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SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

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SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

Yesterday I purchased a new SIM Card for use in my unlocked mobile phone during this visit to Cambodia as the previous one had expired.

It has long been the law that foreigners must have their passport photocopied to get a SIM Card but this was largely ignored and most phone shops happy to accept your national photo ID Driver's Licence with Home Address on it. Not any more! Neither my new series Cambodia photo ID Driver's Licence with Cambodian address on it nor my Australian Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence acceptable any more. It was passport or nothing! But as in most things in Cambodia there is a middle path. Just used a friend's National ID Card to make the purchase of the SIM and everyone very happy allround! One minute later had a Cellcard 089 prefix SIM card with full services and including $2. call credit for purchase price of $5. and back in contact with my Khmer friends.

All best regards to all. Ian

Perth, Australia
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1. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

Thanks for the info Im off to Phnom Penh in a couple weeks and was planning on purchasing a card to use there.

I'll make sure I take my passport with me.

Perth, Australia
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2. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

Thanks for that Ian, as we will need to get a sim card when we go in Jan and we dont normally take our passports when we are out and about. Have a fruitful trip and regards to Davy and Khom


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3. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

Hello Val and Charlie,

Thanks for your best wishes.

Last night I invited Davy and her son, Davuto, 17, and Khom to join me for dinner at the Blue Lime. Vila could not make it because of Pchum Ben commitments - a pity really as I have about a kilo of tourist information literature for her for her visit to Australia in December/January I want to get rid of to her!

All are well. Davy has suffered a serious setback and is now dependent on selling hand-made flowers and some Tourist/Tour Assistant work for her income. Fortunately, she is looking after an Australian Independent film maker interested in Cambodian Handicrafts this Saturday and she has organised a car all day for him and his wife at $45.

I've just received a phone call from Kg. Spoe apologising for not picking me up and taking me there! Fortunately, Lady Geraldine at Blue Lime can do a room shuffle for me but not in a lower cost standard room. Karma - just go with the flow.

I, too, never take my passport outside of the hotel with me in the course of my daily activities. My passport is always kept locked up when not required for official purposes.

A simple solution would be to travel with a pre-copied copy or two

of your passport title/photo page. Actually, I have an American friend permanently living in Bangkok who has made a full size, laminated, colour copy of his passport photo/title page and moves around SE Asia using this for hotels, SIM Cards, vehicle hire in Thailand etc. He just keeps it in his shirt pocket all the time. I've never quite got round to doing this.

All best regards. Ian

Blenheim New Zealand
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4. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

thanks Ian. We are getting into PP on Wednesday morning and am just in the process of unlocking our phone. Will get our friendly taxi driver to purchase the sim card for us this time round. Appreciate your timely advice



Phnom Penh
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5. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

If you are flying in, there are booths selling Sim cards as you exit the terminal before the taxis. Easiest to do it a that time as they are conversant in English and can accommodate various local/roaming/internet needs.

Denver, CO
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6. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

Jim - that's great advice - unfortunately flights from the west coast in the states always seem to get in close to midnight and those little kiosks are closed up:)

Thanks for the head's up Ian!

Phnom Penh
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7. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

EVA Air from the states gets in mid day and I hear you can get a Hello Kitty meal these days. Asiana and Korean get in late and have a terrible lay over on the return.

Denver, CO
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8. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

Hi Jim - the Hello Kitty meal is tempting, but as EVA Air costs are usually $1000 more per ticket I'll tolerate the long lay over on the return:)

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9. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

Try not to get SMART SIM cards, they offer the cheapest mobile internet connections as well as intra-network telephony charges... but it's now clogged with many locals hopping on the offers and as a result the network is always busy... just a tip from my Cambodian friends who are using this network.

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10. Re: SIM Card Purchase - Phnom Penh

Thanks everyone for an update about sim card and phone.

I have my I phone 4 unlock for my Asia trip, but if it does not work well ( I hope not), can I bring my phone to any phone store to get it check and to purchase sim card plus air time ? OR can I get it done at the airport after I done with immigration . Please advise