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Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

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Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

hi can anyone give me a rough price for a taxi from bangkok airport to phuket we are going to go to the Cape Panwa Hotel


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1. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

Wow, do you really want to do this? It will take ages! A plane will be much quicker.

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2. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

i was just curious to know how much it costs compared to paying for a plane do you know how long it will take?


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3. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

You do realise that Phuket is an island several hours drive South of Bangkok? It is a 1 1/2 hour plane flight which would perhaps translate in to a 12 hour taxi ride. What about taking the train if you do not wish to fly?

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4. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

Some of the travel agents offer a shared van service to Phuket. Some of the run will by bus and some by van. I did the run to Hatyai, it was a long ride!

I think Train is best for most of the way.

This info is from this line: http://www.phuket.com/info/travel_there.htm

By Train

There is no direct train link to Phuket. Trains go to from Hualomphong Station in Bangkok to Surathani. From there you catch a bus to Phuket. Most tour companies can issue tickets which include the bus transfer from Surat. The train journey takes about 12 hours from Bangkok with another 4 hours from Surat to Phuket by road.

Trains have different classes which range in price, according to whether the seats are in a compartment and/or whether it's air-conditioned or fan. For train schedules contact the State Railway of Thailand Tel: (02) 220 4334. Advance tickets are available at all main stations or the Bangkok Advance Booking Office. Tel. (02) 225-0300 ext 5200-3.

Good luck.

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5. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

Hi Brett, we priced this for last October as I was trying to get out of another plane flight but the price was dearer then the whole eight of us flying.

We were told 8-10 hours plus, depending on how many stops we had along the way. Early 6am start as well and then the driver has to be paid for the return journey back to Bangkok. In the end we booked Air Asia flights and an hours time we were landing into Phuket, so I felt a bit stupid realising we still would of had another 9 plus hours to drive.

If your not in any hurry to get to Phuket, I was told the drive is interesting, but we also had 3 children that threatened to fly themselves to Phuket and meet us there...

Good luck, Rene

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6. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

Yes, I believe it is a 12 hour drive, but if the taxi driver is saying 8, then you know it could be a bit of a hairy drive. I just realised, it is all the way to Cape Panwa? Add another hour to the drive. Really not worth it, in my opinion.

Why waste a day, when you won't be able to take in the sights unless you intend to take it really slowly and stop either overnight - or two along the way?

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7. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

DON'T take a care to Phuket. It takes forever, and is incredibly tiring (and a waste of time). You'll have a 1 1/2-2 hour drive from Phuket airport to Cape Panwa anyway. Fly. Its cheap and quick.

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8. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

The drive to Phuket is about 900 kilometers on, at best, dual carriageway roads. I have driven it a few times and the best I have ever done was 10 hours and that was stopping only to buy petrol, go to the bathroom and back on the road.

Eight hours and you are pushing the safety factor a bit. It is a tiring drive, even for a professional driver. If you have a large group and want to avoid air fares - take the bus. The train is inconvenient and you are still going to have to catch a bus anyway.

A taxi? Don't forget that he has to drive back to BKK too and that will be included in your costs.

If the price is right - a taxi might be okay. But do make a deal with them to drive at a reasonable rate of speed. "Cha cha" in Thai means slow - try that a few times and it usually works.

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9. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket

I just want to add . . .

900 kilometers may not seem like a really long distance to people used to freeways/expressways - but realize that NONE of the drive between BKK and HKT is expressway. None. There are stop lights, cities, villages, loads of traffic - it is a long long drive to do in one day.

Western Australia
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10. Re: Taxi from Bangkok to Phuket


I've driven from Bangkok to Phuket just about every year for the last eighteen years - but driving myself in a rented car, not in a taxi. I think it would be a pretty tiring exercise in a taxi - and a pretty dangerous one too if the driver intends doing it in eight hours!

I do this drive because I like to stop at lots of places along the way overnight or for a day or so, so that the drive itself may take me a week or more.

This drive and the stays on the way make up a large part of my holiday, but if you are treating the drive as simply an eight hour taxi ride to get to Phuket where you intend to holiday, I wouldn't recommend it - it would be more of an endurance test than a holiday in my opinion.

The plane is an awful lot easier, and probably cheaper. As someone else said, I can't see much point in a train journey because it doesn't go anywhere near Phuket - you will still have to catch your taxi for several hours from Surat Thani to Phuket.