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No unrest in Luxor

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No unrest in Luxor

We visited at the end of Jan/start of Feb 13 and despite alarming reports of unrest in the north, there was absolutely no evidence of it in Luxor. Indeed the locals were quick to condemn it as it is driving the tourists away.

The bottom line is-get yourself to Luxor now, it is beautiful historic location and bustling with fabulous people, who deserve your custom.

It is miles away from Cairo and any trouble.

Luxor, Egypt
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1. Re: No unrest in Luxor

Thank you for your comments on the situation as it stood while you were here. I'm so glad that the problems which many visitors complain of so vehemently, miraculously didn't affect you to the extent that it spoilt your holiday. And that you had such a good time, despite the dire warnings from some.

Maybe I should point out that I've never met you, don't know you from Adam, and haven't slipped you a few quid to write nicely about Luxor.

Best wishes,


Cambridge, United...
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2. Re: No unrest in Luxor

As if you would Edward..

Exhall, United...
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3. Re: No unrest in Luxor

Edward to be fair people have in the past only said what THEY have witnessed. Only one person has ever said to stay away as it is hell on earth from memory (and he was given short shrift by ALL the regular posters).

Luxor IS SAFE, but things happen (as they do everywhere) and to try to point score against the 2 or 3 people who point out that things do OCCASIONALY happen in Luxor IS NOT HELPFUL to other people who wish to visit this wonderful city.

Trusted Traveller I am glad you had a great holiday and I am glad you experienced nothing of the trouble from the north of Egypt, as I would expect from anyone visiting Luxor (most of the time).

Glasgow, United...
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4. Re: No unrest in Luxor

Well said StunningStu...and agree with your comments 100%.

It is certainly more helpful to at least have viewpoints on the more negative aspects of visiting,without the posters getting "short shrift"from those who disagree.

Luxor is not perfect...but everyone who visits should at least be given the chance to state their findings without being subjected to any sort of barrage!

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5. Re: No unrest in Luxor

Not sure what you are trying to say in your post Edward. Granted, any warnings that they may have recieved prior to the trip may have made them apprehensive, i dare say had they come across any unrest then the post might not have been as positive as it was. Any reports of no unrest are to be welcomed as are any that report them are to be noted.

London, United...
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6. Re: No unrest in Luxor

I too am puzzled as to why a poster is almost 'congratulated' for stating on this forum the he/she did not witness any incidents of unrest whilst recently in Luxor, as they are obviously just posting details of what the situation was during their visit, which is hardly an unusual scenario. But that doesn't mean that anybody who DOES post that they have witnessed some rowdy incidents on the streets of Luxor is 'making it up' either.

Had the OP visited a week earlier than they did, or a week later than they did, their report may have been very different - or exactly the same, who could say ?

But as StunningStu points out, there HAVE been and doubtless will be many more incidents of public unrest in Luxor, but that does not mean that any potential visitors should be unnecessarily worried by it, as the chances of it having any adverse effect on their holiday will probably be minimal.

So if on their return they post that 'all is well', then that's great for everybody and their report should be noted, but no congratulations are necessary IMO, just as no condemnations are necessary should any poster return from Luxor with a very different report, which, as Julian C suggests, should also be noted.

Luxor, Egypt
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7. Re: No unrest in Luxor

I do love this forum! LOL.


London, England
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8. Re: No unrest in Luxor

I too am a little unsure of why the OP should be congratulated. I have been in Luxor for almost three weeks and, despite an economic undercurrent of quiet desperation, I have neither witnessed nor been made aware of any instances of public disorder. This, however, doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been any or that there won’t be some in the future.

Otherwise, if I have read some of the replies correctly, we now know that if things were a little bit different they wouldn’t be quite the same.

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9. Re: No unrest in Luxor

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10. Re: No unrest in Luxor

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