elsewhere.

The best thing you can do is to keep watching for FCO updates, any information put out by your tour company and keep a close watch on the news.

I do not wish to be too negative, but please be wary when people say 'no problems' 'it's safe' etc. Yes, on the whole it is, and always has been, but at the moment we all have to factor in a greater element of unpredictability and exercise greater caution than normal.

Newcastle, United...
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4. Re: Current position in Luxor

Thanks for your reply.I am of course keeping abreast of all the official updates and would never take any response to my post as a stand alone. I know its early days and a volotile situation which is why I was asking for reports from anyone actually there. As I said in my post the tourism trade has had a kicking already and I'm bit concerned this could be the final straw. No matter what the political atmosphere it would not really be worth going if everywhere is closing. I Work on making a decision (if Im in a postion to do it ) after gathering as much info from as many people as possible. Thats the beauty of TA eh!

Edinburgh, United...
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for Luxor, Nile River Valley, Egypt
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5. Re: Current position in Luxor

I just spent 28 days there, leaving on Monday this week.

I consider the situation too fluid, to feel I could give any comment on the situation now.

Edinburgh, United...
Destination Expert
for Luxor, Nile River Valley, Egypt
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6. Re: Current position in Luxor

David T

Did your friend mention the power cuts, or the petrol & diesel shortage

Messages from anyone in Egypt are irrelevant if the FCO says NO, unless you want to in-validate any insurance you have. - Of course, it is your choice not to take out insurance in the first place as some seem not to!!

Edited: 5:55 pm, July 04, 2013
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7. Re: Current position in Luxor

September is way too far away.. Look how much things changed in less than a week. My advice would be to book with a deposit that can be refunded if need be, and get insurance. We are due to go in 10 days and even for us is much too hard to tell if we should go or not

Luxor, Egypt
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8. Re: Current position in Luxor

Just a minute I will get my crystal ball.........future cloudy ask again later :)

A lot depends on what sort of person you are. I had 5 people arrive last night another one tomorrow. They are all into Egyptology big time, mature students and the like and their comment was if there is a plane I will be on it.

My dad holidayed in Israel the Xmas before the first gulf war, he couldn't understand why people complained about Bethlehem being crowded at Xmas. He said there was nobody there lol

During the January 2011 events i had an American originally from Czechoslovakia and he said call this a revolution and stayed the full 6 weeks.

Others cancel the moment anything happens. Never leave the hotel because of rumours and have a miserable time

A lot of us are living out here and have no intention of going.

Get as much information as possible and make up your mind depending on what kind of person you are. If you are going to worry the whole time don't come. if you are savvy and aware enjoy yourself. My guests are having a great time at the empty sites

Edited: 7:11 pm, July 04, 2013
Edinburgh, United...
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for Luxor
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9. Re: Current position in Luxor

The current situation now will bear bear no resemblance to the situation in September. Things can change very quickly in Luxor/Egypt, as can be seen by recent events, so no-one can comment as to how things will be in a few months time.

There have been demonstrations in Luxor, but from what I've seen on the internet, these look quite good-natured - however I have also read reports about injuries and possible shootings. So, what is true, I have no earthly idea!! Many stories grow arms and legs!!

Fingers crossed that you do get to travel in September - it's some way off, so hopefully things will be back to some sort of normality by then.

Hurghada, Egypt
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10. Re: Current position in Luxor

Thursday in Luxor has been quiet, the police are out and about with the army.

We have had no power cuts since last week.

We can only wait and hope for the best.