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Heart Hotel in Hanoi

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Heart Hotel in Hanoi

We checked in this morning. So far I have been far from pleased with this hotel, which is a shame as I was looking forward to staying in it.

First the good, the location and it is quite clean.

Now the bad. If you are using their website as a reference for the quality of experience - don't. The site doesn't represent the experience truly, in reality the hotel isn't nearly as nice as the website portrays. Next, we are in room 301 which the hotel staff describe as "Deluxe City View", the reality is we are only a couple of floors above a semi-busy narrow street and if I spit really hard I could hit the "City View???" across the street which happens to be an apartment requiring me to be at least another five floors higher to get a "City View". Next, and I haven't seen this described anywhere else and that's why I am taking the time to list it here - the disco...

At shortly after 5:00PM I was sitting at the small desk in our room watching a trail of ants crawl across the top of my laptop as I typed away, when suddenly the desk started vibrating to the techno music erupting from the disco next door (something I hadn't noticed on the way in to the hotel but in a flash of brilliance I realised must be the case - uuugh). Honestly the music was so loud that I could lightly rest my hand on my pant leg and feel my pant leg moving. I went downstairs to talk to the girl at the front desk to find out if it went all night and her previously good grasp of English instantly and mysteriously dissapeared. I went up to my room with no further understanding of when it would end, pretty frustrated. Luckily it ended 15mins later. Of course the story doesn't end there, I get to type this post up while listening to the latest techno beat from Europe - still going strong at 10:30PM.

No point in talking to the staff about it, they can't do a thing. But given this new understanding I would never recommend this location to my friends. Speaking of staff, this is the first hotel we have been in (in just over a month) where they simply wear street clothes, smoke behind the front desk while talking to you and act with an air of indifference. Ok, so no identifiying uniform, badge or what have you, I can live with that I guess but when we got back from dinner (Kangaroo Cafe, a great little spot) I wasn't sure if the new evening staff were guests or disco overflow as one fellow I didn't recognise asked if I had a key to a room. Huh? "And you are...?" is what ran through my head.

Well, I could continue but the song blasting right now has a strong bass beat and I am feeling it through the keyboard everytime it hits. Annoying. So I will end here.

In case I haven't been clear enough, ehhhrrrmmmmm, book elsewhere.

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1. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi


Why you not try the Fortuan Hotel?


Melbourne, Australia
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2. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi

very funny feel-fill-

onemore-how many nights are you booked in this fabulous establishment? can you not just check out and move somewhere else?

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3. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi

Tomorrow morning we are moving to a room higher up, after a discussion with the front desk staff earlier today.

My wife dislikes moving the kids around in "the hotel shuffle" so we are staying here for another two nights then the plan is for Halong Bay (I'm hoping I don't have to grit my teeth as much if we get higher up and on the other side of the hotel). When we return from Halong Bay it will be to an as yet undecided hotel location. Martin of Tonkin Travel popped by our hotel this evening on an unrelated matter (owe him for train tickets down south and wanted to talk about Halong Bay). Lucky for him he showed up shortly after the first disco speaker test run had finished. I asked if he could make some calls for me then let me know what's available for our remaining five nights.

The great thing about this site (and others) is the ability to speak about boats, hotels or what have you with a local agent. We were blasting hotel names and comments back and forth like it was a common language. Martin indicated things are much busier this time of year as compared to last year. This is inline with other stats and comments I have seen, year over. We decided on a quick short list and he said he would take care of things - leaving me more time to wander the streets of Hanoi in search of all things Hanoi.

Ohhhh, this ones a good one, anyone recognise it? "Bumpa, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bing, Bing, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bumpa, Bing, Bing...".

victoria,bc canada
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4. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi

This alert much appreciated Shaun!

I just dumped the Heart Hotel into the forget-it bin. Hope things work out a little better for you guys upstairs.

Fremantle, Western...
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5. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi

Oh dear, Shaun - very sorry to hear that the Heart Hotel wasn't up to your expectations (it sounds like it's really pumping though!!).Bad pun that.

I may have to review our decision to stay there also as Martin from Tonkin Travel had alluded to the fact in another post that it may be a little noisy of Fri/Sat nights - we'll be there on those nights so back to the drawing board.

I look forward to the further adventures of you and your delightful family. Thanks for the heads up!


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6. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi

At least you still have your sense of humour!

I hope the Halong Bay trip yurns out better for you.

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7. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi

I remember Martin writing up it could be a bit noisy on Fri/Sat, if Tues night is any example then the weekend at the Funky Monkey Disco must be "Rockin' Da House".

Having just spoken to the frond desk staff our option for the move is only one floor directly above us on the same street side exposure. I'm thinking it will still be very loud, just wondering if I will be able to sing along to the lyrics or just hum to the bass note thump. ;-)

On the upside, breakfast Pho was quite good and the baguette and jam (good strawberry jam, almost like Dalat jam) was really good. The staff has warmed up a bit but even Donald Trump laying out the charm from behind the front desk would have a tough time making me love the disco scenario.

Looks like I have an hour or so to come up with an alternative hotel. I'm thinking the Quoc Hoa. Well, I'm going to have to start digging hard, will report on the outcome.

victoria,bc canada
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8. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi


Hotel options. Just the ones I imagine you might consider..Got these from the brand new (5th ed pub Sep 06) Rough guide:

(all old quarter & west of Hoan Kiem Lake)

Church hotel, 9 nha tho "surprisingly affordable,new..."

Hong Ngoc, 39 hang bac, (above norm prices reflect higher standard)

Thien Trang,24Nha Trung,"surprisingly affordable ..small, friendly..not fancy but clean..the top floor room has roof terrace,great views!

French Quarter

Zephyr,4Ba Trieu,recently revamped 3*..good value..prime location by Hoan Kiem L. & ...no kidding...

Army, 33cPham Ngu lao"..QUIET BACKSTREET..value for central location (big old fashioned rooms

Hope you're already squared away with something nice-w/o a disco


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9. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi

Everything is good to go, we are in the Quoc Hoa, nice room and nice hotel. Balcony looks out on to the corner of "tin street" which is quite lively (and noisy as you can imagine all the beating and hammering and shaping that goes on, on the sidewalk). Step out and feel it going on, step back and close the door and hear the quiet whisper of A/C. The only disco noise is the one in my head from last night. ;-)

I called Ly of Tonkin Travel this morning and scrambled the jets. She had me into this place with a cheaper rate than I saw anywhere.

Thanks for the heads-up on the hotels Jack. I was on to some of them but suprisingly, things are quite full. I didn't contact the "Army Hotel" as I have read elsewhere it is quite cold at this time of year.

After checking in here, we wandered around until we hit "Cha Ca La Vong" (which is only a five minute walk away) for lunch and who did we bump into??? Martin, Ly, their staff and Martin's parents over from Oz out for lunch at the same place. Imagine walking upstairs into that little upstairs restaurant (they say it's the oldest restaurant in Vietnam "Since 1871") and seeing them all sitting there, what are the odds in this city. Really enjoyed the lunch, REALLY enjoyed the menu which gets tossed down in front of you on a small plastic sheet and only has one item on it (have photos that will have Phil drooling, if I can ever get caught up on the blog) then off across the street to "Baguette & Chocolat" for a bit of takeout, ehhhrrrmmmm that is some freakin' good dessert going on there. I'm just polishing off a little chocolate-coco number that is pure quality.

Doreen and Evan are off to find a large English bookstore to maybe pickup some gift cookbooks. I'm blogging and Keegan is helping me with the choco-coco French dessert and a banana - simultaneously. Yup, things are good.

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Heart Hotel in Hanoi

great to see such a happy ending

try the chocolate eclat in baguette - it is truly the best cake i have eaten in my life (and I'm an authority on the subject I can assure you)

keep posting- really enjoying reading everything - thanks.