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Visa for Armenia

Tel Aviv, Israel
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Visa for Armenia

I will be traveling between Tlibisi and Yerevan in April. I was told that if I travel by train I will need a visa but if I take a Marshrutka I can get a visa at the border. Can anyone confirm this is the case and if you get a visa at the border how much is it. Also is it simple to travel by Marshrutka to Stepanekert and here again what is the visa situation. Do I need to get one in Yerevan or can i register in Stepanekert. If I have to get one in Yerevan is it done on the spot and any idea of the cost




Aden, Yemen
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1. Re: Visa for Armenia

While many agencies will say you cannot get the visa by train, i have met many people in the region who have done it. The pain is the train arrives super late at night.

Personally, i took the marshrutka and the visa is a painless procedure at the border (6 Euro) Although you should always mention your nationality when asking about visas.

The permit (not visa) for N-K can be attained in Yerevan in advance or in Stepanakert upon arrival.

For more stuff on Armenia, check out my blog joestrippin.blogspot.com/search/label/Armenia

Tel Aviv, Israel
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2. Re: Visa for Armenia

Thanks a lot - that looks easy enough and was more or less what I had heard. I just heard that NK is not recommended now due to fighting with Azerbaijan but I am not going for a couple of months yet so hopefully the situation will be better. You have loads of good pics and info on your blog. Will have a good look at the weekend.

Malmesbury, United...
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3. Re: Visa for Armenia

Angle, I have just returned to the uk from Armenia and NK. I have been 49 times and do not be worried re NK. The journey between the two is around 5 hours on Tarmac roads (used to take around 17-20 hrs on unmade tracks full of bomb holes etc) scenery is stunning, and you will see no trouble. You do not go to the border areas with Azerbijian what is more before you get within miles the army will politely turn you away. You can obtain visa at foreign ministry in step or at Artsakh Representation office in Yerevan. Just make sure you buy one as you will be stopped on your way back to Yerevan the border post is a good hour from Step, high in the mountains and it's a curse to have to return to get legal!

I in fact hire a car but there is good transport services between both capitals.

Hope this helps you.

Tel Aviv, Israel
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4. Re: Visa for Armenia

Helps a lot thanks. Just one more question - do i get the visa for NK on the spot at the representation office in Yerevan or does it take a day or two. Presumably I would only have to bring a couple of passport pics.

Yerevan, Armenia
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5. Re: Visa for Armenia

Hello, yes its more fast and easy to get from Tbilisi to Yerevan by Marshrutka. On car it takes nearly 4 hours on marshrutka maybe 5 or 6 hours, so u can easily get visa on the boarder, it coasts not much than 30$ per month , fromYerevan to Stepanakert u dont need any visa, its absolutley free. If u need any exact information i can check for you its not a problem for me. So, if u have any kind of questions write on me emai, i will be happy to help you. this is my email dominoarmenia@gmail.com

Yerevan, Armenia
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6. Re: Visa for Armenia

for NK u dont need any visa, besides in your passport nobody wont put a stamp that u have been in NK, u only get stamp when u pass a boarder of Armenia, and beetwen Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh there isnt any Boarders, its the same as u travel in Armenia, and the situation in NK is very good and calm i have visited NK many times and enjoyed it , u need to be in Gandzasar. best regards

Tel Aviv, Israel
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7. Re: Visa for Armenia

Thanks for the extra information. Gandzasar looks amazing. Is it close to Stephanakert.

New York City, New...
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8. Re: Visa for Armenia

you can get visas online and e visa for armenia. It is very easy. Some people get visas for stepanakert but i just brough passport and armenia visa they did not say anything very nice about it

hong kong
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9. Re: Visa for Armenia


I am from Hong Kong. I plan to visit Armenia and Kharabagh for 11 days. My tour will cover the cost of Kharabagh visa but the Armenia visa is not included. Is it the case that I only need 2 visas for my trip ? If that is so, I only need the Armenia visa. However, I checked the web but did not find an Armenia consulate or embassy in Hong Kong. How should I apply for the Armenia visa ? Can you supply me the link to applying visas/e visas online ? Will they accept overseas application (from Hong Kong) ? Thanks to anyone who helps !

Tel Aviv, Israel
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10. Re: Visa for Armenia

Hi there I cant help you as we dont have an Armenian embassy in Israel either but it seems you can get the visa at the border - if you read above that is what I asked about.