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Dengue Fever

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Dengue Fever

Do I was reading in the thread about taking kids to the Maldives and the issue of dengue fever kept coming up! I think someone mentioned that it was a big issue recently?? How bad is it? Have a lot of people been really ill from it? I heard it cannot be vaccinated against.

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11. Re: Dengue Fever

Is it worth noting which islands "fog" against mosquitos? (And whether fogging is efficacious in killing mozzies?)

Dublin, Ireland
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12. Re: Dengue Fever

Efficacious - had to look that up lol

I just googled "fogging mosquitos" and lots of interesting articles came up. Apparently there are some tricky mosquitos who have become immune to the chemicals used (maybe they're all now on Biyadhoo in those bushes by the beach, west side!!!).

Same for any chemical I suppose, nature will become resistant. Not resistant to my hand as it lands on their head at 50 mph though

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13. Re: Dengue Fever

Mozzies defenatily have no resistance to the heal of a Sparklly flip flop !!!!! Do they Ian ;)

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14. Re: Dengue Fever

do you think thats what Ian meant when he said he still gets bitten when wearing repellant? He classifies wearing his sparkly flip flops as wearing repellant? :-)

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15. Re: Dengue Fever

Lol @ Froggy

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16. Re: Dengue Fever

wellington... only you can know if you want to expose your baby to a maldivian vacation . i would not bring a baby under 2 years of age .. but that is just me . many parents here are very aggressive about their right to bring tiny ones and most of the time , nothing happens and the babies get through the trip just fine

London, United...
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17. Re: Dengue Fever

Wellington, there is repellents for babies, Absolutely, do a google search and ask your doctor/ paediatric nurse to recommend one,

Ps, I'm with spammie on this one to an extent, I would not take a young baby much under two either, but i think the aggression is on both sides, from people telling parents not to, and parents saying they will, and no, nothing normally happens, but it has happened. So protection is very very important to mitigate that risk.

Normally I say I would not do it, or can't understand why anyone would, but we do have posters who feel very strongly and say they don't think any children below seven should be in the Maldives and that all child tourists should be banned from the whole country, which as you can imagine, is never greeted universally well, and then the aggression begins. Lol.

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18. Re: Dengue Fever

Been to the Maldives loads of times and have never had a problem with mozzies, maybe we've just been lucky, think my husband got bit once about 2 years ago, don't know if it depends when you travel (we always go Feb/Mar)

Surrey, UK
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19. Re: Dengue Fever

Just seen somewhere this morning that dengue and yellow fever carrying mossies are becoming specifically resistant to Deet, or rather that they just ignore it, so should probably be looking at a different type of repellant..... Have to say Avon Skin So Soft (has to be the blue flavour because it's got citronella in it) works for me and might be a child friendly option? (even if I'm not!!)

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20. Re: Dengue Fever

Wellington, as a parent myself who has taken my children to Maldives many times, my advice is to be wary of taking a baby that young, as you are a long way from medical treatment should the need arise. Certainly I would avoid an island that is only reachable by seaplane as these don't operate during the day, so if your baby were to become ill in the evening, you wouldn't be able to get them to hospital until the next day.

I don't want to scare you but it's best to be aware of the situation, as babies can get very ill very quickly. Once they're a bit older and more robust, Maldives is a lovely, safe destination for kids if they love sand and water.