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How much money to take

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How much money to take


We are going to sala Samui for our honeymoon, arriving on 12th June for 14 nights. Can anyone please give me an idea of how much money we need to take? We don't plan to eat in fancy places every night, but equally won't be watching the pennies too much, we expect to d some shopping and a few trips! Also, are there plenty of cash points, and is it save to use my credit card?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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1. Re: How much money to take

That's a hard question to answer but to give you some idea me and my girlfriend spent £800 between us for 2 weeks. That included everything, food, days out, loads of shopping and alcohol. You could easily spend less than that if need be.

Hope that helps


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2. Re: How much money to take

Thank you! Its so hard to judge, some posts talk about how cheap it is, but I don't want to have to worry about runnign out of money.

Stavanger, Norway
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3. Re: How much money to take


I just came back from Samui. There are lots and lots of ATMs so getting cach is not a problem. You can also use your card when shopping or eating out in restaurants. We had a lovely time at Kandaburi and it was hard to come back to Norway and get back to work after relaxing in the sun by the pool in Samui...




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4. Re: How much money to take

I know what you mean Chloe, we took £500 with us then drew a further £300 out of the cash point at the end of the holiday. As i said you can spend so little out there if money was tight but our £800 was without holding back at all. My girlfirend must have spend a few hundred on fake bags etc alone. The day trips are farely cheap (around £20 per person) and an average meal for us in a nice restaurant with wine and 3 courses was between £20-£40.

Dont worry about taking too litlle because there are so many ATM's out there if you do get short!

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5. Re: How much money to take


I'm stunned by those figures! (pleasantly!)

My budget is going to be neither tight nor ridiculously lavish. Last time we were in the Far East was Malaysia about 5 years ago, and money really did go far there. But reading these forums recently, I was starting to think KS was going to be much more expensive.

The trips you mention seem cheap to what others have said, although you haven't said which trips you took - or who with!

And I truly hope this doesn't sound rude - it's certainly not meant to- but if half your bufget went on dinner, did you spend a fairly quiet time, apart from the handbag shopping?!

Any advice appreciated, especially with a little detail, if you can!

many thanks

Morecambe, United...
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6. Re: How much money to take

Just back

We put about 1,000 pounds into a nationwide account and then just draw out from the ATMs there are loads. Nationwide does not charge to draw out. We also take another atm card as well just in case and as always the credit card.

I would say that 800 is enough for 2 weeks. Don't change masses of money here you get a bad rate.

Bangkok, Thailand
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7. Re: How much money to take

Eh.. it is actually not very difficult to use 3-4000 pounds in a 2 week holiday in Thailand.. You could also use as little as 3-400. It totally depends on what you want to do and how you want to live. And I am not talking about helicopter trips and luxury yachts. Lets just say that a bottle of import beer is about 100 baht a bottle in average 1 pound..and an average plate of rice and chicken is about 150 baht in average.. You can get hotel rooms from 3-400 baht up to 20-30000 baht a night.. I guess it's all about how you live and how you eat.. where you shop and to what degree you like to spoil yourselves..

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8. Re: How much money to take


No, its not rude at all - its fair to say that about half our budget did go on food. We did eat out everynight in the restaurants along the beach and, on average, our bills were around £30. As i said we did eat well for as little as £20 and did spend up to £45 one night. I'm sure there are far more expensive restaurants and of course cheaper out there but we found that was a typical price along the beach where we prefered to eat.

As for the days out the most expensive trip was the marine park which was 1500baht (which is around £24??). We did the elephant trekking, waterfalls, horse riding and canoeing trekking which was £18 each. Also, trips to the big buddha, Koh Pagnan and south of Samui are cheap as chips.

We spent a fair bit on shopping - gifts to bring home, clothes, sunglasses, DVD's and a few handbags for my girlfriend. Also, in the days we spent a lot on drinks!!!

Destination Expert
for Goa
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9. Re: How much money to take

Sounds good to me Chilli. We're going for the first time in February and we are planning on taking at least £500 each (we've been to Goa the last 2 years and know Thailand will be more expensive) from what you've said it sounds as though that should be enough. When I'm on holiday most of my money goes on food and drink too!

Great Yarmouth...
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10. Re: How much money to take

I think £800 is a lot of money to spend on any holiday but like people have said it depends on the type of people you are. I like being with the locals and interacting with them so tend to eat and drink where they do (usually saving a hell of alot of cash too).

The tours are reasonably good value for money and shopping is fantastic if you like imitation goods. We bought some QuickSilver board shorts and i swear you'd never guess they weren't the real deal.

Locally produced drinks are incredibly cheaper than the International variety (beers like Singha or Chang - Thai Beers - are the way to go!) and wine is (i think) quite expensive to anywhere else i've been.

Overall enjoy your Honeymoon. Don't worry about the cash, you've always got your flexible friend to fall back on!