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Daytime mosquitoes?

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Newcastle upon...
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Daytime mosquitoes?


I have heard there are mosquitoes through the day that carry the dengue fever. i normally get eaten alive, should i be even more careful through the day than night? i was going to use an incognito cream, might be a silly question but do i apply this under or over sun cream (don't want to get bit or burnt) should i also use a deet spray through the day? should i be reapplying after cooling in the pool? not sure how much of an issue this is.

thanks for any advice

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1. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?


Dengue is a really nasty illness, and it is in Samui.

Put your suncreame on before you leave your room, and allow at least 20mins for it to soak in.

Then spray on your insect repellent, don't use a cream as it may react with your suncreame and make it less effective. Use a spray rather than a creame. Also use an aftersun with contains insect repellent.

ALWAYS apply sunscreen and if you want your insect repellent after using the pool - it washes the product off!!

You may find this a useful link about the dengue mozzies www.wikihow.com/Prevent-Getting-Dengue-Fever

Newcastle upon...
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2. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?

Thanks for the useful advice!

Darmstadt, Germany
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3. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?

I have been reading lots about this this week. I seems like this may be the worst year for dengue fever since the 70s. Singapore and Thailand have major outbreaks. This isn't meant to scare anyone, just repeating what is out there.

The advice, as well as that for personal protection listed above, is to make sure the resort spray the rooms, and maybe buy some insecticide and spray under the bed and in the closets yourself. The mozzie that spreads this flies no more than 50m and likes to live indoors. They often bite your ankles and legs. They need only a small piece of stagnant water to breed.

We are coming on holiday next week with 2 small children and I must admit I am a bit worried, but won't let it spoil our fun. Sensible precautions - and fore knowledge - must help. A small percentage of residents, let alone visitors, become infected so with some luck we will be OK. This year they anticipate 100,000 to 200,000 cases of dengue in Thailand, out of 70m people. Of the infected, 0.1% will die. That means it is unlikely to catch it, and if you do it is unlikely to result in death - although the infection sounds really gruesome!

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4. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?

I read somewhere that Vitamin B Complex helps (as in repels Mosquitos) not sure if it is entirely so but figured it wouldn't hurt to try to cover all bases (of course would still use plenty of repellant).

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New Zealand
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5. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?


I worry about this a lot also as I am a mossie magnet! I have been going to Thailand for 10 years and every year no matter how much I try and protect myself I get eaten alive. This results in quite a bad reaction for me as most often the bites swell up into huge weepy lumps straight away and then need to take antihistimines every day.

I have always used a strong deet Bushmans heavy duty 40% spray.

But this year I changed to Bushmans 80% water resistant gel. It dries faster and stayed on better. I put it on every morning after showering and often toped up on prone areas during the day if I have been swimming or around still water. I then apply again at night after a early evening shower.

I also made a real effort to spray the room when leaving to go for breakfast and again when leaving when going for dinner/ out for the night.

I tried vitamin B for 2 years and it made no difference.

I am glad to say I only got about 6 or so bites this year which is about 30 less than usual and they didn't last long. So maybe my old skin has got less tasty or something I did worked.

Good luck and don't let the thought of mozzies take over your holiday fun, just do what you can and act fast if you get ill.

Have a great time!

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Warwick, United...
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6. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?


It's vitamin B1 that is supposed to repel mozzies.I used it a couple of times in Sri Lanka and thought it was wonderful.Then we went at a different time of year and got bitten to hell.Stick to the repellent and you will be fine.

Melbourne Australia
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7. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?

Thank you Susquosh, I better get me plenty of repellant instead.

Edinburgh, United...
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8. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?


Bring plenty repellent from home with high deet content,we are here at the moment and run out of stuff from home and bought some called off which is sold here,it was recommended by some on here,it has a low deet content and it is not up to the job,we have been eaten alive since using it.


London, United...
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9. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?

Whats the best repellent i can buy in Thailand i am aware the one with the most Deet but which brand would people suggest.



Darmstadt, Germany
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10. Re: Daytime mosquitoes?

DEET percentages are maybe a bit confusing, but lower concentrations work about as well as higher, just for shorter periods. Assuming the active chemical is DEET, the only difference between brands is what makes up the other 20-95%.

It can be absorbed through the skin, so there is a danger of neurotoxicity, especially with children. Saying that, it had been used by over 8 billion people and is proven safe enough. Here is an OK site briefly explaining DEET.