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Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

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New Zealand
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Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

Hi guys

I need help! I'm trying to plan a stopover in the Maldives. We will hopefully be there in the 2nd week of Sept this year for a week.

There is so much confusing information, it's really hard to find out what I need to know.

I want to stay in a quiet resort that's not too expensive. There are so many islands I don't know which ones are the best. If you stay on one is it easy to go for day trips to other islands? We want to stay somewhere that has some activites/nightlife in the evening but more for couples (not families).

Is it better to have food included? I don't imagine that there will be too many places to buy from.

If you fly into Male, do you usually then have to fly to the other islands or do you get a boat? Is it expensive to go between islands?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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1. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!


As you are going the 2nd week of Sept. I imagine most children will be back at school so you shouldn't have a problem there. Of course there is always babies :-)

I don't think you can guarantee that there won't be children just try to avoid islands that cater for them. Bandos has been mentioned as child friendly. Try the Search on here for previous posts from people who want to bring their children to the Maldives.

When it comes to activities/nightlife in the evening there really isn't any or very little. The Maldives isn't really a nightlife location. It's more about having dinner and relaxing with a cocktail in the bar.

Each island just has that one resort/hotel on it so you are limited to eating in the restaurant/restaurants on that island. There are no shops as such just a gift shop with swimwear, suncream and maybe chocolate. If you choose a large island with several restaurants you could go B&B and have the freedom to try different restaurants as FB and AI usually confines you to the main restaurant with perhaps a credit towards eating in one of the other restaurants.

Once you arrive you take either a boat or seaplane to your resort island depending on how far from Male it is.

You don't really make boat trips to other islands in that there isn't a regular service but most resorts offer a boat trip to an inhabited island nearby and/or another resort close by for a day trip.

Islands that we've been to and recommend are Makunudu which is small and romantic, Filitheyo which is larger but also very good and Royal Island which is more expensive with good facilities but had a couple of well behaved Japanese children there during both of our visits. We are about to try Vakarufalhi which has been recommended quite a lot on this site as has Komandoo.

If you enter the names of the above islands into the search box and read the reviews it may give you an idea if they are what you're looking for. Otherwise look at www.hellomaldives.com as the descriptions of the resorts appear to have come almost directly from a book about the Maldives by Adrian Neville which give an unbiased review of each island.

Hope this helps.



Dos cerveza, por...
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2. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

I bought a copy of that book by Adrian Neville at the MAT terminal. It is an excellent book with good descriptions of nearly all the resorts.

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3. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

Rex Diver

I use Adrian Neville's book for all our holidays to the Maldives and it's been spot on so far.

Bought the first one on our first visit to the Maldives in the gift shop on Reethi Rah when it was a rather run down island. In it he asked for people to email him what they thought of various islands and we did so after visiting Villivaru. He replied and said that he was about to bring out a second edition in 2002 which we subsequently bought as it included Royal Island.

I had heard that he was about to do a third book but haven't seen it anywhere. Would like to get it if anyone has seen a third edition which features some of the newer resorts.



Dos cerveza, por...
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4. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

Siobhan - Mine is the 2nd edition so it's 4 years old now. I would be interested to get a 3rd edition when it's out. Bought mine at MAT terminal for $25 - Nearly 1/2 price to resort.......

As you say, an excellent reference.......

New Zealand
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5. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

Thanks Siobhan for all your help, much appreciated. It gives me a starting point, I might see if I can buy a copy of that book.

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6. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

Hi Crazykiwitraveller

Glad to help. I know the book is on Amazon UK not sure otherwise. If you're buying it make sure as Rex said that it's the 2002 edition not the 1998 one as newer resorts are added. Don't know if he has finished the third edition yet.

In the book he gives an email address of

adrian@sevenholidays.com and might be able to tell you if the book is available in New Zealand.

Once you've picked a resort there will probably be loads of info about it on this site anyway.

Have a great holiday.



Cotswolds, United...
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7. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

To all .... Note Edition 3 is due out in September if you can wait that long ... Neville is apparently in the Maldives at the moment putting the finishing touches to his book ..... activegirl

Liverpool, United...
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8. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

No Kids Guaranteed..Try SANDLES!! LOL!!!

No, just kidding, I think the smaller the resort the less chance of kids!! or the more expensive the less chance!!

Sorry it's not much help, I do think the book idea is your best bet!

We go to a very big Island with kids on it, but we are not talking rowdy and you hardly hear or see them, especially when you are on your own part of the beach!

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9. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

Hi there. We have pretty much the same criteria as you. I would be absolutely horrified if there were children in our holiday resort. It would totally spoil it. That's one reason why we love the Maldives. If you choose the right resort there are rarely any little monsters. We always choose small resorts with no facilities for families. Importantly - no swimming pool. The first time we went to a resort called Nakatcha - which is no longer there. It had abuot 45 rooms and there were no children at all. The second time we went to Baros which is about 80 rooms. It was full, but all couples except one family. It was really odd to see them there and it was the first time we'd seen children in the Maldives.

They were a lovely and the child was not a problem at all, but I felt for them as they spent the entire time avoiding the heat! The baby was a nightmare, though and we had to move rooms to get to the other side of the island. They never went out to eat because the restaurants were not the sort of place to take children to and they sometimes went out for a drink - separately whilst one was babysitting.

This time we've chosen Coco Palm. The rationale for that is that it is another one that seems not to attract children. It's also a seaplane transfer. From what I've read, most people who do take families prefer an speedboat transfer. I hope I haven't got it wrong, but luckily we're just outside the school holidays so the worst we might get is the odd toddler - fingers crossed.

Wash, DC
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10. Re: Romantic getaway - no kids in sight please!

I would avoid Reethi Rah. They have a children's club and we were there in October and there were lots of families. I don't think it was a problem for us (we always felt that the beaches near our villa was private and very secluded). However, the common areas had a lot of children (pools, resturants, etc)

Hope this helps.

Happy Travels!