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Recommend a Travel Agent for going to Pattaya

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Recommend a Travel Agent for going to Pattaya

Can you recommend a good travel agent to handle the room reservations and arranging a car to pick you up at the Bangkok airport and return? For the soi 8,9 area

Great Britain
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1. Re: Recommend a Travel Agent for going to Pattaya

Hi nick

I am from england, I have a friend who is currently living in pattaya. I also know a good taxi driver who can come and pick you up from the airport.

The cost for the taxi fare is about bht 1500 plus any tolls along the way. I am going over to Pattaya in March around the 21st, if you are heading that way let me know. if you happen to arrive there on the same day as me, it wont cost you cent.

There is a good hotel called nasa orchid near jomtien, they charge approximatly 5to 6 hundred bht a night, all airconditioned rooms and very safe.

you can contact me anthonio15inch@yahoo.co.uk

instead of a travel agent, why dont you try a flight discounter, you might get a better deal for your flight.

By the way been to florida, lovely place.

kind regards


south florida
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2. Re: Recommend a Travel Agent for going to Pattaya

im from south fl. looking into going to pattaya for the first time..any advice on airlines,prices etc.. would be appriciated!


Great Britain
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3. Re: Recommend a Travel Agent for going to Pattaya

please read my previous post, if you are interested send an email.



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4. Re: Recommend a Travel Agent for going to Pattaya

Look, Nick, you dopey git. Use your own brains not all these so called friends who have friends who have friends in Pattaya, etc.

Stay your first nite in Bangkok and get your head together. And sleep. Long flight, new culture, etc.

Good value hotels are Pinnacle, Malaysia, Bangkok Centre, Madarin. All 3 stars, all about $20. Can be booked from desk on ground floor of airport near exit -before you get outside to the taxis. They always have rooms available. Pay private taxi 300baht to avoid waiting in long queue in the heat, and the (private unmetered) taxi will whisk you down the expressway into town in no time flat. In spite of what everyone says (often out of fear of scams) it is a good investment!

Next morning get the Subway to Sukhumvit, change onto the Skytrain (called Asok -though it is @ Sukhumvit) and get off 3 stations later at Ekkamai. Down the stairs to the bus station. Walk in, turn right. The Pattaya kiosk is end right. 90baht. 2 hours. Easy. Good trip.

Once at the bus station in Pattaya (in North Road) there's a reasonable hotel 50metres away called Noppakao -turn left out of bus station. OR, take baht bus into town -down North road- and look round for a place to stay. Much research can be done on the net beforehand. Hotels Pattaya.

So1 8 and 9, eh? Naughty boy.

Get yourself there and have a great time. Oh, the girl will insist on showering first, and so should you. Thais are very clean. If you are nervous or have any reason to doubt her honesty take your valuables into the shower room with you.

Soi girls -club girls- will cost. Cheaper and no less beautiful option is to drink in a bar on Pattaya Second rd, called Pattaya seung just above the sois -see pattaya map on the net. Here, when you simply can no longer resist the beauty on show, you simply pay a "bar fine" (that's what it is called) of 200baht, take her home and make your own arrangements. If she doen't stay the night it is etiquette to give her 100baht for her fare home. Being decent and respectful counts.

Most of the girls are actually very nice nice people, doing the best they can for themselves. The Thai word for beautiful (girl) is pronounced SOO-ay. Accent on SOO. And, oh Nick, they are!

Have a realy great time. Cheers.

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5. Re: Recommend a Travel Agent for going to Pattaya

Nick, in addition to what UKMartin, I mean ThaiMartin (sorry Martin, couldn���t resist :^>) said if you want to save even more money just take a walk along beach road. There are loads of very attractive girls that will come with you without the expense (if you can call 200 baht an expense) of the bar fine.

As martin said there is a bar complex at the top of soi song (soi 2) and another at the top of soi bad (soi 8) both on Pattaya Song (second road). Try to avoid drinking on beach road or most of the gogo bars as the beer is very expensive, usually within a 90 second walk you can get you beers a lot cheaper and still be surrounded by gorgeous girls (or boys if that is what you prefer). You should be spending about 50 or 60 baht for a cold bottle of Singha beer, but if you sniff around you can get it for less than this.

As for the girls the going rate is 500 to 1000 for the night, but feel free to give them more, Thais normally have very low wages and money from farrangs (foreigners) comes in very useful for them. The two most important things to remember about Thailand are 1) they are real people, doing their best, and 2) have fun.