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hiring a driver (not a guide)

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Portland, Oregon
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hiring a driver (not a guide)


Haven't been back here to the forum since returning from our amazingly wonderful trip to Israel in Oct/Nov. I keep thinking I ought to check in, but life has been really busy.

But now I have a question: one of our friends, with whom we traveled to Israel, is planning another trip next fall. He knows his way around (this will be his 8th trip to Israel, I believe. On our trip we had a tour guide (Shoshana Avrouskine, of Net Tours--a FANTASTIC tour guide!) and then for the last 8 days after the tour was over my husband and I and our friend John stayed just in Jerusalem. :) We basically walked everywhere except for a couple of cab drives. John wants to take his wife next fall and will need to have a driver because she's not able to walk as much as we did. (I wasn't able to do it, either, but I did it anyway...ouch!)

My husband and I have a good friend living in Jerusalem, and John was wondering about asking him if he could hire him to drive them around. We don't know what sort of pay to offer him, though. He's retired, and has the time, but whether he'd want to do it or not I don't know. Does anyone have an idea what would be a fair offer? John doesn't need a guide, but Dan would probably "guide" him somewhat anyway.

If anyone can recommend to us what a fair payment would be I'd be very grateful. We sort of want to know what is fair before talking to him.


Jennifer Saks

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1. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

Not an easy question, since taxis charge eclectic sums when hired by the day. I would say minimum 100 NIS per hour, not including fuel, tolls (like if you drive through road 6 or to and from the airport)( and meals (and lodging if relevant) which I would say should be on you as well.

Portland, Oregon
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2. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

I know...it's a hard one. We may just have to ask our friend and see what he says,but I'm afraid he might not be generous enough with himself. :) Or that he will say no because he doesn't want to name a price.

Destination Expert
for Tel Aviv, Galilee, Israel
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3. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

What car are you going to use? A rented car or your friend's car? In both cases insurance does not apply. Or you have to make a specail one, and I am not sure one is available or possible. If he would drive and not get paid, but will be listed on the rented car license, it might work. You can give him a present of some sort after the trip is over without incidents.

Cincinnati, Ohio
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for Israel
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4. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

Shoshana raises a good point. Even if you use his car, the moment you pay him, then he really needs a chauffeur's license to drive you, and his insurance is probably void. If you use your rental car, he has to be listed on the contract, and again if you pay him, you're in a different category. The driving guides have the chauffeur's license (it's quite a process to get it); that's how they do it.

We're not trying to be your nanny's or the police, but that is an important fact for your friends to know.

If he just drives them gratis, then he is just being a friend.

Douglas Duckett

Portland, Oregon
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5. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

Thank you so much for letting me know about the legal issues. I didn't know that, but I'm sure our friend in Israel does and would have told us when we finally approached him with the idea. So...guess that idea is out now. If our friend wants a driver he can either take a taxi (probably the cheapest way, since he doesn't need a guide) or he can hire a driver.

Thanks again.

Portland, Oregon
posts: 22
6. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

I should add...the idea our friend John had was to ask Dan to drive his own car and accept pay for that. We wouldn't expect him to do that and not be recompensed for the expense. John could rent a car, but he's uncomfortable with the idea of driving in Israel.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Destination Expert
for Tel Aviv
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7. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

Leaving the (important) legal aspects aside for a moment - what gives you the idea that your friend wants to be a driver for somebody else?

The fact that I have a kitchen at home does not imply that I want to cook meals for people I don't know, even if I'm paid....

mid-hudson valley...
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8. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

I haven't had an opportunity to use this driver, but I bookmarked his site a while ago because I liked it.


And if you google his name, you find some positive references.

I think Anon is in the ballpark as for cost. The driver I normally use charged a car-less friend 100 NIS an hour to pick up and deliver some equipment.

Portland, Oregon
posts: 22
9. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

I neglected to mention that our friend in Jerusalem DOES know our friend from the US. They aren't strangers. He's stayed with them before, and on our last trip we were all together several times. Dan told him to let him know when he's back in Israel if he can be of any help, knowing he would be back before long. And no, we don't know for sure that he would want to drive him, but he is retired and sort of knocking around the house right now, as his wife is still working. So that's why our US friend thought maybe he might be interested in doing this. But he just didn't want to bring it up to him without knowing what would be a fair amount to offer him. We have no idea what people charge for such things, and you don't want to offend by offering too little. I think prices are much higher in Israel than what you might hire someone here to do the same thing.

posts: 21,544
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10. Re: hiring a driver (not a guide)

Which is why you asked, I suppose.