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Dentist work - Root Canal

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Dentist work - Root Canal

Hi all. im heading to bangkok in 1 week and will get root canal work done as have been told it is needed. has anyone had root canal done in bangkok and how was the experiences etc?

im reading through past posts now but thought asking a question wont hurt :-)

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Brisbane, Australia
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21. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal

So Matt how did it all go in the end? Any issues now that things have had time to settle down?

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22. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal


The fact is that many Dentists here and elsewhere use the Root Canal CO NTRICK all the time.

Yes, it maybe needed but often it 's just done for money!

I give you 2 examples ..

6 months ago I had a filling break....the Dentist said..ROOT CANAL!

I didn't believe him...

Another Dentist renewed the filling...No Problem!

This week I had a bit of a small ache at nighr under a gold veneer top on a molar....

Same again the Dentist could not say ROOT CANAL quick enough, without an ex-Ray!...I said No and the second renewed the inner filling and sorted it out...No problem.

Use your common sense...

If you have severe pain then and only then MAYBE you need ROOT CANAL but most times you do NOT.

The NERVES of the tooth have to have collapsed ( for want of a better word)


Buyer Beware!

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23. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal

I would recommend you see someone that is not involved in Dental Tourism. This has really taken off the last few years as have prices and the quality has taken a real dive. If the clinic has travel agents, walk away. Five years ago, seeing a dentist was a real bargain. That has changed. If you get a root canal for 70% of what you would back home, and then have to have it done again, it actually costs you more. I have had to have 2 root canals re-done, and now another. One tooth had one root completely empty, another had composite in the root rather than the rubber. I also had one crown break, a very expensive ceramic on gold. Beyond one year no replacement. If someone needs more than one crown, be aware that Prostadonists are poor in regards to occlusion and you might also wind up with teeth being shorter on one side than the other. Thailand does not have an international dental atmosphere. Most are locally trained and other than the show business for a two week seminars they have no overseas experience for the most part. I have never seen a non-Thai practicing dentistry here. They mostly travel in fraternities with their professor and that's where the knowledge stops.

My recomendation, no tourist dentistry offices, no student dentists, look for someone in their 50's with overseas experience, if you need crowns, the labs are mostly made up of staff with no education, even Burmese and Cambodian illegals. They are poor and require a Dr with a favorite and will provide over sight. If Dentistry was so great here, it would cost the same as your country. I've been told that Malaysia and especially Singapore, the qality doubles, and the cost is only slightly higher than Thailand.

Good Luck.

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24. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal

Forgot to mention, most dentists in Thailand do not actually work for a clinic. They rent a chair much like a barber or beautician. I had one that worked in seven different clinics. Just try to get some continuity. Good luck and nobody is accountable. I can't tell you where to go (that wold be Singapore), but I can name at least three very well known places NOT to go to. Some people have had luck at these clinics but then again some people win at the casino.

Bangkok, Thailand
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25. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal

Funny thing; one of my best friends, a dentist for the last 35 years, says that, when looking for a dentist, one should find a dentist right out of dental school. They are up to speed on the latest procedures, ambitious, and haven't gone callous ...

From my experience with Thai dentists, I have found those with "overseas experience", or training, to be pompous jerks.

It wouldn't surprise me if many of the shiny path clinics rent a chair. But, many other clinics will aggressively recruit doctors.

London, United...
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26. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal

Agree O6, but not only in Thailand. Here in UK I find the newly qualified dentist are 'up to speed on the latest procedures, ambitious, and haven't gone callous ...'

Toronto, Canada
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27. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal

Agree with 10/6.

Not surprise at all about dentist "renting" chairs at clinics. Starting up a dental practice isn't exactly cheap.

It happens in every country. Gain experience, gain clientele, save money then hopefully open your own practice.

Bangkok, Thailand
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28. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal

"It happens in every country. Gain experience, gain clientele, save money then hopefully open your own practice."

Same as many barbers or beauticians!

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29. Re: Dentist work - Root Canal

Hi Andrew!

I'd like to know whether you had a successful root canal treatment in Bangkok or not. If so about how much did it cost and are you ok after a year or so?

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