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Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

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Leeds, United...
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Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

It seem to me that the British holiday makers are being taken for a ride by Thomas Cook members of staff.

The scam is that they usher all from plane to their "desk" for visas. These are then paid for on the coach to the Thomas Cook rep. Problem is they inflate the price by £3 per person.

Usually the visas are paid at the Bank kiosks at approx £10 each..... Warning to all ... go to the bank kiosks and save your money!!!!

Who is the extra money going to?????????

Exhall, United...
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1. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

The Reps.

The Scottish Borders
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2. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

With Thomas Cook its the blue sky reps - I believe that's their handling agent in Luxor.

The actual Thomas Cook reps are not allowed into the arrivals hall, only their handling agents (tho the TC reps MUST know its happening)

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Hurghada, Egypt
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3. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

I would not worry too much Thomas Cook are not operating to Luxor anymore after April.


London, United...
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4. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

Well if the TC affiliated reps are now ONLY charging £13(GB), then that, although still a rip-off, is considerably LESS than they were conning out of their unsuspecting passengers for YEARS and not too long ago were still charging £18(GB) for a slightly less than £10(GB) entry visa.

As stated, the 'airport visa scam' has been practiced for years, by most, if not ALL travel companies (and has been highlighted in the 'Top Questions' section of this forum for years too) although Thomson at least seem to have 'given up' doing it recently and were in fact directing their passengers to get their own visas from the arrival hall bank booths.

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5. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

We always use banks in airport for visas. You also get a far better exchange rate than England. SUPPORT EGYPT.

Edinburgh, United...
Destination Expert
for Luxor, Nile River Valley, Egypt
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6. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

Travellers who suffer this MUST keep complaining to TC. Eventually they would (hopefully) have to sit up and take notice.

Write to the newspapers etc. - Adverse publicity is something they don't like.

I usually threaten to go with another company, but the problem is that the alternative choices of airline/travel company are getting less and less, and they themselves are pulling out as Ras2 said

London, United...
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7. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

I see your point there eLaReF, but I think that the reality of the situation is that most people are not going to make too much fuss (i.e. write to newspapers, etc) over £3pp and the travel companies agents or reps that use this scam know that and so they will continue to do it, especially as when used on a plane load of visitors equates to quite a tidy sum for them.

The most effective deterrent surely, is for as many visitors as possible to get their OWN visa, either in advance or from the airport bank booths, thereby minimizing the reps revenue from it, whereby they will eventually give up doing it, as indeed Thomson and others seem to have done.

So, as this forum has done for years - spread the word folks !

Edinburgh, United...
Destination Expert
for Luxor, Nile River Valley, Egypt
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8. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

As you know - I'm Scottish!!!

But it's a tidy income for someone - say 150 passengers & you get 50% = £225 or 2250LE - PER PLANE

Even if everyone who wrote about it to TA, wrote to TC instead it would be a start.

Agree with the 'spread the word' statement - I've even been heard doing it on the airport bus from the plane to the terminal

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Hurghada, Egypt
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9. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

I think unless you ask the majority would not know it had happened. The bank kiosks are getting a rake off as they are required by law to put the stamp into your passport not to sell loose stamps.


Luxor, Egypt
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10. Re: Luxor Airport visa "scam" Thomas Cook

I would have been astonished if it were only the reps who were profiting from this, and ras2 has just confirmed part of my suspicion.

However, looking at it from a slightly different angle; I can imagine a time when most tourists might have been quite willing to pay an extra £3 or so, if it meant that they didn't have to stand in a long queue in order to collect their visas, and viewed the extra charge as a bona-fide fee for saving them this chore. But, as with many such scenarios in Egypt, once the mould is set; it becomes almost impossible to change the practice when a change in circumstance occurs.

With regards to the reps getting the extra cash; the same misconception arises with the commission paid by alabaster (etc) factories. I believe that in actual fact, everyone gets a cut from this commission, from the tour company to the coach driver.