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Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

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Leeds, United...
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Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

It seem to me that the British holiday makers are being taken for a ride by Thomas Cook members of staff.

The scam is that they usher all from plane to their "desk" for visas. These are then paid for on the coach to the Thomas Cook rep. Problem is they inflate the price by £3 per person.

Usually the visas are paid at the Bank kiosks at approx £10 each..... Warning to all ... go to the bank kiosks and save your money!!!!

Who is the extra money going to?????????

Cambridge, United...
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11. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

Why visitors to Luxor havent cottoned on to this rip off I will never know.

On the upside smaller queues at the bank kiosks for those that are aware

Edinburgh, United...
Destination Expert
for Luxor, Nile River Valley, Egypt
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12. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook


Many visitors these days are just looking for a cheap sun holiday and don't read TA!

Cambridge, United...
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13. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

Very true eLaReF

Shame more people do not use this friendly forum to extract information

Sydney, Australia
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14. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

Visas in Luxor--does the question refer to Luxor being one's first entry into Egypt? Information on Egyptian consular site in Oz was visa cost is $US15 in Cairo which covers stay in the country & somewhere I read(maybe tripadvisor) best to have US$ to pay or local currency. Personally I have put $US15 in passport ready to pay exact ammount as have US$ left from another trip. Interested in other's experience.

Edinburgh, United...
Destination Expert
for Luxor, Nile River Valley, Egypt
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15. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook


It is $15 for most of us, no matter where you enter.

London, United...
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16. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

Obviously if a traveler HAS $15US left over from a trip to the USA, then this of course is by far the best way to pay for your visa, as you did (and as I have myself on a couple of occassions) Lyn M.

It is often asked on this forum (and the other Egyptian forums) should visitors buy some US dollars specifically to pay for your Egyptian visa with, but myself and many others feel that this is an unnecessary step to take.

The general advice is - if you already have some US dollars (as you did) then of course use them to pay for your visa, but if you don't, then don't buy any specifically for that purpose.

It should be noted however, that perhaps not EVERY countries currency will be accepted for this purpose and some nationalities may have no choice but to pay for their entry visa in US dollars.

Adelaide, Australia
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17. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

To Lynne M from Sydney -

best to have $15 USD on you so that you won't require any change on your arrival in Cairo. Australian dollars are sitting around the $1.00 AUD = 7 LE (Egyptian pound) at the moment - the best it has been for a long time. So it is okay to bring AUD with you. You can change it at the banks at your hotel or at a bank or money changer.

Hope that this helps.

England, United...
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18. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

My recent experience is that no matter how many times some visitors to Egypt are told the accurate fee for the visa and the best way to get it, they are still not going to listen. I encountered some people a few days ago who were asking on the bus to the terminal about visas and I and others all told them we were regular visitors and that the best thing to do was to go to the bank/visa kiosks etc.

When I was in the immigration queue, the same people were in the line parrallel to mine and I could hear them exchanging complaints about how they had had to pay £15 each! Another couple next to them were saying how they had been before and always paid for their visa's on the bus knowing how much the official price was and where to get them from but believing it was easier - but non the less still complaining!

I had a slightly different experience in as much as I went to the Bank/Visa kiosk I normally go to, got my visa and then asked to exchange some money and he refused to do it saying he was only doing visa's and I should join another queue! I declined and waited until I got in to town!

Lancashire, England
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19. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

Don't bother about complaining to Thomas Cook, they are pulling out of Luxor altogether from this coming April.

I found this out from a travel agent, as I thought it was only Manchester flights that were being withdrawn. I was told that there would be NO flights with them from the UK. This leaves me with the choice of only Thomson or fly to Cairo with Egyptair.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised as on my recent flight there were 30 empty seats and the crew said that was normal so it can't be economically viable for them to continue with the route.

North Lincolnshire
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20. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

We have just returned from a Nile cruise booked through Thomas Cook and on February 6th most of the poor unsuspecting tourists all dutifully queued up at the TC desk at Luxor airport, being told that it was quicker to do it this way, as they could all pay on the bus. It was even announced on the flight before we landed, clearly telling everyone that the visas were £15. Obviously, due to the comments on TA I just went to one of the bank kiosks and handed over my £10 note (no change at all) and was still through passport control before the majority of people on our flight. TC are not doing any more Nile cruises from Luxor after April, something the guides and boat crew are all very upset about - they really like the Brits in Egypt!